Apple Card India Launch With HDFC Bank Highly Possible

Apple Card India launch has a high chance of taking place really soon with the brand looking to collaborate with HDFC Bank for launching Apple Credit Card in India. Apple in discussion with RBI and HDFC bank.

by Sahil_Jain Updated: 23 Jun, 2023, 14:01 IST
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In a first, the Apple Card India launch seems highly likely and the brand would probably launch its Apple credit card in partnership with HDFC Bank. As you would expect, the Apple Credit Card in India will be very different from the Apple Credit Card in the US. In the United States, Apple and other brands control every activity of the business, but in India, RBI controls all bank-related transactions and activities. In May 2022, Apple stopped accepting Indian credit/debit cards for payment in the App Store and iCloud services. This makes the launch of the Apple credit card in India very plausible. 

Apple Card India Launch With HDFC Bank Highly Possible

Apple Card in India to be Launched in Partnership with HDFC Bank?

According to some sources, Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, met with the CEO and MD of HDFC Bank, Sashidhar Jagdishan in April during his trip to India. If we believe the rumors, Apple is looking to launch its Apple card in India and is looking for suitable partner banks to do business with. This is a great opportunity for banks and general users to avail of these services if we get to see an Apple credit card in India.

The Apple Card in the US is a lifetime free credit card, which makes it very popular. Though, we cannot just say that the Apple credit card would be lifetime free in India too. But, if this turns out to be true, users would greatly appreciate this move by Apple and it would even result in a huge hike in iPhone sales.

Now that other major brands like Samsung, Google, Amazon, etc. have started indulging more and more in the payment sector, Apple cannot lag behind and that can be a major reason for the tech giant to decide to launch Apple credit card in India.

Apple in Talks with the Reserve Bank of India

The RBI is the topmost body in India that regulates all activities related to banks, cards, payments, and Finance as a whole. Thus, it is mandatory for Apple to discuss all formalities with RBI before it can launch the Apple card in India. The Reserve Bank of India, without giving any special treatment to the tech giant, has asked Apple to follow the normal legal procedure and formalities to launch its co-branded credit card.

Is Apple Card Available in India?

As of now, the Apple card is available only in the US. So nope, a credit card from Apple is still a dream for many Indians.

When Will Apple Card Launch in India?

As of now, there’s nothing that we can say with confidence in this matter. Apple is in talks with HDFC bank and RBI to launch Apple Card in India. But, we might have to wait a bit more before the Apple credit card gets launched in India.

This is everything that we know about the Apple card launch in India, the brand’s anticipated partnership with HDFC bank, and the meeting with RBI. Do you think the Apple credit card will be launched in India soon? Also, would the Apple card in India be as good as it is in the US? Do let us know what you think about the same in the comments section below. 

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Deal Newbie Deal Newbie
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First they have to enable apple wallet in India.

Generous Generous
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But it's Apple, the same brand that starts working on a bike when the world gets to Mars. 
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Deal Newbie Deal Newbie
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Pretty sure it will be a complete and utter failure. But there will be people who'll get it for vanity as always

Generous Generous
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I don't think it would be a failure if Apple launches it as an LTF credit card like it did in the US. There was a time when only 1 out of 10 people would buy an iPhone. But now with easy EMI and loans, people have shifted towards Apple so that they can at least pretend that they are rich, which is ironic.
So, just having an Apple card would be a flex among people too, especially the newer generation. 
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