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my name is Shilpa.
This is in regard to my order no. 909653. let me start this from the beginning.I placed this order on 13th december 2014.I called the customer service center to know the status of my order.i spoke to an agent who gave me a no. (99718175555) to call to check when can i expect this order.i called on this no. around 4 pm on 15 dec and spoke to Tauheed who was rude,his language was so disgraceful and crass,he informed me that the system is down and he will not be able to track my order and i should call later.So, i went to temple in evening and unfortunately missed the call from courier boy and then started the series of disappointments.

I called again that evening and spoke to courier boy who informed me that he will deliver the order next day,i also called the customer service and spoke to an agent who also promised the same but much to my disappointment i didn’t receive the order on 16 dec. I called again to check the status who informed me again to call on the same no. as stated above.when i called on this no. Tauheed again gave me a different no.(45512818) to call to.I spoke to a female agent who was extremely rude and ignoble,ungenerous and she disconnected the call on my face when inquired about the order.I again called her to which she very rudely and unprofessionally ORDERED me to call Koovs customer service and when requested her to just informed the status of the order she said “roz sare aise customers hume phone karke poochte hain” instead of helping me.Then on her supervisor’s order she said i will receive the order the next day.I waited the whole day but no intimation was there.Then the courier guy called me and stated that my parcel has been lost and he is not able to find my ordered packet and hence will not be able to deliver the packet.

I called the customer service and spoke to Thomas who said that the status on the website is out for delivery when i already know that my packet has been lost.There is no coordination between the departments at all which makes the customer suffer again and again.And then i spoke to one of the SO CALLED SUPERVISORMANISHA” who was extremely unprofessional, ill-mannered,illiterate who does not even have basic etiquette to talk to someone,that lady disconnected the call on my face,when i again called the customer service i spoke to Sonu who informed me Manisha is not available on the floor which was sheer lie as i spoke to her few minutes before she abruptly disconnected the call on the face. Sonu again told me wait for 24 hrs now lets see when things will settle down.I am still waiting for my order.

And trust me whatever the reviews i heard about they all are true and i am really very upset.

As the matter of fact, i am not the only one to experience this,it seems that the motto of the company is to harass and cheat people rather then helping them out.

Never purchase anything from this website if you love your money.

Only one word is enough to define koovs which is PATHETIC.