Horrible. Waste of time and very bad service

Horrible. Waste of time and very bad service

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The website claims all kinds of discounts and a wide range of medicines.

I thought I’ll try to buy my medicine online and this was my first attempt which turned out to be a disaster.

I placed the order via app since it promised unbelievable 20% discount. The total appeared the same as the one I pay monthly to my neighbourhood store. So I guess the overall turned out to be a mere 10% after all their conditions.

The navigation does not display the medicine pics so you have to be really good with the specifics of the medicine you are ordering. What a great UI!

Finally I placed my order and uploaded my prescriptions from Narayana Health & St Johns Medical college which are the 2 leading hospitals in Bangalore

I receive a message saying the medicine ordered is not in the prescription. I have been under treatment of these hospitals for the past 6 years for Chronic Kidney condition and associated problems and my medicines are lifelong and has not changed much over the years. The doctor had mentioned the active ingredient in one of the prescriptions with a note that any brand could be used, the “learned pharmacist” of netmeds thought it was the brand name of the drug and when I questioned he could not give a proper answer to it. Then he says the prescription is a year old, when it was given a month ago and the other medicines being lifelong. Unfortunately our hero does not know that too though the sheet clearly mentions the conditions.

I called up again thinking it might be one of those screwed up guys in that company and this time, I get another person, a lady, who seems to be not only dumb but rude. When I mentioned the issue she says the doctor has to mention the time upto which the drugs are to be taken(remember kidney damage is progressive and lifelong- and any medical professional should know it)I try to explain and then she tries to dump the call by saying rudely “Is there anything else” without addressing my current concern. So finally I do not waste my time but went ahead with the cancellation of the entire order because if these kind of staff are the one’s who is going to send me my medicines for such a critical condition, then I can imagine what will be next. I will never buy from these kind of online frauds and will buy medicines directly from the hospital where I am treated so that I do not have to face such “super human beings” and I would advice everyone to not rely on this online drug store because they are simply pathetic and don’t know the abcd of medicines. God bless the guys who are still ordering from them looking at the discounts and app culture. Good luck!

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Deal Subedar

Sorry about your kidney complications. Wish u better health.
Try other online med-sites you may find one good, as u need medicines for long period u can save few bucks.
Like this one(no personal exp though)