Spykar Jean-ius - Innovative Jeans - Pre order ...

Spykar Jean-ius - Innovative Jeans - Pre order @Rs. 3999/-

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The “Jean-ius” Series
Pocket Charging, Zip-up Reminder and Anti-Tear.
It’s innovative, stylish and fun!

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What do you do when you run out of mobile battery while you’re on the move, worry not! Juice up your phone while on the-go. Safely stash it in the side pockets, and it charges your phone as you wear them. The In-built solar chargers in side pockets of the “Jean-ius” with water-resistant properties powers your phone for upto 2 hours, when you dry it for 6 hours or more under the sun.

Zip-Up Reminder
Forgot to zip-up your fly, don’t fret. The zip-up reminder vibrates whenever you forget to zip it up. No more embarrassing situations on the social circuit. The “Jean-ius” is your friend when you are in a fix. It gives you a friendly reminder to zip up if you forget to do it. Slightly advanced we must say, but it’s definitely better than your friends pointing it out!

Try as hard as you may, but it simply won’t tear. Scrape it, rip it, slash it down or even if you fall off from the speedy bike, your jeans will evolve as a fashion statement. Made of high-quality dual-layered fabric, with high tensile strength that resists abrasion or friction, it withstands daily wear and tear with ease. Moreover, no matter how hard you try to scrape off the fabric, it won’t tear-off. Instead, it gains a perfect ripped and lived-in appearance