20 Eco-friendly products that will help you save the Planet.

Being environmentally conscious is neither difficult nor costly. Learn about 20 ways you can help to save earth.

by Akansha_B Updated: 13 Mar, 2022, 14:30 IST
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Planting a tree, saving water, recycling waste are amazing ways to contribute to the ecosystem and the detouring of climate change. Although climate change's urgency remains a partisan topic in 2020-21, it has joined the mainstream conversation.

Although protecting the environment and dealing with global climate change should be top priorities for all nations around the world — it remains a highly partisan topic. As a result, activist campaigns and individual activities become even more important.

It only takes a lifestyle change, the changing of old habits, and practice. Most people may not go out of their way to be environmentally friendly because they believe the changes will be costly and require the use of specific materials. The reality is that there are simple and inexpensive trades you can produce. Being environmentally conscious is neither difficult nor costly. It just takes a lifestyle change, breaking old habits and practice.

We've compiled a list of 20 eco-sustainable items that can help you cut your carbon emissions and replace all of the single-use plastic products you purchase daily. Although we cannot transform the planet immediately, making incremental, easy changes to our patterns would have a long-term effect.

1. One straw at a time
20 Eco-friendly products will help you save the Planet.

Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru generate around 287.6 million, 172.8 million and 252.7 million straws per year, respectively. While we love sipping our beverage with a straw, plastic straws are harmful to our ecosystem and especially the oceans.

While we tried our best to replace plastic straws with paper it has its drawbacks. First, they are made of paper, which is harvested from trees, and second, you cannot drink hot beverages with paper straws. Steel, Glass and Bamboo straws are a great alternative for plastic straws as they can be used for a longer time and don't harm the ecosystem.

2. Replace Plastic food wraps with reusable wraps
20 Eco-friendly products will help you save the Planet.

We are living in a fast-paced life and we rarely dwell upon the things we do on a day-to-day basis that can be harming the environment. Each year India produces 3.3 million plastic if not more which is dumped in the ocean or buried in the ground.

It is as easy as swapping from aluminium foils or plastic wraps to cotton wraps. These are reusable and can be washed and used for a longer time.

3.Hydrate with reusable bottles
20 Eco-friendly products will help you save the Planet.

Plastic-free is the main goal of saving the deteriorating climate change in the world. Plastic water bottle at an estimate is thrown every sec in the ocean. As most of you are aware that plastic does not decompose and lives on forever, it harms the earth in more ways than we can think.

Did you know that about 2,480,000 tonnes of plastic bottles and other containers are discarded (rather than recycled) each year? Plastic water bottles account for a sizable part of this pollution. They are a major source of waste and a significant threat to our health.

A reusable bottle can not only solve the crisis of plastic waste increase but aid our health as well. Plastic bottles are not good for our health. Stainless steel or a copper water bottle not only save your money but also health.

4. Wooden Toothbrushes
20 Eco-friendly products will help you save the Planet.

If you look around, you'll see how much plastic has polluted your life. Your toothbrush is also made of plastic. Replace it with a 100% natural bamboo toothbrush with biodegradable ultra-soft nylon bristles (which are especially great for sensitive gums).

This set of 4 brushes will help you live a greener life without sacrificing consistency because they are not only sustainable and renewable but look amazing as well.

5. Biodegradable trash bags
20 Eco-friendly products will help you save the Planet.

Another contributor to plastic waste besides water bottles is trash bags. Most trash bags are made from cheap polyethene that are highly hazardous to the climate and environment.

Instead opt for biodegradable trash bags that are 100% compostable, meet the stringent requirements of municipal composting programs and affordable.

6. Rechargeable batteries
20 Eco-friendly products will help you save the Planet.

A mixture of materials such as zinc (anode), manganese (cathode), and potassium make up 60% of the battery. Batteries contain a lot of chemicals, some of which are poisonous and can pollute the soil and water. You will want to use rechargeable batteries to extend the life of your batteries and keep them out of landfills.

Checkout Amazon Rechargeable Batteries

7. Reusable Grocery Bags
20 Eco-friendly products will help you save the Planet.

We love to shop even if it’s just shopping for groceries, however, we often forget to carry grocery bags and end up getting the plastic bags from the grocery store. Plastic bags are made from cellulose, coal, natural gas, salt and crude oil. All the resources are already limited commodity, and with anything that is used for just 20 minutes on average, it takes centuries to decompose, poisoning and killing countless wildlife.

There are so many cute and stylish grocery bags you can shop for on Amazon, Flipkart, etc. You just have to make a habit of carrying a grocery bag whenever you go shopping. If you somehow forget to carry them, ask for paper bags or cloth bags, don’t accept plastic bags from shoppers.

8. Reusable Smart Notebook
20 Eco-friendly products will help you save the Planet.

Why not delete and write while you go instead of spending infinite amounts of paper jotting down notes you'll finally throw out? A Reusable Smart Notebook, on the other hand, enables you to do just that:

All you have to do now is replace your tattered notebook with this sleek, eco-friendly style. You can Wipe with Wet Tissue/Cloth. The notebook is made of stone which makes it durable and one of a kind, not to forget the eco-friendly aspect.

