How to Quickly Turn Amazon Mobile URLs into Des...

How to Quickly Turn Amazon Mobile URLs into Desktop URLs

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Not sure if this is posted earlier, Mobile links to Amazon suck on desktops, so here’s how to quickly get back to the desktop version.

It’s a pretty simple process and just requires you to edit a part of the URL.

Here’s a mobile link as an example:

All you have to do is remove the /gp/aw part and change the /d to /dp.

So you’ll end up with this:

I guess if you wanted to go backwards from a desktop URL to a mobile URL you could do the following.

When you search on desktop, you’ll get a URL like this:

You can trim the URL until it looks like the previous one, with just the /dp and that code.

Then just add /gp/aw in front of the /dp, and change the /dp to /d.

P.S.- Credits to original poster on reddit

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To add to what’s already shared, that “code” is called the ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) and it’s listed under the product details for each item on Amazon. If you know the ASIN, you can generate the URL in the following manner:[ASIN]