10 Best Women Tshirt Brands in India 2023 with Best Quality Material for Tshirts & Top Tshirt Trends

Looking for the top women tshirt brands in India to buy best quality branded tshirts online? This is for you. We'll also be sharing the 4 best materials for tshirts and the top tshirt design trends in 2023.

by Vrushali.S Updated: 03 Jan, 2023, 18:40 IST
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Since the first-invented t-shirt in the Mexican-American war in 1898 till today, T-shirts have always been a go-to option when you want to wear something comfy, light and casual. But, the questions & doubts persist for many women like us. What are the best women’s t-shirt brands in India? Where can I buy good quality branded women's tshirts online? & which are the best quality materials for t-shirts? If you too have these questions, this article is for you.

10 Best Women Tshirt Brands in India 2023

We will be covering the following: 

Top 10 T-shirt brands in India for Women

The price range for each of the top t-shirt brands for women

Trendy T-shirts Designs for Women Currently in 2023

Types of Fabrics for Best Quality T-shirts

Best Women T-shirt Brands in India to Shop Branded T-shirts Online
  1. Levis Strauss & Co Tshirts

Levis Strauss & Co is one of the largest apparel companies in the world which is well known for their top quality jeans. You can find a good collection of polo shirts, full sleeves tshirts and short sleeves graphic tees and printed tees. The material used is mostly cotton. If you love wearing something simple yet youthful & bright, you can consider buying a branded t-shirt from Levis. The t-shirts are more suitable for everyday use, summer vacations & casual meetings with your friends.

Price Range - Rs.499 to Rs.3,200

You can shop these at a discounted price on Myntra and Amazon.


2. H&M Women's Tshirts

    Hennes & Mauritz or H&M is a fashion brand that comes under the family of H&M Group. H&M hosts a plethora of apparel that are known for its unique collections with high-quality fabric. From maternity wear to trousers, you can expect to find a good collection of high-quality ladies apparel. Talking about fashionable women’s t-shirts, you have - Printed t-shirts, boxy t-shirts, t-shirt dresses, oversized t-shirts & a lot more. The t-shirts from H&M can also be worn as office wear, especially some of the plain, sophisticated t-shirts from their Beige T-shirts collection.

    Price Range - Rs.399 to Rs.1,500

    Shop H&M branded t-shirts exclusively on Myntra and get some discount using our Myntra promo codes and coupons or shop through H&M official website.


    3. Mango Women Tees

    Mango is a Spanish fashion brand that recently launched a digital campaign with its brand ambassador, Kiara Advani and Myntra. On Mango, you can find a premium selection of ladies tshirt in chic & uptown girl style made from premium quality cotton material & knitted linen which gives an elegant & smart look perfect for party outings & sophisticated casual settings. Though the brand is relatively smaller, it very well deserves to be on our list of the top 10 women's t-shirt brands in India.

    Price Range: Rs.690 to Rs.3,600

    Get up to 50% OFF on Mango Ladies Tshirts on Myntra


    4. Pepe Jeans London Women T-shirts

      Pepe Jeans London is known as a pioneer in producing denim jeans. It is among the top 10 tops & tshirt brands in India which also offers a good collection of branded women's t-shirts to buy online including trendy tie dye t-shirts, printed t-shirts & strip t-shirts which are highly popular among youngsters. Pepe Jeans Women's T-shirts are more suited to young women looking to wear vibrant, good-quality ladies' apparel for style, comfort, durability, and in casual settings.

      Price Range: Rs.400 to Rs.2500

      You can shop PepeJeans Women's T-shirts at discounted prices on Amazon and Flipkart

      5. Rarerism Women’s T-shirts

        If you are looking for some versatile, comfortable, & affordable good quality t-shirts, these branded women's t-shirts by Rarerism can be a good addition to your wardrobe. Breezy cotton tops, subtle, minimalist t-shirts made from linen and cotton materials, and t-shirts in different types of necklines & fittings all can be found here. As the founder of Rarerism, Akshika Poddar says, “If you have a Rarerism garment, you will always be appropriately dressed wherever you go.”