9.Menstrual Cup
20 Eco-friendly products will help you save the Planet.

In India, 432 million pads/sanitary napkins are generated per year, enough to cover 24 hectares of landfill. There is a massive level of harmful contamination, with toxic substances leaching into the soil and heavy and harsh odours released from waste disposed of in landfills or hidden in the soil.

Switching to a menstrual cup can be a big change, as most women in India haven’t embraced the idea of it. But over 5 years it has gained more and more popularity and positive. Menstrual cups do Not only save money, but they are also easier to use and safer than regular pads.

10. Solar Power Light
20 Eco-friendly products will help you save the Planet.

With this energy-saving and environmentally conscious LED fairy lights, you can brighten up a garden or balcony. Put them out during the day for 6 to 8 hours of charging time and leave them on for 8 to 12 hours.

Fairy string lights not only look lovely, but they consume a lot of power. Switch to solar-powered lights to save not power but also your money.

11.Green Office supplies
20 Eco-friendly products will help you save the Planet.

Nothing beats buying new notebooks and sticky notes to make you feel more creative. The reason we pick these green office supply set is that the leftovers can be planted and grown as plants and trees.

The packaging is made with organic materials, such as recycled, unbleached cartons printed with soy-based ink, and includes a variety of goodies, such as eco pens, pencils, crayons, a notebook of bamboo paper, and natural rubber bands.

12. E-Reader or A Kindle
20 Eco-friendly products will help you save the Planet.

While the feel of a good paperback in your hand is pleasing in and of itself, as an ardent reader, you will have the potential to reduce a manufacturing period that uses a lot of paper and transportation. If you're a casual library user, an e-reader or Kindle will help reduce the carbon footprint of anyone who regularly purchases new books.

13. Eco-Friendly Cleaning supplies
20 Eco-friendly products will help you save the Planet.

Now, this might surprise you but ordinary cleaning supplies with fragrances, VOC’S and many more toxic chemicals that can irritate the eyes, throat or cause an allergic reaction. As concerning the environment, these Volatile organic compounds (VOC) pollute the air and water causing harm to the earth.

Switching to eco-friendly cleaning supplies is not only beneficial for your family but also to the environment. There are no chemical fragrances. There are no fake colours. Packaging that is biodegradable or recyclable. Ingredients cultivated organically using sustainable agricultural methods.

14.Reusable Coffee Filters
20 Eco-friendly products will help you save the Planet.

Single-serving pods have grown in popularity as instant coffee services such as Keurig have grown in popularity.

Instead of putting in a new K-Cup every morning only to throw it away, consider saving space and money by using fresh ground coffee and a reusable filter pod.

15. Cotton Napkins instead of Tissues
20 Eco-friendly products will help you save the Planet.

Tissues do provide a sense of comfort to those who use them. You are not required to wash or maintain them. Overall, you want to reduce the workload as well but we ended up harming our pocket as well as the ecosystem.

Switching to cotton Napkins or hand towels for cleaning can meet both requirements. They are simple to clean, don't need much scrubbing, and last a long time.

16. Compost vs Landfill
20 Eco-friendly products will help you save the Planet.

If it comes from nature, return it to nature. Giving back your natural waste, which includes everything from food scraps to yard waste, would aid in the production of nutrient-rich soil for potential plant development.

If you like, you can easily build your composition. With a little testing, you can build a composting solution that is tailored to your needs. You can cultivate your own with all that good soil at the end.

17. Reusable Mask
20 Eco-friendly products will help you save the Planet.

While disposable masks are deemed sanitary waste, thousands of them end up in landfills. Which in return harms nature, every change we make can help us protect the future and make it safer for the coming generation.

Even a small step like this. Switching to a cloth mask or another reusable mask can be a great way to contribute to saving the earth as well as saving your money.

18. Reusable razors
20 Eco-friendly products will help you save the Planet.

Consider a high-quality shaving kit plus the amount of time you'll need to purchase blades. This reusable razor is a one-time purchase. When compared to what is currently available on the market, the blades used for this are very inexpensive.

19. Reusable pens
20 Eco-friendly products will help you save the Planet.

We're talking about fountain pens, the original and only entirely reusable pens. Yeah, fountain pens must be maintained, and yes, they are expensive. But consider this. You buy pens in bulk, so lose them and have to buy them again. When they run out of dye, you throw them away.

A lot of money and resources are being thrown away here. That is why we advise using fountain pens. When you spend a little more money on stuff, you normally take care of it. You are unable to lose it too soon. And it does save a lot of money in the long term.

20. Shower-head that uses 70-75% less water
20 Eco-friendly products will help you save the Planet.

Look for a shower head that can help you save water. Replacing low-flow fixtures and taking shorter showers will cut the water intake by up to 50%.

Several brands offer different techniques to their products, that use less water and save both money and water.

Okay, Earth lovers! We hope this list encourages you to make some important changes. Do your research and respect your position as a responsible consumer. You may believe that you are just one individual, but we all must do our part to protect the atmosphere and reduce the effects of toxic waste.

Let us know in the comments if you have any other alternative ideas that should be on our list.

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