7 Best Thermometers in India for 2022 for Adults and Kids

From Ear to ovulation tracing thermometers, these picks give you an insight on which one to buy as per your needs.

by Akansha_B Updated: 09 Apr, 2022, 12:21 IST
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A thermometer is a medical necessity that you should always have on hand—especially during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. A thermometer can track changes in your body, like whether you’re fighting an illness or infection, and can even signify ovulation in women.

While most pharmacies sell some basic contact models, it's difficult to tell if the product is genuine or fake. For this reason, choosing a reliable thermometer with constant readings should be your first priority when shopping for one. It should also be quick-acting and easy to clean if injected into the mouth or rectum, especially for children and toddlers.


The National Health Institute defines a fever as a temperature greater than 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit in an adult. Some designs include colour code readings to signify a fever or utilise advanced infrared technology to acquire a no-contact measurement. It's also crucial to buy a thermometer that's appropriate for your needs.

If you're going to use a thermometer on a baby, consider one that can be placed into the rectum or monitors the infant continuously. Anyone interested in using a thermometer for fertility planning should go for one that provides the most accurate readings. Fortunately, top-rated thermometers are accessible for every condition.

1. Gilma Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer (Best Overall)


The Gilma Infrared Thermometer Non-Contact is suitable for both newborns and adults. You can quickly swap between the modes. It also includes a stand for the thermometer. It offers precise readings and instantly shuts off; however, it does not provide temperature readings in Fahrenheit.

Price – Rs 828

Power Source – Battery Powered

Number of Batteries – 1 AAA battery required. (included)

Warranty – 2 years limited warranty

You Can Buy it at -



Completely non-contact infrared thermometer

Provides reading only in Celsius

Easy to use

Cannot measure the temperature of objects

Can be used for babies and adults

Stores up to 20 temperature readings

Backlit LCD screen

2. Omron MC 720 Non-Contact Digital Infrared Forehead Thermometer (Best Forehead)


The Omron MC 720Forehead Infrared Thermometer is a non-contact thermometer that provides readings in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. It's simple to switch between them. The thermometer includes an LCD display and shows the temperature reading in less than a second.

It can measure temperature from a distance of 0.5 to two inches and can be used to detect the temperature of an object or even the temperature of the human body. It includes a memory that can record up to 20 readings and has an automated shut-off feature. The lightweight and ergonomic infrared thermometer are simple to use.

Price – Rs 1,872

Power Source – Cell

Number of Batteries – 1 CR123A battery required.

Warranty – 1-year warranty

You Can Buy it at -



No-contact temperature reading

Can be used only on the forehead for body temperature reading

Displays accurate temperature reading in a second

LCD display with Three Colors

Can read in Celsius and Fahrenheit

Can be used on the human body and inanimate objects

3. Braun Ear Thermometer (Best Ear)


This is the best value for money device for home users as well as doctors, with the most sophisticated list of functions and superior accuracy than other Infrared thermometers.

Advanced features such as the ExacTemp guarantee that the thermometer is in the proper position and that the temperature has been taken accurately, while the beeper verifies that the temperature has been taken appropriately.

Price – Rs 11,444

Power Source – Battery Powered

Number of Batteries – 2 AA batteries required. (included)

Warranty – 1-Year Warranty

You Can Buy it at - Amazon for Rs 11,444



Easy to use


Reliable temperature measurement

Great brand Value

4. Dr Trust Forehead Digital Infrared Thermometer (Best for Babies and Kids)


This non-contact thermometer uses 3-in-1 non-touch infrared technology to measure temperature from a 2-inch distance on a variety of surfaces. Dr Trust's digital infrared thermometer contains an LCD display with a specific colour code illumination to help people understand their fever levels.

In Forehead mode, this signature appliance with an infrared temperature sensor precisely measures body temperature. It contains a fever warning and can provide quick results in 3 seconds. By switching from °F to °C, you can see the temperature. It features 30 reading memory, object mode, auto shut off, and battery replacement indicator.

Price – Rs 1,779

Power Source – Battery Powered

Number of Batteries – 2 AAA batteries required. (included)

Warranty - 1-year warranty

You Can Buy it at -



Displays temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit

Readings may not be that accurate

Automatic shut off

Certified by the US FDA

Large LCD screen

Stores up to 30 readings

Gives an alert when there is a fever

Can be used for kids and adults

5. Kinsa QuickCare Smart Digital Thermometer (Best Rectal)


The paediatrician-recommended Bluetooth digital thermometer is as easy to use, accurate, and dependable as other top digital thermometers, but it also offers a lot more. Adults with or without children will enjoy Quick care as a present. This smart thermometer accurately measures oral, rectal, and underarm temperatures.

It saves each family member's health information in your pocket for you or your physician and individualised recommendations on what to do if someone is unwell. All Android phones running 5.0 or above, as well as all iPhones running iOS 10 or higher, are compatible.

Price – Rs 4,365

Power Source – Cell

Number of Batteries – 1 Lithium Metal battery required. (included)

You Can Buy it at - Amazon at Rs 4,365



Fast and accurate readings

Cannot work without App

Phone app setup

8 sec Reading Speed

6. Dr Trust Waterproof Flexible Tip Digital Thermometer (Best Oral)


The waterproof digital thermometer from Dr Trust is small and easy to use. It has a flexible digital tip that fits comfortably under the tongue or under the arm to record accurate temperature for all age groups with ease.

Because it is battery-powered and does not contain mercury, it is safer to use and poses no risk of mercury toxicity in the event of a breakdown. It also has a low battery indication to assist you in replacing the batteries on time. It is clinically secure, with improved sensors that provide consistent results.

Price – Rs 300

Power Source –Battery powered

Number of Batteries –1

Warranty – 1 year

You Can Buy it at -



Easy to use; highly accurate results

Limited one year warranty

IP27 waterproof

Flexible conforms to the mouth

Low battery indicator

7. Beurer Ovulation Checking Thermometer with App (Best for Ovulation Tracking)


The OT 20 Ovulation Checking Thermometer is a smart temperature measuring gadget designed to keep track of a woman's fertile and non-fertile days. This gadget provides a more consistent and better method of monitoring the ovulation cycle for natural family planning.

The thermometer can be accessed by an app. The "ovy" App is available for download and is compatible with IOS 10 and Android 5.0 or above. Users can keep track of their natural cycle by manually entering data into the app. This digital thermometer may be used to calculate the cycle on a regular basis.

Price – Rs 949

Power Source – Battery Powered

Number of Batteries – 1 LR44 battery required. (included)

You Can Buy it at -



Build with Memory Space

Reading not be very accurate

Extra Flexible

Sleek Designs

We hope the following thermometers will help you decide the best when you want to buy a thermometer in India. Let us know which thermometer you use for your family and your experience with it in the comment section below.

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Fluke & MECO Thermometers is One of Best

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Infrared thermometers aren’t reliable. Also for digital thermometers always buy the ones that are completely waterproof. That means they can be submerged in water. You will face a lot less iessue. 

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I use hicks thermometer. It is good for kids and adults.

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