We are all trapped in a net; our net of achievi...

We are all trapped in a net; our net of achieving our dreams as of yesterday

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I was siting today morning in one of the popular Coffee Shop chain and to my utter surprise, It did not feel like it was a Coffer Shop. It felt like an Office of Qnet (After coming to office read about the MLM company, which some believe is yet another MLM scam http://www.moneylife.in/article/qnet-the-money-… ), where 6 young recruiters who would be easily perceived as extremely successful professionals and Businessmen (Artists) were selling a dream to poor Souls on how they are going to earn Rs. 13.32 Crore (You read that number right! Rs. 13.32 Crore, yeah not even a penny less) over the next year starting from today. Selling the dream on how more billionares would be added to that small elite list our country has and how Qnet would help them get to that elite list.

Those young recruiters looked very regular to this coffee shop, giving high fives to the staff and feeling very comfortable at their regular hunting ground for gullible dream chasers.

When I walked in to the café, the Artist next to me was confidently telling a 22- 24 year young man (who looked like a man with lot of expectations, which where not getting fulfilled… just like you and me), “Joining fee is Rs. 1.5 lakhs…”

I will try and reproduce their entire conversation as much as I can recollect through memory. and you can see how our need to get rich quickly carries us away far from rational thinking. We, the same individual who would abuse our neighbor for investing in Speakasia…. Are ready to “invest” in Qnet….

Ajay (Artist): Joining fee is Rs. 1.5 lac, how much time do you think you will take to arrange this money? (Ajay is looking like a confident 35 yr old guy, who is aware about the fact that this is a sure shot case for him as

Vinod already have sparkled eyes on hearing about Crores of money to be earned)

Vinod: At least 1 week to arrange that amount.

Ajay: hmmm… yaar I do not want you to loose the spot yaar…. There are only 5 slots yaar…. And Vishal is already having meeting with few people and our partner is also here… Once we have finished that 5 slots, I wont be able to help you yaar…. Boss I don’t think kal subha tak bhi 5 slots bachenge (I do not think these slots will be available even till tommorow)

Aree Mr. Poor Soul Vinod, Look on the side, his colleague is High-Fiving the CCD staff. I wonder how in one day, they have become best buddies, why are you believing his 5 slots bull crap… but its not his fault… he can only see the 1000 times return… and he does not want to stay poor all his life…. So for him the Artist is an angel… send by god only for him

Ajay: ……How much do you already have… currently with you?

Vinod: Rs. 60,000 in my Bank account Sir.

Ajay: And credit card, do you have any…

Vinod: Ya !

Ajay: What’s the limit (Me: I could actually feel the intensity of the Artists questioning, he had so much control over him by now…. As if the Soul has been hypnotized sitting there in a trance)

Vinod: 25 K

Ajay: (There was one more person siting next to him, which I believe had already invested in Qnest, and had brought this Soul to make him one of the levels in the MLM chain) Aree Ravi yaar, I am telling you, we need to book his place yaar…. Aree yaar he wont get it in …. And then I wont be able to help your friend.

Ajay: Vinod, lets do one thing yaar, lets block your slot for 75K (Me: Wow: 60 + 25K, lets leave the fellow with at least with 10K credit limit…. “ You cant take all his credit limit also man”). See Vinod three things will happen, if you block the spot

  1. No one can take that slot away, I am telling you yaar… if this slot goes away, I cant do anything for you man….
  2. Once you block the slot….. you block it yaar… then I cant give it to anyone (Me: That’s what you said as your first point right)
  3. Also once you put in the money you can start doing the business right away….. so even before you give in the remaining amount, 20 – 30K is what you will easily get it back next week itself…

Ajay: So what do you think about token money?

Vinod: How much do I have to put now?

Ajay – 75 K

Vinod: 75 K??

Ajay: Anywhere between 50 – 75 K (Me: Wait for sometime and he will be ready to take even 5k) Does that sound good? Would you pay in cash or cheque?

