Disaster - Defective Product and Worst Customer...

Disaster - Defective Product and Worst Customer Service

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They send you defective products and ask you to get it replaced or repaired by Samsung. When you get pissed they say if you don’t like the solution from Samsung we will help you. After you request Samsung to give you the job report and hand it over to snapdeal, they don’t have time to check it for 3 days when the complaint has been marked Priority by the supervisors. When you ask them about the status all the customer service has to say is that it is already escalated and then you have to speak to the supervisor who says that he is initiating a pickup (which never happens) so keep the item packed. After all the false promises the team above calls to inform that an engineer is going to visit you to verify the issue when SAMSUNG ENGINEERS already certified the issues when highlighted the answer is “its our policy” which means Snapdeal employees don’t know the exact policies. After that they tell you it will take another 2-3 days to have the item picked up and they money will only be refunded after they receive the item and their quality team checks the product which is apparently superior to the original manufacturer Samsung.

In short, Snapdeal Customer Service desk is full of big bunch of trained liars. Their policies are made for the benefits of Snapdeal and not the customers. Save yourself the time, stress, frustation and anger by not purchasing from Snapdeal anymore. If you think the product is 1000 rupees cheaper on snapdeal wait till you find out that the product delivered is defective.