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C++ and Java For Class XII (12th) - Paid Courses For Free

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This Course is primarily for students who wish to focus on Class XII Practical. In this series of videos we will learn about Java Swing, SQL Commands and HTML. Main aim of this course is to make class XII students comfortable with coding. Course will be taught in the most simplest way possible, so that even a student with non-coding background is able to grasp the concepts.

We will be learning about :

Java Swing User Interface components – Frame, Dialog, OptionPane, Panel, ScrollPane, Label, TextField, PasswordField, TextArea, Button, CheckBox, RadioButton, ComboBox, List, setText, getText, add, isSelected, setSelected, addActionListener.

SQL commands – DML (Select, Insert, Update, Delete), DDL, Working with Select Statement, Using Arithmetic, Comparison and Logical Operators, Where clause, Order By Clause, Sorting in Ascending/Descending Order.

HTML based web pages covering basic tags – Html, Title, Body, h1..h6, Paragraph, LineBreak (BR), Section Separator (HR), List (UL, OL), Table, Form, Input Tag. XML – Introduction, HTML vs XML, Features.

This course is designed for students in Class XII of CBSE affiliated schools and covers the entire syllabus of the exam. The course is taught by Kartik bhaiya, who is a B.Tech (CS) from NSIT, Delhi and has worked with companies like DRDO and BEL. Each section describes the topic using theory and then picks up relevant examples to reinforce the understanding. The course also helps students understand how they can score high in boards by following different techniques.

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