Enjoy 10% cash back* on using Online Banking t...

Enjoy 10% cash back* on using Online Banking to pay your bills with Standard Charted cards

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Get 10% cash back* on paying minimum 4 bills through
Online Banking.

Offer valid on the following bill payments of select billers:
Insurance premium
Mobile and landline bill
DTH bill
Other bills (electricity, gas, etc.)

4 simple steps towards paying your bills smartly:

Step – 1
Log on to
Online Banking

Step – 2
Click on ‘Payment’
to register

Step – 3
Click on
‘One time bill pay’ or ‘Register for bill pay’ for auto pay

Step – 4
Choose your
city and biller
to pay bills

Offer valid till 31 May 2016.

Refer to the link to the below

  • In Others
  • Expired over 2 years
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Deal Cadet

Looking into more details into the offer, it does not look as a great offer. Here are more details about the offer.

2. Offer Details
i. Eligible Clients should pay 4 bills on the Banks online banking platform at
www.sc....in during the offer period, to be eligible for the offer.
ii. For eligible biller’s lists please click here.
iii. Minimum denomination of each bill should be `250 (Rupees Two Hundred and
Fifty only).
iv. Only those bill payments which are successfully completed during the offer
period will be eligible for the offer.
v. The maximum cash back during the offer period for aggregate of all bills payed
will be limited to `150 (Rupees One hundred & Fifty only).
vi. The cash back will be credited to the Qualified Client’s bank account with the
Bank on or before 31 July, 2016.