5 Best Men’s Sliders under ₹500 in India 2023

Get Sliding with the Top 5 Sliders for Men from Best Brands, and that too under 500 bucks!

by FighterMan Updated: 20 Feb, 2023, 13:21 IST
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Sliders are underrated when it comes to making the best buying decision. This is because they are low-priced, worn casually, and are so easy to carry that one may take it for granted. Well, we haven’t, and thus have got a list of 5 Best Sliders for Men under a budget range of ₹500 so that everyone can afford a piece of Branded Sliders. We also have a Deal Price Comparison section which lets you know the recent Lowest Price of a particular Slider.

5 Best Men’s Sliders under ₹500 in India

Red Tape Men Black Sliders

These Red Tape sliders excel in material quality and textured cushioning. The suction points at the bottom ensure you don’t slip. Also, the Red Tape logo design covers 25% of the bottom. Its build quality is good ensuring high durability even when used in water. One more thing that impressed us is its rubber quality. Our pick is the black & white color option.


  • Cushioning

  • Lightweight

  • Fitting

  • Not recommended for heavy outdoor use.

  • Some have experienced size issues so do check that.

Buying options
Deal Price comparison

Deal Price

Month (2022)









₹234 (lowest price)




Flite Men's Sliders


This entire Flite slider is made from rubber. At 400g, it is comfortable to wear. However, sweat is experienced during long usage at a time. This product has seen many price fluctuations so you never know the best price!

  • Available in 6 color variants

  • Finishing

  • Priced a bit high given the product.

  • White (paint) design on the sole vanishes after some months of usage.

Buying options
  • Amazon - ₹230

  • Flipkart - ₹350

  • Meesho - ₹479

  • Relaxo - ₹350

Deal Price comparison

These Flite men’s sliders were available for ₹171, 3 months back i.e. in Oct 2022.

Campus YogaMax Go Crazy Men’s Sliders

Campus’s Go Crazy collection has got the best of Superhero Universe design. You get Batman, Superman, Space Rider, and many more attractive designs which makes it stand out from other brands.


At 323g weight, these are one of the lightest sliders you will find. Its build is strong making it a durable option. On the sole you will find many small circles designed in a way to hold your feet for grip.

When we hard pressed the thick sole, it came back into shape nicely which tells us about the good comfortability. Also, it is made using high-end machines so produces great quality.

  • Comfort

  • Slip Resistant

  • Lightweight

  • High quality print

  • Fitting

  • Finishing

  • Not suitable as a rainy wear

Buying options
Deal Price comparison

Deal Price



Oct 2022

₹329 (lowest price)

April 2022

Zudio Men’s Slides


Zudio is well-known for low-cost footwear, out of which its slides are one of the best options. At under ₹400 it gives quality slides for men. There are various design options to choose from print, texture, hard-rubbered, and multi-colored.

  • Top-notch Finishing

  • Stylish

  • Easy to wear & hold

  • Can’t buy online

  • Wear & Tear is quick if not handled properly

  • Fitting because many try it haphazardly just like supermarkets so better to ask for fresh products.


These sliders are priced at ₹399 in Zudio stores.

Afrojack Men's Flip Flops Slipper


Afrojack claims that these are waterproof sliders, but stays true only for a few wears. However, the good part is that these have anti-slip features, thanks to the zig-zag bottom design which also looks attractive.

  • Strong build

  • Superb finishing

  • Great for daily wear

  • Budget friendly

  • Misses style

  • Low durability

Buying options
  • Amazon - ₹375

  • Flipkart - ₹450

  • Myntra - ₹500

  • Meesho - ₹420

Note: Prices mentioned in this article are as of 4th Jan, 2023. These may go up or down anytime so check before purchasing.

Best Men's Slides in India 2023 [Video]

Hope you like these Men’s Sliders. There are also Top Brands such as Puma, Adidas, Skechers, Nike, and Louis Philippe you can opt-in for a price range under ₹1000.

I love saving money on everything. My aim is to get my readers what they are looking for and that too without wasting much of their time. Whatever I am writing on, you are sure to find a way to save good!
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