Vinod: Ya that’s fair,

Ajay: To invest this money, do you need to take permission of someone or would this be your own decision?

Vinod: Mom and bro,

Ajay: If you go and explain to mom & bro, do you think they will say, Yes… I will tell you the answer, they will say no….. as people who are in services from last 30 to 40 years, loyal to a company cant think of a business…. They will tell you…. Money will go for waste…… do not take risk and so on…. Only smart and young people like you would be really able to understand all of these.
Yaar, Vinod that’s the difference, you want a flat in Bandra, a Honda Civic, but they are happy with a room in Dahisar…..yaar they do not see the same benefit as you see (Vinod all this while is getting more and more convinced, years of suppressing his needs as a middle class family is finally going to be fulfilled… not one but all of these) Even if you want to tell them, Let me tell them…. As I know the business better than you, as you are just going to Join and I would be able to explain them much better.

_*He has already eliminated the obstacles, by doing two things …..

  • Have shown you “the poor soul” your dreams…. Big flat in a posh area… a fancy car…. (this is what he wanted since he entered maturity..)…. And a route to reach it instantly
  • And he has already explained…the poor soul…. That no one in this world understand his dreams… the entire universe is against him. And only Qnet… understands HIM…. And hence they are actually doing a favor on him and helping him, by allowing him to be part of this ellite group*_

Vinod: Ok Fine

Ajay: so shall we get the money now?

Vinod: I will have to go home and get the cheque book,

Ajay: Don’t you have debit card?

Vinod: Yaa but the limit is only 15K

Ajay: Vinod, yaar, I am telling you… .you will loose the biggest opportunity of your life boss….

Ajay turns to Ravi.

Ajay: Ravi can you help him a little, let him withdraw 40K and can you give him 20 K and he can give you tomm.

Again the threat of loosing his dream is so big… that the poor guy has to succumb to the offer

Ravi: Yaa sure, Vinod I will give you the money….

Ravi is already the poor soul… he now knows… what he has got himself… the only way out for him… to put his friend also into it..

At this time Ajay started explaining the MLM product, of how you should ask your mom, bro uncle aunty and neighbor to join this and how you will earn 13.32 Cr. In the next one year

*At this time I could not take it further…. I loudly asked one of the recuriters…. “ So are you guys from Qnet …. Is this MLM ….. have you become rich already?“ I wanted Vinod to hear this, who is just 2 steps away from me…. But at this point, maybe far far away from reality…. The recruiter even said no… not yet….. still no effect on Vinod who seems to have been lost in the dreams.

We all know, why MLM works…. It will continue to work till we have people wanting to reach their goals via a shortcut.
Guys there are not shortcuts…. Everyone knows that… but just do not want to believe that….. so we wont stop chasing the “ways”…… Today I saw qnet, tomm there would be XYZ…. The pitch would be a little different… the product a little different ….the USP…… SAME… “Achieve your dreams faster…..”*

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Sad But True This Type Of Scam Give Birth More Frauds Like Diff MLM Scam

Everyone Running After Money From Morning To Night

Even One Who Don’t Want To Run Because Of His Social Responsibility He Has To Run

Run Run Run Human And Lost In This Seek Society And Come Out Like Machine

We Lost Our Bonding With Others

We Lost Our Real Happiness

We Lost How To Cry

We Lost How To Smile

All We Know Is Run For Dreams

Deal Captain

Sad but true that even till today people are easily trapped on the name of a big lump-some promised within a very short period of time.
I still remember how I lost my 7500/- when I was in 1st year of my graduation. And still have the pinch; not because I lost my money but only because my friend recommended.
Anyways I believe MLM is banned now and has been declared as illegal activity.

