Amazon to shut down Amazon Academy in India Soon!

Amazon Academy which was launched 2 years ago in India is now going to be shut down by Amazon as a measure to cut costs.

by Vrushali.S Updated: 24 Nov, 2022, 21:21 IST
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Amazon Academy, an online learning platform for engineering students to prepare for competitive exams like JEE & NEET as well as 10th board exams is now going to be shut down by the giant retail brand, Amazon Inc.

The news of Amazon Academy shutting down was announced by Amazon today, 24th November 2022, as per reports.


Amazon Academy shutting down in India from August 2023

Amazon is soon going to be shutting down Amazon Academy in a phased manner, the company said to a news publication. The reasons why Amazon has decided to shut down Amazon Academy are still unclear, it could be to cut the operating cost for the giant retailer, as per recent reports.

Amazon has said that as per their assessment, they have made the decision to shut down their online learning platform in India, and to better take care of their existing customers, they would be shutting down the platform, Amazon Academy in a phased approach starting from August 2023.

Amazon Academy is to shut down Soon but what went wrong?

Amazon Academy was first launched in January last year, 2021 in India. Within almost 2 years, Amazon has decided to shut down its online learning platform, Amazon Academy in India. In 2021, when Amazon Academy was first launched, many were believing that Amazon may pose a direct threat to its Amazon Academy’s competitors such as Vedanta, Byjus, or Unacademy. But thanks to the high competition, poor marketing, and lack of Amazon’s authority in the educational space, it all led to the failure of Amazon Academy.

When other ed-tech companies like Byjus, Unacademy, and Vedanta were getting more and more recognition by students of competitive exams like JEE, NEET as well as 10th boards, Amazon Academy was struggling to make its name among the crowd.

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If Amazon Academy shuts down, what about the students who paid the fees?

A very relevant question a lot of students who are currently enrolled on Amazon’s ed-tech platform may have is what about their fees for the current academic session. Will these students get a refund? Thankfully, reports say that Amazon Academy has claimed to refund all the fees of its students, those who have signed up for the current academic session.

Now even though it is Amazon Academy’s duty to refund the fees, we must appreciate the brand for considering doing it given the high cost-cutting season major companies are going through including Amazon itself.

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