10 Best Aesthetic Water Bottles to stay hydrated every day in Style

Summer, Winter or Rainy Season, Staying Hydrated is a Must. Stay hydrated in style with our aesthetic water bottle picks for you that you would definitely want to take peek at.

by Akansha_B Updated: 24 Apr, 2022, 15:11 IST
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Access to safe drinking water isn't just a privilege, it's a necessity. Plastic water bottles, along with plastic bags and plastic straws occupy the top tier of socially unwanted single-use accessories. Reusable water bottles that are aesthetic yet useful feel like a need in this modern, hydration-obsessed society. With people leaning toward Instagram aesthetic standards and products, no argument against having an aesthetic water bottle that is pleasing to the eyes and helps you stay hydrated does the work. We have listed our picks for the best water bottles for daily use that can be used for different purposes.


Finding the right one to match your own personal taste depends on what you’re looking for amidst a riot of colors, shapes, and features. Weigh all your options, and refer to the water bottle buying guide to make your decision.

1. The Pinterest Trendiest Aesthetic Bottle


We bet you must have come across the above image on Pinterest or Instagram if you like aesthetics. If you are a person who likes aesthetic products this Motivational Water Bottle with Time Marker is perfect for you. The water bottle is made of BPA Free Frosted Tritan Plastic, is leakproof, and carries 1 Liter of water. Some might say that it is overpriced for a water bottle, but the quality and aesthetic look makes it worth it if you are looking for that.

2. Matte Minimalistic Water Bottle


Matte finish in itself looks aesthetically appealing whether it is a phone cover, bag, or water bottle. The Cactus Love Water Bottle has a very minimalistic look and has a simple screw cap. It is a glass bottle that is covered with aesthetic-looking plastic. Glass is safer than plastic and the plastic cover cushions the glass bottle from breaking. It carries 1-liter water and comes in 4 different colors.

3. Smart Water Bottles


If you are a tech lover and like numbers, this is the best water bottle for you. The Bletilla Smart Water Bottle is a thermos made of 304-grade food-grade stainless steel and holds 500 ml of water. The Smart Flask Vacuum Insulated bottle is ideal for home, gym, traveling, or hiking.

While sitting anywhere in any temperature condition, your cold drink will stay perfectly chilled for up to 24 hours or your coffee or tea will keep hot for up to 12 hours. The top display shows your water or beverage temperature, to let you drink at the most suitable temperature anytime, anywhere.

4. Cute Glass Clear Water Bottle


We like our water clean and clear where we can see it and drink it without any worry. Hydrophobia is the most valid example for people who fear that their water has been contaminated; TREO by Milton is the perfect solution. It is aesthetically appealing and is made up of Borosilicate Crystal Glass. As we mentioned, early glass is better than plastic when it comes to a healthier option. This bottle holds up to 750ml water and is ideal to carry the juice, water, milk, etc.

5. To Carry all your beverages


A water bottle with a strainer sounds like a weird idea until you understand its real use. The Hn'K Water Bottle with Strainer is made of Stainless Steel and is completely eco-friendly. If you are into infused water, green tea, or matcha tea the strainer will help your strainer your water and drink clean water without any leaves or fruits in it.

6. Stay Motivated! Stay Hydrated Water Bottles!


We all need motivation now and then, and when it comes to staying hydrated we tend to forget it very often. MORPICH Motivational Water Bottle is perfect for people who need the motivation to stay hydrated (meaning most of us). The bottle holds 2000ml water and has an aesthetic color and structure.

The bottle has a time marker with a motivational message to help you stay hydrated throughout your day. It is made of BPA-free plastic and has a straw which makes it easier to drink water.

7. Infused Water Bottles


Infused water gained popularity instantly, and why not it’s a healthy and tastier option to stay hydrated. The Insta Cuppa Fruit Full Length Infuser Water Bottle is perfect to create your own DIY Infused water. The water bottle comes with a sleeve and recipe e-book for infused water. It holds 1-liter water and comes in 5 different shades.

8. On the Go Water Bottle


The Toy Shine Basic Handy Water Bottle screams aesthetic with its vibrant colors and matte finish. The water bottle is made of stainless steel with high-quality reusable vacuum insulated water bottles that work great as thermos, keeping your drinks cold up to 8 hours and hot up to 6 hours. The bottle holds up to 350ml water and is leak-proof.

9. Sling it Water Bottle


Ladies! This one’s for you. This Fun Blast Tritan Water Bottle has a sleek look and vibrant colors. We would say that it is one of the best water bottles when it comes to style. It has a straw so you can easily sip water, a strap to carry it like a sling bag, and is completely eco-friendly. This would make a perfect gift for others as well.

10. Copper Bottle for your Gut


Copper water bottles are very popular right now. Water stored inside a copper bottle has several health benefits. It is perfect for camping, hiking, kitchen, office, travel, yoga, school, etc. The bottle holds 1-liter water and is made of solid pure copper. Green Street Bottles are sleek, jointless, and ergonomic design makes them super handy and portable.

How to Choose a Water Bottle?

At first sight, this appears to be a plain task, right? But there are more factors to consider than we realize; technology has advanced, and you may be amazed by the variety of bottles available for children, toddlers, sports, trekking, and so on.

Here are some factors you can consider when buying a water bottle –

1. Capacity and Dimensions

Consider the activities you wish to undertake with the bottle first. Will you use it at the gym or will you take it to the office where it will be easier to fill it up? Do you use it for your hour-long dance lessons or everyday life? The size of the bottle you pick will be determined by your requirements. Pay attention to the weight as well. Stainless steel is light in general, however, double walls and extra materials can make it heavier.

2. The Type of Cap

Caps come in a variety of styles. The conventional is waterproof and enables easy drinking from the neck. The best aesthetic water bottles offer different cap options. Look for bottles incorporated with a sports cap with a metal straw and a tiny spout for drinking without opening the bottle.

3. Thermos Option

Determine whether or not you require a thermos flask; it all depends on the application. A single bottle would serve for indoor use, but if you venture outside for the day, or if you are exposed to extreme cold or heat frequently, this choice is worthwhile, if not vital! We recommend using an insulated bottle bag to extend the life of the bottle!

4. Extra Accessories

Many accessories, such as a carabiner, silicone protective cover, fabric cover with strap for transportation, and a washing brush, are available from merchants to complete your stainless steel bottle. Not everything is required, and a great deal relies on how you utilize the equipment.

So this was our list of best aesthetic water bottles picked by us along with a buying guide for water bottles. Let us know which ones are your favorite from the above list.

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