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American express Amazon Giftcard offer on add-on card application

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Offer Terms & Conditions
1. The Offer is open to American Express® Basic Cardmembers whose accounts are valid and in good standing. An American Express® Cardmember (“Cardmember”) for the purpose of this offer means a personal Card, issued by
American Express®.
2. The Basic Cardmember is liable for all transactions done on the Add-on/ Supplementary Card(s) linked to his/her Account. The number of complimentary Add-on/ Supplementary Cards varies with the different American Express®
Cards, in excess of which the standard Add-on/ Supplementary Card fees will be applicable. Please refer to Most Important Terms and Conditions (MITC) of your Basic American Express® Card for further details.
3. The Basic Cardmember can apply for Add-on/ Supplementary Cards only for individuals above 18 years of age.
4. The Offer period is January 2, 2020 till March 31, 2020 (both days included), and the Add-on/ Supplementary Card should be approved on or before April 30, 2020.
5. The Cardmember incentive as per the offer varies depending on the Product as per the table given below:
6. The Basic Cardmember will be eligible for the Cardmember incentive (as mentioned in the table above) provided:
o S/He applies for an Add-on/ Supplementary Card(s) during the offer period and share the required KYC
documents latest by April 15th, 2020. If documents received on or before April 15th, 2020 are not complete, the Cardmember will not be eligible for the offer.
o The spend criteria (as mentioned in the table above) is met on the Add-on/ Supplementary Card within 30 days of Add-on/ Supplementary Card approval
7. The Add-on/ Supplementary Card application shall be processed within 10 business days after the receipt of the complete KYC documents along with acceptance on the Cardmember Undertaking by the Basic Cardmember.
8. Add-on/ Supplementary Cards sourced through all the channels will be eligible for this offer.
9. Amazon Gift e-Vouchers will be sent to Basic Cardmember’s registered Email ID address on or before 30th June 2020.

American Express® Platinum Card Product Amazon Gift e-Voucher per
approved Add-on Card INR 1,500 INR Spend criteria on Add-on Card 5,000
American Express® Platinum Reserve Credit Card Product Amazon Gift e-Voucher per approved Add-on CardINR 1,000 Spend criteria on Add-on Card INR 2,000
American Express® Platinum Travel Credit Card INR 750 Spend criteria on Add-on Card INR 2,500
American Express® Gold Card Product Amazon Gift e-Voucher per
approved Add-on Card INR 500 INR Spend criteria on Add-on Card 1,000
American Express® Membership RewardsCredit Card INR 500 Spend criteria on Add-on Card INR 1,000
American Express® SmartEarn™ Credit Card Product Amazon Gift e-Voucher per
approved Add-on Card INR 250 Spend criteria on Add-on Card INR 500

10. Cardmember can raise queries pertaining to non-fulfillment of the offer till 31st July 2020.
11. Add-on/ Supplementary Cardmember(s) are eligible for limited benefits on their cards that will vary basis the primary card.
12. This offer is being made purely on a “best effort” basis. Cardmembers are not bound in any manner to participate in this program and any such participation is purely voluntary.
13. American Express reserves the right to withdraw or change the terms of the offer at it’s discretion.
14. Nothing expressed or implied in the offer shall in any way waive or amend any of the Terms and Conditions of the existing Cardmember agreement with the Card issuer.
15. Any disputes arising out of and in connection with this program shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in the state of Delhi only.
16. I authorize American Express Banking Corp. (”AEBC”) to use information on my existing American Express® card for the purpose of processing my Add-on/ Supplementary card application(s) and issue an American Express® Add-on/
Supplementary Card (“Card(s)”) as requested (including renewal and replacement of Card(s)). I authorize American Express Banking Corp. (“AEBC”) to verify information in this application and to receive and exchange information about
me/us including requesting reports from my/our Bank, consumer credit, reference schemes or credit bureaus and CIBIL. I/we authorise AEBC and its affiliates to contact these sources for information at any time, to use information
from this application and from consumer credit reports for marketing and administrative purpose and to share such information with each other. If and when the Card(s) is/are issued to me/us, I/we declare and undertake that the
Card(s) issued to me/us, if used overseas, shall be utilized strictly in accordance with the extant Exchange Control Regulations issued by the Reserve Bank of India (”RBI”), In the event that I/we exceed my/our entitlements as per the
Exchange Control Guidelines of the RBI, I/we undertake to bring the same immediately to the notice of AEBC, in writing. Obtaining any approval from RBI for excess foreign exchange spending shall be my/our responsibility. I/we
undertake that the Basic Cardmember will be liable for all charges incurred on the Basic Card, any Additional Card(s) and any/all Add-on/ Supplementary Card(s). I/we agree to be bound by the Cardmember Terms and Conditions of use,
which will accompany the Card(s). I/we confirm that American Express® has shared the Most Important Terms and Conditions (“MITC”) for the American Express® Credit/Charge Card (For MITC, please visit – Cards MITC with me/us in
compliance of the RBI master circular on Credit Card operations of banks and I/we have read, understood and accept the MITC and agree to sign this undertaking. I/we understand that AEBC may decline this application at its absolute
and sole discretion. I understand and agree that I will receive all marketing communication and offers from American Express® through Telemarketing notwithstanding my telephone number being registered in the National Do Not Call registry list.
17. We would like to assure you that American American Express® strongly respects and honors customer privacy. If you wish to view the American Express® privacy policy, please log on I accept that the additional factor of authentication is mandated by RBI vide letter DPSS.PD.CO.No.223/02.14.003/2011-12, dated August 4, 2011 and use of such cards for travel related CNP transactions without such additional factor of authentication carries security risk and such cards are vulnerable to frauds.

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No good benefits now, many cards are there which is giving better benefits than this

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niteshladia661 wrote:

No good benefits now, many cards are there which is giving better benefits than this

not a single card is best. It depends on your usage. Moreover, you are not considering the customer care of Amex. It’s one of the bests.

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Its better as you are getting 250 rupees for 4000 rupees every month which is 6%. you can easily ask them for waive off if you spend more than 1L in an year