cheating direct fraud company still I did not r...

cheating direct fraud company still I did not receive my mobile supply payment

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Syberplace is a very big fraud company they are cheating mobile supplier I know so many supplier who did not get payment iam the one from them
I supplied Mobiles Rs 500000 worth I did not received payment more then two months there is not giving any response telling do whatever you can do I went so many tolimes in this two month I shouted there no one taking any responsibility they are not allowed to come inside I don’t know what to do please help me my hard earning money they kept and not giving from more then two month I have proof bills imeoli nos etc iam in very big problem in Syberplace the MD or CEO not taking any responsibility they are also very big theaters so many people suffering from the company no one taking money and please help to close this cheating company
My name is Syed my contact no 8008370786 my intention I sufer a lot it my bad time but and I want the other person should not sufer

Any time call me syed 8008370786
From arm engineering

Office Address

Syberplace e solution pvt led
Beside continental hotel
Ph: 04049484800; 9701200511 manager anuchu, 9959151397, lavender, 7093500585 presha these all are cheater

There are big cheaters

Solone and the whole team including CEO MD