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Gift Tease : Exclusively for you - Free Gifts worth Rs. 1299 or more

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Terms & Conditions:
Only customers who have received this exclusive email intimation from Giftease about this offer, and place one or more valid orders (prepaid or COD) between Nov. 7, 2016 and Nov. 30, 2016 with total net amount of such orders equal or exceeding Rs. 999 or Rs. 1999 respectively, shall be eligible for Free gifts as per this offer.
This offer is valid on ALL items available on, excluding gift cards & vouchers only.
One customer shall be eligible only for maximum ONE Free gift during this offer period, irrespective of the number or total amount of orders placed.
Net amount considered shall be value of orders net of discounts, cancellations and returns
Free gifts as per eligibility and preference shall be shipped to eligible customers within 21 days after delivery of their qualifying order(s) is completed.
Value of any items from eligible orders, which are cancelled or returned, shall be reduced from the total net amount considered for this offer
Giftease shall endeavour to ship the Free gifts as per preference indicated by customer. However, in the event we are unable to ship the preferred item we shall retain the right to ship the alternate item for the eligible qualifying amount as per this offer.
The value of the Free Gifts mentioned in this offer communication is as per the MRP of the respective items
This offer is subject to Terms of Use of