How to deregister my car from RTO

How to deregister my car from RTO

Deal Cadet

actually we have an old ambassador car. spent lots of money on ti for its repairing and grooming but atlast no driver was ready to drive a ambassador car . so its body condition was deteriorating day by day since it is kept outside of house . though engine is working but we are not in mood to spend more money on its body grooming. car was registered on 1995 in RTO.

a local scrap dealer is buying this car from us for scrapping purpose . so I have some doubt . how to de-register the number from RTO , what are the documents needed ?

the scrap dealer might sell the vehicle to other party for some profit . how to stay safe from legal conflicts infuture. should I ask the scrap dealer to cut the chasis number and give it to us or a written udertaking from the scrap dealer that the vehicle was sold to him for scrapping is sufficient ?

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Bal ganesh
Deal Lieutenant

Legally you would have to transfer ownership to dealer – to be safe 100% ==> Few more thousands expenses ==> Time consuming
I would suggest to keep RC with you and if dealer wants to sell after repairs then you can directly transfer ownership to new buyer(buyer bears expenses)
In any case you need a trusted scrap dealer