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Pinkathon Store. Womes Health & Fitness Store

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Check out these latest deals for Personal care & Cosmetics from Amazon or the deals across all stores in Personal care & Cosmetics
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Pinkathon Store. Womes Health & Fitness Store


Pinkathon Store

Want to be a part of Pink run 2016? Shop for running gear, gadgets, accessories, equipment and more from Amazon India and get ready for the India’s biggest women’s run in style.

Get Your Pinkathon Gear Online from Amazon India

Want to join your pink sisters on the 5th of June? Gear up for the run with fitness products, books, sports supplements, sportswear and more from Amazon India. From fitness trackers to women’s running shoes, gym equipment to running e-books, helmets for women to breastfeeding supplies, we store everything to cater to the needs of each and every woman. Amazon India is a one-stop shop to buy all that you need to have a perfectly healthy body. Explore the massive selection and pick products based on your need and budget.

Prepare for the Biggest Run with the Most Stylish Ensembles

Want to dress up for the Pinkathon? Buy fitness clothing and footwear from Amazon.in. You will feel good and look better when you dress up in sports apparel and footwear from our site. Get high-quality women’s fitness clothing including tank tops, T-shirts, shorts, pants, capris and more manufactured by the best sports brands. These apparels are lightweight, quick-drying and allows quick movement and offers superior ventilation to make you feel comfortable throughout the run. They will let you stay cool, dry and look good while running. So all you ladies, go get your Pinkathon collection of fitness clothing online from Amazon India and make a great addition to your fitness closet.

A padded footbed or a sole with a grip is what allows you to pursue running with flair. So if you want to pick the right pair of running shoes that takes away the discomfort from aching feet, buy them online from Amazon India. Here, you will find the perfect pair of running shoes or trainers at the best prices. With something to offer every woman, our selection is exhaustive and alluring. Our running shoes come in a variety of fits, colours and designs, from different well-known brands.

No running gear is complete without the right accessories. Therefore, we have sippers, wristbands, socks, headbands and more as sidekicks to your main outfits. Carry a sipper so you drink plenty of fluids when running. Wear the right socks that help absorb moisture from your feet. Sport a stylish wristband or headband and be a part of the country’s most popular women’s run.

Equipment to Train You Better for the Run

Trying really hard to shed those extra kilos? Then, you’ve come to the right place. Fitness equipment from Amazon India let you bring the benefits of a gym to the comfort of your own house. Whether you want to start your mornings with yoga or full workout sessions right at the comfort of your house, we bring you solutions for every interest and level of fitness. Our top-class exercise machines and fitness equipment like treadmills, twisters and rowers, steppers, elliptical trainers, exercise bikes and balls, skipping ropes and a variety of stimulating fitness accessories will help you in toning your entire body and keeping you fit all year round.

Stay Fit and Healthy Inside-Out with Sports Nutrition
Sports supplement has become a need of the hour. Amazon.in brings you a wide assortment of dietary supplements which are best for women. Whether you are looking for pre and post work hour supplement, sports nutrition supplement, weight-gainer supplement or general fitness supplements, you can find them all here on our website. There are also Ayurveda products, weight loss dietary supplements and nutrition for women’s fitness. Browse through the extensive range and choose the perfect nutritional supplement that fits you the best.

Running can bring a significant positive change to your life. Make your run more fun by shopping for running gadgets online from Amazon India. With an amazing range of fitness products available, right from fitness trackers and stop watches to music players and heart monitors, you can prepare for an effective workout plan to join the Pinkathon. Our fitness products are manufactured by top class brands and are brought to you at the most affordable prices. So check out the wide variety and pick everything that you want.