Uber Drivers Learn To Game the System for free ...

Uber Drivers Learn To Game the System for free food while Uber games the market for loot..

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The business idea on which Uber is based is not profitable. From its beginning it grew by breaking the law:

Even while it exploited its drivers the company never made money. In the 4th quarter of 2018 it lost $800 million. The company was immensely hyped with an estimated value of $120 billion before it was recently taken public.
A 2015 Uber and University of Chicago, Booth School of Business, study claims that such surge pricing is beneficial for both sides, the drivers and for those that use the service:

Reality disagrees with what the economic theory tells us. In the U.S. Uber drivers are seen as independent contractors. The drivers say that the standard fare is too low, or Uber’s 35-40% share of it too high, to make a living. They therefore looked for and found ways to game the system:

“All the airplanes we know when they land. So five minutes before, we turn all our apps off all of us at the same time. All of us we turn our apps off. They surge, $10, $12, sometimes $19. Then we turn our app on. Everyone will get the surge,” one driver says.

In less than a minute, about 50 drivers are locked into the surge.

“It’s like we work as a family, like a team together. Like as a team. We do it. Every night. We do it again. We drop off, come back again, it’s a routine. We do it to 12 o’ clock."

Uber and the like also create high external costs, that the public only now starts to see. They increase the total amount of traffic while hurting public transport and other valuable businesses. The too low worker compensation for its ‘contractors’ means that the public will, in the end, have to pay for their well being. The company lost $12 billion during the last four years. Its price dumping, financed by its investors, destroyed decent paying jobs in the taxi industry. Over time these costs will create more resistance to such companies and demand for regulating them will increase.


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How to loot the markets.. Become the next guy who selects the PM.

A bit of history. In August 1995, Netscape, maker of one of the first web browsers, sold stock to the public for the first time. (Until then, it had been backed and owned by a small circle of managers and VCs.) Initially priced at $14 a share, its handlers, spying fervent demand, doubled the offering price to $28, but by the end of the day it was trading at $58. Spectators were impressed. Everyone wanted to be the next Netscape, sparking a remarkable five-year period when every lunatic scheme that techies, boosters, and financiers could dream up would sell stock to a lusting public. It was the era of Pets.com, Webvan.com, Kozmo.com—things that look crazy in retrospect but only gloomy Marxists and reactionary permabears thought to be at the time.

CB Insights counts 342 unicorns worldwide now.)



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panchabhut wrote:
My primary is Airtel postpaid. Then there is Jio, Voda and BSNL for fallback. But I think to access 4G you need a 4G enabled SIM, which can be had only if you are staying in one of those areas and would not be available for roaming persons.

o okay, good. then it is not even on the agenda (mostly other 3 Telcos would cover most of mainland).

few conflicting views from few agents apart (can cross check on regional numbers, https://www.customercarefind.com/telecom-care/b... calling from non BSNL works too.)

most of them (call centres) and local circle direct QSQC confirmed free replacement subject to availability.
and like you mentioned, yes the SIMs are primarily ready stock in places were signal is up.
BUT ARE ALSO AVAILABLE in towns where infrastructure is set up and signal isn’t up yet.
even roaming customers (within home circle) can get SIM.
(is what they tell. haven’t personally tried yet).

personally, still find it unpalatable that they can continue giving 4G speeds for current packs. In 2016 in my then circle I did pay 1099 for no FUP 3G per month. Now even if in mostly semi urban areas, 4G will start off in places like Alwar Indore Nagpur Guwahati too. Now @myliferockkss as you asked this.
.. imagine… now 1099/30days has been changed to 1098/84days… no FUP and now the plan also has free voice.. I don’t think BSNL would find it feasible to give 13rs per day unlimited 4G for long. The plans are circle specific though. 448/84days in MPCG is 447/84days in Chennai or BLGR I think. This post script was necessitated as even original reply… quoted by panchbhoot sir too is deleted
back then ↕this↕ was a dstv (data stv) only, now it is a combo with all the paraphernalia like no FUP calling and 100 SMS besides no FUP data
myliferockkss i think since you in Maharashtra; this https://clyp.it/fl441mfr?token=a6daabeb7929c7871bd3c10823f63ff4 is contextual. Although i am half certain that , per philosophy Reliance Industries has never aimed to be number two. Mota bhai surely aims to be number one, if not only one. Even if true for now this isn’t viable or sustainable for long for a company raped by bureaucrats and political apathy.

@getready if you don’t mind, tag/reply to that santosh blr person just above your last comment. Or if he sees it on his own too.. he would get the information w.r.t. Bengaluru.
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