Shengshou Gold 3x3 Mirror Cube @ 126 mrp 999

Shengshou Gold 3x3 Mirror Cube @ 126 mrp 999

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Shengshou Gold 3×3 Mirror Cube @ 126 mrp 999
The Allwin Mirror Cube is a revolutionary mirror cube in a sense that it is much higher quality than others performance wise and quality wise. Right out of the box it is lubricated and ready to go. The shiny stickers on this puzzle are half-matted to provide a more special appearance and also lasts longer than regular stickers. If you are a puzzle collector, self-challenger, or just want to solve a mirror block, you should get this.

Inside the Box – Cube

Cognitive Skills

Solving Cube Puzzles helps children understand how following step-by-step directions accomplish a certain goal. A key skill is exercising memory while recalling which steps have already been tried and failed in previous spaces. It’s a great guide to understand spatial arrangements and patterns

Hand-Eye Coordination

Making the connection between what the eye sees and how the hand responds is practiced in solving Cubes & Puzzles

Development Skills

Improves Problem Solving Skills – Learning about algorithms, Analysis & Critical Thinking

Creativity & Imagination – Encourage your kid to solve the Cube Puzzles blindfolded

Boosts Self-esteem and builds confidence

Develops interest in Maths & Geometry

A sense of accomplishment as they come closer to the final solution of their Puzzle Cube

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