Partiture Live free on Google Play

Partiture Live free on Google Play

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Partiture Live is a Musicians’ App, Melody Scanner, Music Tutor, and Instrument Tuner that allows you to do many things!.

You can Transcribe Audio to Sheet Music or ‘Partitures’, in Real Time with 99% Accurate Results.
You can Learn to Read Sheet Music really fast by transcribing Scores, Notes only, or Rhythms only.
You can Play a Little Music Game for the forementioned and latter purpose.
And it also offers a Great Instrument and Guitar Tuner Live with Real Time Frequency Displaying by the Millisecond.

Main Features :

• What’s Next: All In Real Time!.
• Learn Music, Learn Music Notes, Learn Notes, Learn to Read Music.
• Score Live: Transcribe Audio to Sheet Music, Live, in Real Time, Millisecond by Millisecond as you play.
• Transcribe Guitar Notes on the go to Only Rhythms, without The Notes, to learn the rhythmical part of the sheet music theory, by Audio or by Button Pressings.
• Transcribe Piano Notes Live to Only Music Notes, without the rhythmical part of the sheet music theory, to Learn Music Notes’ Positions on the Score.
• Transcribe Flute or Any Instrument Notes to Full Sheet Music; Score: Both Music Notes and Rhythms, where you can learn music, or just transcribe your music to sheet music.
• Play a Guitar Game, or a Piano Game: Just play the Note that it is displayed on the screen and you will get a new one to play, so you learn to read music.
• Includes a Guitar Tuner, Piano Tuner, and Instrument Tuner Live.
• Much More.

General Features:

• Real Time Instant Audio to Sheet Music Transcription! (Updating Millisecond by Millisecond!).
• 3 Types of Music Transcription: Only Rhythms, Only Notes, or Full Scores!.
• 99% Transcription Accuracy!.
• Best Guitar Tuner in The Market, in Real Time! (if you play 440.03 Hz, it will tell you ‘440.03 Hz’ precisely, not ‘440’!).
• Names of Notes Inside Note-Dots Visible or Not!.
• Frequencies Visible or Not!.
• Choosable Standard of Musical Figures’ Durations! (‘Quaver: Over 200 Milliseconds’, or other).
• Choosable Notes & Frequencies Convention! (‘A4: 440 Hz’, or for example, a current trend: ‘432 Hz’).
• Treble and Bass Clef!.
• English or Solfege Notation!.
• Distance between notes changeable!.
• Save, Recover and Play Previous Jams!.
• Very Fun Learning The Game of ‘Play The Note Displayed in The Score’!.

It is relevant to clarify that Partiture Live recognizes one note at a time, and therefore does not recognize Chords.
Yet we are working on it!.

Soon, we will be adding Piano Roll and Guitar Roll.
Next, Creating and Editing Sheet Music.
And Next, a Full Bank of Downloadable Sheet Music.
Among many other features and improvements more!.
Rate us with 5 Stars and help us get this Features and much more to you!.

Install It Now and Enjoy a Great Musicians’ App as Never!.

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