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anthrax.ut wrote:

Guys there are not shortcuts…. Everyone knows that… but just do not want to believe that….. so we wont stop chasing the “ways”…… Today I saw qnet, tomm there would be XYZ…. The pitch would be a little different… the product a little different ….the USP…… SAME… “Achieve your dreams faster…..”*

^^very true !!

hats off – for taking the pain to jot down in such detail. i can’t do that though i have many many experiences like above.
in my school days, i saw my father’s friends getting duped in name of amway
in college, i sawy ebiz.in promising a Suzuki Hayabusa on a investment of 7500. One Guy even got that and seeing this many innocent ppl (who thought they mistakenly thought themselves smart earlier) got duped of 7500
in the first job, ppl forced me to join suwarnabhumi – a gold related MLM, i didn’t join though. The milkman joined with an investment of 20000 and came to give milk in the Maruti Suzuki Alto he earned through suwarnabhumi ( a jaipur based co.). Guess what ppl of the rank of Superintending Enginner and Engg. In Cheif of state govt. invested 25 lacs in it.. Gold return was assured and MLM was a byproduct
after i left that job , this speakasia came up – met an uncle ji whose son was under personal loan at a age of 25 !! and only job of being a speakasian.
and now on this online family. mukhiya ji speaks of qnet !

I just want to say that these things will never stop. Govt might make rules but greed breaks them and makes things like this prosper. Plz read the bold portion of quoted text they are very true.

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thanks Venkat for that share we all need to do our part….. Karma given https://cdn1.desidime.com/assets/textile-editor/icon_smile.gif

Coupon Baba Oct 12

Good share…..I wish if it was made a year bak…wud hav been very helpful

Deal Subedar

Be wary of the person who attempts to sell you his Treasure map https://cdn2.desidime.com/assets/textile-editor/icon_smile.gif

Deal Colonel

No profit is coming out from sky or ground,:-}
Who so ever got the car it must be on the cost of others.

Stay away from dreams without any cream.

Shopping Friend

Intelligent share Anthrax. Really sad that people never learn anything from past and what’s more sad that its not just illiterate people but mostly educated people getting fooled.
I think if our education system were more practical then the chances of getting fooled must have been very less. When our school can teach us useless history stuffs then why can’t there be a subject on future&reality!
Anyways I have seen my friends who are highly educated falling for stupid SpeakAsia despite repeated warnings.
When they joined it they used to speak so much but now the whole Asia is speaking and they are silent. https://cdn2.desidime.com/assets/textile-editor/icon_toungueout.gif https://cdn3.desidime.com/assets/textile-editor/icon_lol.gif

Nothing to do actually jab paise ki bhook aukat se jyada badh jati hai to yehi hota hai.
Dreaming is good but dreaming of something out of reality is horrendous.

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Deal Subedar

I have attended 3-4 such seminars of these MLM companies (mway,sterlings etc)… And if only you have ready cash at the moment, they will make you join it… They are great at brain washing….

MLM is more of finding and making fool of innocent people… I wont’ term them greedy, as we are all greedy, we just know little more abt. MLM.

Deal Cadet

thanks for sharing that bro..

really appreciate your efforts.

My real elder bro got trapped by one such MLM company called as RCM Business.
The owner was in jail for few months last year but he is out on bail now and selling those shitty dreams again..

My elder bro still trusts him…

he is poor comparatively and wants to become rich…

i m fed up of explaining him .. but he is not ready to wake up… he is happy to live with that dream

Deal Newbie

Thanks for sharing.

Deal Captain

If 10 Goats Comes Daily In Market With Dreams But They Don’t Know That 20 Butchers Are Ready For Them To Cut https://cdn1.desidime.com/assets/textile-editor/icon_smile.gif

All 1 foreign 0 ap 2492674f

Oh MLM i kno psychology abt hw these frauds wrk….will try & present it via flowchart,,…

Deal Subedar

Now this is a coincidence or what. 3 or 4 days back a very close relative of mine called me from delhi & asked me to join this qnet thing & told me that the joining is 2.7 lacs. Ofcourse I didnot takeup the offer as I googled Qnet & in no time figured out that this is just chain scheme bullshit.
This relative is rich (from inheritence, not that he earned it) I will ask him to pay my joining fee & I will return him the money with 100% interest after I have earned it from his QNET bullshit.