        Price Range: Rs.600 to Rs.1500

        Get the branded women's t-shirts by Rarerism at a discounted price by using our Myntra promo codes and coupons

        6. Allen Solly Women’s Tees

        Allen Solly is launched by Madura Fashion & Lifestyle, a division of Aditya Birla Fashion Retail Limited. It is among the best online female clothing brands you can buy good quality branded women's tshirts from. Allen Solly offers stylish, playful & elegant designs in t-shirts and a small collection of formal wear. The women’s t-shirts from Allen Solly are perfect as college wear, daily wear, summer wear, or when you just want to wear something comfy, casual yet classy.

        Price Range: Rs.400 to Rs.2000

        The branded women’s t-shirts by Allen Solly are available at a discounted price on Flipkart & Myntra.


        7. Zara Women’s T-shirts

          Zara is one of the top largest female clothing companies in the world and one of the most stylish women's clothing brands in India. Their clothing quality is top-notch and the brand majorly caters to more high-quality, trendy clothes featuring distinctly unique, fashionable styles which you can wear as everyday basics with a trend-focused look. You can find some of the best trendy, stylish women’s t-shirts on Zara which are sure to turn back at least a few heads. The materials used are mostly premium quality cotton.

          Price Range: Rs.490 to Rs.3,000

          You can shop these stylish branded women’s t-shirts by Zara exclusively only on Zara’s official store.


          8. Only Women Tops & Tees

          Only was first launched in Denmark and it stepped its first footprint in the Indian market in 2010 by opening a store in Mumbai. Today, it has become one of the popular women t-shirt brands in India. Only offers a range of fashion forward styles in high quality fabric and international class which are more suited if you want to wear something trendy, comfortable, casual, bright and youthful. The materials used are mostly cotton & polyester. Only’s Floral t-shirt range & multicolour range is worth checking out.

          Price Range: Rs.350 to Rs.2,799

          You can shop ONLY Women’s branded t-shirts at the most discounted prices on Amazon and Flipkart


          9. Vero Moda Tshirts

            Another top ladies t-shirt brand from the BESTSELLER family is Vero Moda. Vero Moda is a popular women’s apparel brand in India where you can find stylish, good-quality tshirts at an affordable price. The brand offers a variety of ladies apparel such as bottom wears, outerwears like shrugs, blazers, tops & tshirts, jumpsuits & a lot more. The New Arrival collection of women’s t-shirts is a must see, especially their text printed tshirts.

            Price Range: Rs.320 to Rs.2500

            Get Vero Moda Tshirts at the most discounted prices on Flipkart up to 68% OFF


            10. Van Heusen Women’s Tshirts

              The last one one on our list of the best women tshirt brands in India is Van Heusen which is a leading brand led by the top fashion store in India, the Aditya Birla Retail Group. The brand offers a huge collection of stylish women’s tshirts and shirts mostly made from materials cotton and polyester. Solid t-shirts, printed tshirts, graphic tshirts are all available at a very reasonable price. The branded tshirts from Van Heusen can also be worn for office wears and in professional settings.

              Price range: Rs.319 to Rs.1500

              You can shop Van Heusen branded women’s tshirts on Amazon at discounted price up to 50% OFF


              So that was our list of the best women tshirt brands in India which offers good quality tshirts. There are many other brands such as Nike, Difference of Opinion, Forever 21, Flying Machine, Juneberry which are also good quality women’s tshirt brands.

              5 Types of Fabrics for Best Quality Tshirts

              Tshirts are daily wear apparels which means they do not only need to look good but also feel good and be durable. A tshirt made from low quality fabric will not only lack in comfort but will also provide poor quality tshirt print & may not last longer. So what are the best quality materials for tshirts? Let’s find out

              1. Cotton

                Cotton is naturally a lighter, more breathable fiber which makes the tshirts made from cotton more comfortable to wear. Cotton also has higher moisture regain which allows the prints to be more absorbed in the fibers of the fabric. Depending on the type of cotton, it goes through several refinement processes which makes it more durable. Slub cotton and Pima/Supima cotton are one of the highest quality materials for tshirts

                2. Polyester

                  Polyester is a synthetic fiber made from petroleum. It is majorly used for sports apparel due to its low moisture regain feature which allows it to dry up quickly. However, this also means that Polyester does not easily support as many printing techniques as cotton does. The polyester fabric is digitally printed and due to its high resilience, polyester fabrics do not shrink and are more stretchable than cotton.

