10 Monsoon Essentials Must have to prepare for this Rainy Season.

All you need to prepare for the coming rainy season is right here.

by Akansha_B Updated: 02 Aug, 2023, 09:38 IST
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After facing two major cyclones in various parts of India, we can safely say that the monsoons are fast approaching us. We are grateful for the relief from the rising temperatures however, the romance of the rains is accompanied by the challenge of puddles. We quickly lose interest after a day or two, as we are immediately faced with the hardships that the monsoon season has to offer.

Monsoon Essentials

As the pandemic has quarantined us into our houses here are times when we travel to buy essentials. Also, with the rapid assistance of vaccinating the country will soon free us all from isolation. It's essential to equip yourself with the right tools to withstand the monsoons, much like a knight heading into war. That's why we've put together a list of the necessary products you'll need to get through the rains—all of which can be obtained from the safety and comfort of your own home.

Top 10 Monsoon Essentials



To be honest, we're a little bit fascinated with this reversible, non-drip umbrella. What is the mechanism behind it? Instead of drawing the umbrella down to close it, you push it up, sealing the outside and preventing water from pouring - perfect if you don't want to get your house, vehicle, cab, bus, or anything!

2. Raincoat and Windcheater


Let's admit it, an umbrella isn't always enough in a windy city, and that's when raincoats come in useful. Keep things simple with a translucent raincoat, like this unisex choice with a hood. It's also full length. However, if you are not into full-length raincoats you can go for windcheater in your favourite colour and there are a lot of prints available in it as well. So you can stay vogue and safe at the same time.

3.Waterproof sandals


If you, like us, have wonderful recollections of stomping across puddles without a concern in the monsoons, you already know how useful gumboots, sandals, loafers, etc. We recommend sticking to a neutral colour like black since, let's face it, no one needs more than one pair. But you can go for prints and Colors if you want to stay trendy even in the monsoons.

4.Emergency Lights


When it rains, power outages are more likely because lightning strikes and strong winds can destroy power lines and create power surges. Rainwater also lowers the insulating capacity of electronics, making it easier for fuses to short circuit.

Having emergency lights can come in handy if the power outages are for more than 2 hours. Here we have solar charging portable light you can use whenever there is a power outage in your area.

5.First Aid Box


Heavy rain, wind, and puddles on the street are all part of the monsoon season. It certainly becomes more attractive, but it may also get less safe. A basic first aid kit with antibacterial cream, antifungal powder, and other essential medications should always be ready on standby and also while you travel.

6.Smartphone Protection


We have the perfect solution for everyone who has ever put their phone in a Ziplock bag and then struggled to use it when the touchscreen stops working. This phone pouch is not only waterproof but also touch-sensitive, so you may use it even while it's in the case. It also has a neck strap and an armband, which are ideal if you're devoted to your daily run and won't let that rain stop you.

7.Waterproof Covers


A waterproof bag is essential since it will carry all of your belongings, and a cool form will never go out of style. This item is a must-have for a tech-obsessed age! Always keep a pair of waterproof plastic bags in your bag to protect your electronics and money from the rain. These will protect your phone, chargers, power bank, debit cards, and cash from water damage.

Since your gadgets are covered, we would advise you to look at some covers for your vehicles, since they need to stay protected during the monsoon season.

8.Power bank


While we have covered emergency light, here is one more essential that would help you stay connected to your work, family, and friends during a power outage or while you are travelling. Get a power bank to charge your laptop, smartphone, or tablet during heavy rain, so you are not holding behind on your office work or anything else.

9.Clothe Dryer or Stand


While the rainy season may provide cooler temperatures to everyone, it is a homemaker's nightmare when there isn't enough sun for garments to dry. It causes havoc with our washing routine! Laundry is another one of those duties that snowballs and piles up on you if not handled on a daily basis. You can buy a humidifier, a drying stand or steaming iron, to dry up your clothes quicker.

10.Waterproof Wallet


A sudden downpour might quickly soak your important documents and wallet. If you have a waterproof wallet pouch on hand, you can avoid this. Keep your vital belongings in it during the season so that nothing gets ruined if your bag gets wet.

You are more likely to have a secure and hassle-free time now that you know the list of items you need during the monsoon. There can be more items added to the list like silicone gel, monsoon fashion wear, makeup, etc. Let us know in the comment section what more essentials can be added to our list.

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