Reliance Jio to Launch Android Powered 4K STB i...

Reliance Jio to Launch Android Powered 4K STB in the near future.

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In the near future, Jio will also launch the set-up boxes powered by Android. With the JioFiber’s 1GBPS connection, the users can get seamless experience though the JioFiber is said to available only for enterprises at least in the beginning. A few months back, the company has imported 15,00o units of set-top boxes at a price of Rs. 5,500 per unit. This set-top box (STB) is manufactured by Foxconn in Vietnam and comes with the model number MCM3100. But there will be two more models by the time of official launch.

While one of the new high-end STB’s come powered Broadcom chipset, the other comes with Marvell processor. As per our source, both of them supports 4K UHD by default and runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow out of the box. However, the user needs to have a 4K TV to watch the 4K content. With these STBs, the normal LCD/LED TV can become a Smart TV running on Android. The device comes with PlayStore pre-installed along with native Android apps and also the Jio Suite apps like Jio TV and Jio On Demand. The Broadcom powered by STB comes with dual core Brahma CPU and OGLES 3.1 GPU.

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Already have one Android box hooked to the TV with Jio apps installed in it.

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3 month to 6 month free 4k or full hd channels free as preview offer ?? already airtel/vodafone/idea sales are reduced a lot due to 4G preview offer, if this introduced means, due to competition dish tv/ Tata /videocon/ AIrtel will reduce price for sure, atleast we get full hd channles package price will be reduced to sd package pricing i think..

as relaince directly moved to 4G, now directly to 4K

Win win situation for users