                  3. Linen

                    Linen is a natural fiber which is similar to cotton. It is mostly used for making towels or napkins. It has a breathable feel and a very naturally elegant look. You will often find linen women tshirts made in relaxed or loose fitting. While the fiber is natural and is quite similar to cotton, it may not support all sorts of printing techniques. Nevertheless, linen is a durable and a comfortable fabric for tshirts.

                    4. Poly Cotton

                      Ploy cotton is 50% polyester and 50% cotton. This makes ploy cotton fabric the best of the both worlds. With poly cotton fabrics, you have the durability, lightness, comfort of cotton and the stretchability, high resilience of polyester.

                      So, these were some of the best materials for tshirts one can opt for. There are several other tshirt materials such as Sequin, Satin which are also durable and look more smart and elegant. However, the above mentioned are the most commonly used materials for good quality tshirts.

                      Trendy T-shirts Designs for Women Currently in 2023

                      There was a time when long sleeves tshirts or full sleeves tshirts were in trend and were present in every girl’s wardrobe. Even today, full sleeves tshirts have still not lost their spark. But, we certainly have got more plenty other trendy tshirt design and styles for women in 2023.


                      1. Oversized Tshirts

                        In the year 2023, we saw a trend of women wearing oversized tshirts and topping it with shorts, heels, dress pants or jeans. Oversized tshirts comes with loose fit and fall below your waistline. It gives you more volume and they are super comfortable to wear.

                        2. Minimalistic Tshirts

                          Another popular tshirt trend of 2023 in India is the minimalistic tshirt design trend. It involves very minimal design, text or other extra element. Due to generous white/blank space it leaves, it makes the apparel more elegant and sophisticated.

                          3. Solid Colour Tshirts

                            Most top women tshirt brands in India have these simple yet super cool-looking solid colour tees. These tshirts are when there’s no design or text printed on the tshirt and the complete tshirt is majorly of a single colour. A variation of this tshirt trend are the colourblock tshirts which too are quite popular in 2023.

                            4. Slogan Printed Tshirts

                              Slogan printed tshirts have been one of the most popular tshirt design trends in 2023. Many brands such as Zara, H&M, Vero Moda & others have manufactured some great slogan printed woman tshirts.

                              5. Loose neck Polo Women Tshirts or Stripe Women Polo Tshirts

                                Polo Tshirts are quite classic but 2023 has witnessed a great design flare on the polo tshirts in making them even more stylish and fashionable. You will find a good collection of unique polo women's tshirts in different necklines at most top women tshirt brands in India.

                                6. Floral Printed Women’s Tshirts

                                  While Spring may have gone, it sure has left some creative floral print inspiration behind for our fashion designers and enthusiasts. One of the trendy tshirt designs in 2023 has been floral printed women’s tshirts. From subtle pastel colour prints to bright and vibrant floral prints, you are sure to spot a good amount of floral print women tshirts on most of the above best women’s tshirt brands we have mentioned.

                                  7. Graphic Printed Tshirts

                                    After the trend of Mandala art on tshirts, graphic printed tshirts have been very popular this year. Whether it's floral art, contemporary, minimalistic, cartoon icons or simple illustrations, we all have seen at least one graphic printed tshirt that caught our eye.

                                    These are only some of the trends that we came across. There have been many other tshirt and top trends also in this year such as tie-dye printing. You can find good quality women's tshirts with premium quality tye dye print on most of the above ladies apparel brands in India we mentioned.

                                    That leads us to a wrap-up.

                                    So, that was all about the best women’s tshirt brand in India to buy branded tshirts online from and the best quality materials for tshirts. We also looked at some of the trendy tshirt designs in 2023.

                                    Let us know which of these trends you personally like. And which of the top ladies' tshirt brands in India do you shop from?

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