Flipkart is a chit-fund

Flipkart is a chit-fund

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(Order ID – OD40625036472)

I ordered one hard disk from this site on June 25th. But they cancelled the order on the very next day with no reason. But the status was showing “Shipment cancelled by you”.

What a cheap trick!!! They will never admit their fault. They will always put it on the customer.
I had fight with the CC for this reason several times.

No problem. As it was a fully paid order I asked for refund. The payment was partly by wallet credit and online bank transfer.

Surprisingly full refund returned back to my wallet. Why? It should be back to origin i.e. bank account.

That too after calling them several times. They showed me the reason that the item should come back to their warehouse first then they will initiate the refund.

Why ? I can see that the order came to my city then again went back to their warehouse then only they refunded the amount to my wallet.

Again I called them to transfer the money to the bank account.

They are asking me to provide the bank details of my relative to the name of whom I made the order. Why?

I paced the order from my account. I paid the money. Then why should i provide the account details of my relative?

The money should return back to the origin i.e. my bank account.

Flipkart CC is telling for security reasons the money will be transferred to my relatives account. And if I need it to be transferred to my bank account(from which I made the payment) I need to submit a declaration from from my relative. What nonsense?

If you really bother about the security why did you allowed to order in the name of different person??

And most surprisingly I can place a fresh order from the wallet credit in the name of any one.

If you are so much concerned about the security or you want the money should go to the real buyer i.e. my relative(although I bought the item for him from my account) then you should allow the walled credit to be used for the same person only.

IMO: the motive is to not to give any refund money. The money refund is just for name shake only. Once your money entered into the flipkart chit-fund. It it not going to get out. You must buy something.

After too much discussion finally I gave the account details of my relative and they said they have initiated the refund to bank account. And it will take 5 business days to reflect it into the bank account. The mail I received on 2nd July.

After 9 business days I called them on 11th July. They said it is actually 10 business days I should wait. And the amount will be reflected in the back account.

Nothing happened.

I called them again on 15th July which is 12 business days after the refund initiation. They are again saying to wait for 5 business days??

Why the hell are you harassing people like this?

Do you think after getting monopoly in all sectors you will chit people like this.

Good I will see how long you keep money with you.
Still there are some courts in India for legal fights.

P.S: Why we should not move to flipkarts competitor amazon? It is the best site I have seen in India for refund purpose. Return/refund will be done without asking a single question and refund is done to the source account immediately. In cancellation case of paid orders there is no such wallet fraud to suck up your money. It will directly reflect into your bank account.

A poor customer cheated by flipkart

(I posted the same at: http://www.mouthshut.com/review/Flipkart-com-re...)

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Deal Subedar

somehow from the past few days, I have seen weird responses being shared by people on contacting Flipkart support.

I wonder why are they doing it.. because yes now a days their standards have gone more lower and they have started to ignore and accept the customer’s view point.

Do make a post on FB or twitter and let the other guys from here come and support you.

Deal Lieutenant

Friends, I too had similar experience with my recent order. They didn’t refund money to my cancelled order and after one month and several follow ups got the refund back. Very bad and poor response, not sure what happened to them https://cdn1.desidime.com/assets/textile-editor/icon_sad.gif

Deal Cadet

customers are more than their requirement for snapdeal, Hs18 and flipkart…why do we trouble them order from other alternate .. https://cdn1.desidime.com/assets/textile-editor/icon_redface.gif