I suggest people stop putting MRP in the title

I suggest people stop putting MRP in the title

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Everyone knows that MRP is highly inflated in most of the cases compared to usual selling price. So, when a deal poster states deal price with MRP price, it gives a wrong picture. Inside during price comparison, we see that every other sites offer price much lower than MRP. So MRP stating should be stopped.

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@dragonball I kind of agree with what you say. It’s the market price which matters, not the percentage discount on the MRP.

You might not be aware, but it’s not a new trend started by the deal posters. This is a new policy by the admins, created perhaps to standardize things and to make it easier for the uninitiated users to discern good deals easily.

The thread creation page itself has those extra fields (i.e. sale price, MRP, % discount) and even if a deal poster doesn’t enter anything in those fields, the admins themselves fill in that information when making the thread a “popular deal” or a “front page deal” thereby rewriting the title of the thread itself. I was also baffled by this change when the title of one of my own threads was rewritten to an obfuscated mess. https://cdn3.desidime.com/assets/textile-editor/icon_lol.gif See: http://www.desidime.com/forums/hot-deals-online...