3 Year Warranty 2 Port Manual VGA Splitter -for...

3 Year Warranty 2 Port Manual VGA Splitter -for two PC to share one monitor and speaker system. Rs 349 (50% Off) @Amazon

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3 Year Warranty 2 Port Manual VGA Splitter -for two PC to share one monitor and speaker system.


Easily switch one VGA monitor/projector between two PCs.
Easily switch single PC between two VGA TVs, monitors or projectors.
Supports up to 1920 × 1440 resolution; Supports VGA, XGA, SVGA, UXGA & Multi sync monitors.
No external power supply needed; Supports up to 10 meters (33 feet) transmission distance; Supports other VGA devices
Simple button switching and high quality metal enclosure; plug and play (some PCs may require VGA resolution setting; please set to the optimal resolution of your monitor).

Product Description 

•2 Port VGA switch allows two CPUs or devices to share a single display device device like monitor or projector with just press of a button – switching the button to select a different display at a time, but cannot be displayed simultaneously. 
•It does not use any external power. 
•With it’s compact size and light weight, it is portable and easy to carry while travelling. 
•It is a perfect device for Connecting a projector and monitor and if you have single monitor between 2 pcs and want to operate them one by one 
•This is a compact and convenient VGA bi-directional manual switch. 
•It allows 2 PCs to share a VGA display, or switching 1 PC between two displays. 
•Designed for securities market, education, public system, video broadcast system and other environments. 
•Plug and play, no power supply needed. 
•Package Includes VGA Switch and User Manual. 


-2 Port Simple VGA Switch (2 × 1) Metallic Body (Matt Finish) Key-press Switch Resolution: up to 1920 × 1440 No power supply required 


This VGA switch cannot send one VGA signal to 2 monitors at the same time (NOT a splitter). 


3 year warranty with iConnect World

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  • Expired over 2 years