10 Kitchen Gadgets under Rs 5000 that will help you achieve that Eat Health 2022 Goals

These amazing kitchen gadgets you never knew you needed until you will go through this list of top 10 kitchen gadgets. Get those goals ticked off!

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We're total fans of cool kitchen gadgets and gizmos. Fun, on the other hand, does not necessarily have to imply frivolously. The kitchen gadgets we found below are truly game changers for home cooks, from a zucchini or carrot noodles or pasta spiralizer to a singing pasta timer for precisely al dente noodles every time to an oil spray Bottle. Plus, it gives us a very happy vibe as there's something about a bright kitchen tool that makes you happy.


We have just entered 2022, and our new year resolutions are steady on track. While cooking is not an everyday chore but a step towards achieving our goals and enjoying ourselves. If New year’s Resolution for 2022 is to cook more and order in less and to eat healthier we will make sure you keep up with that resolution. These Kitchen gadgets under Rs 2000 are truly functional, in addition to being pleasantly quirky, as they are the time-saving tools that will make cooking at home a lot more enjoyable.

When your pasta timer sings to you, how could you not smile a little? Explore our picks and keep in mind that cooking should be fun – and delicious.

Top 10 Kitchen Gadgets under Rs 5000
1. Vegetable Spiralizer (Rs 649)


We love a good spiralizer, and this best-selling portable option from Tyzag Spiral Cutter Vegetables is one of the easiest to operate. This portable kitchen device is very adaptable, and it's a lot of fun to use during dinner prep, with four different blade options.

It helps you with a healthy cooking option. They are perfect for zoodles, healthy vegetable pasta and gorgeous garnishes and are all available with just an easy push of a button.

2. Al Dente Pasta Timer (Rs 599)


With one-of-a-kind kitchen equipment, you can dependably and safely prepare al dente pasta. Simply combine your pasta with these pasta timers and wait for him to sing the tune that corresponds to the cooking time of your pasta. It is fun to cook with it and also it is really a good gif option for someone who loves Italian cuisine and pasta.

3. Oil Sprayer Mister (Rs 299)


Stop purchasing non-stick cooking spray can after can and start using what you already have: This oil spray mister allows you to grease pots, pans, and baking sheets with your preferred cooking oil without the bother of having to stir the oil around with your hands after pouring it in. You can also sprinkle food with it to avoid a pool of oil at the bottom of your salad bowl.

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4. Cob Corn Stripper (Rs 169 )


When you try to chop the kernels off the corn, they roll off the cutting board and all over the counter, as we've all experienced. You discover little chunks of corn lurking beneath your toaster a week later. No need to be in such a dilemma. This corn stripper takes your kernels from the corn quickly and cleanly without making a mess.

5. Milk frother machine (Rs 299 )


This stylish milk frother allows you to enjoy your favourite coffee in elegance. The Milk frother machine allows you to create cafe-style coffee, Eggs, smoothies, and other products that can also be beaten with it. In only 20 seconds, you can froth your favourite drink. The device is battery-operated and portable.

6. Over Spill Stopper Lid (Rs 799 )


With a piece of clever spill-stopping equipment, you can perfect your pasta-making abilities, avoid spills from soups, rice, etc by preventing boiling water from spilling and splattering all over your burner.

Its two-tier cover effectively allows steam and pressure escape, so you won't be scraping burnt-on drips long after you've finished your cooking.

7. Egg Cooker (Rs 1,020 )


Kent’s electric egg cooker with a seven-egg capacity takes the uncertainty out of hard-boiled egg preparation. This kitchen equipment is a game-changer for larger batches of hard-boiled eggs, yet it also has a compact footprint to save you valuable counter space.

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8. Guac-Lock Container (Rs 3,309)


Brown guacamole is no longer an option. This Casabella Guac-Lock allows you to keep your guacamole or other favourite spread fresh until the party begins in four simple steps. The Guac-Lock transforms from a storage container to a full-looking serving dish in seconds.

To finish the presentation, add the tray (available separately). Not only does the Casabella Guac-Lock work with guacamole, but it also works with hummus, cocktail sauce, salsa Fresca, and tzatziki.

9. Cast Iron Tawa (Rs 999 )


When cast iron is heated, it stays hot for a long time. As a result, cast iron pans are excellent for searing meat. Cast iron is ideal for cooking that needs constant heat like dosa, chilla, pancake, grilling meat, etc. By seasoning your cast iron pans every time you use them, you are making them better.

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10. Bamboo Steamer (Rs 899 )


Bamboo is one of the most durable materials known to man. One of the healthiest methods of cooking is steaming. Steaming is a gentle method of cooking that locks in the flavour and nutrients of the food. It's perfect for delicately flavoured and textural foods like fish and veggies.

The Livzing Bamboo Steamer is a long-lasting, shatterproof, and easy-to-clean bamboo steamer. After each usage, just rinse thoroughly.

Cooking is a true form of art. Consider the paint and brush among these ten finest kitchen gadgets! You can simply order all of the trendiest and coolest kitchen gadgets from the comfort of your own home. Remember, your kitchen, like you, requires fashion upgrades from time to time!

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