Apple iPhone SE 4: Cheapest iPhone with a 6.1-inch Notch Display

The iPhone SE 4 is expected to have a 6.1-inch notch display just like the iPhone XR. Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming iPhone SE 4th generation.

by Sahil_Jain Updated: 12 Oct, 2022, 11:26 IST
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The iPhone SE 4th generation is rumored to have a design similar to the iPhone XR with a 6.1-inch notch display. Although Apple is yet to announce anything officially, the market knows anything before it even happens, right? According to some leaks, the iPhone SE 4 will get a notch that may be the same as the iPhone XR or, much better, smaller than it. But do not get your hopes too high, there are a few more things to it.

Although we all love the set of unique features we get with Apple’s iPhone lineup, their prices are higher than our Bollywood stars. Apple realized this too and the tech giant soon came up with its first iPhone SE in the year 2016. Since then, we have seen how the iPhone SE series offers the best performance and camera at prices lower than the main iPhone lineup launched every year. This time around, Apple seems to be working on the latest generation of its iPhone SE smartphone model, the iPhone SE 4. Let’s discuss the latest iPhone Special Edition a bit more.

iPhone SE 4 to Have Same Design as iPhone XR with Touch ID and no Face ID

As mentioned earlier, the iPhone SE 4 will have a similar design to that of the iPhone XR. The latter was also launched with a 6.1-inch notch display. For the price that the iPhone XR came for, it offered a great camera and performance, though the battery backup and display were a huge setback. Frankly speaking, isn’t it the case with the iPhone SE series too? They offer better performance and cameras than their competitors but their displays and battery backup are just…awful. Though, rumors suggest that Apple is working to rule out this one con of its SE lineup. The smartphone will most likely feature a notch display; yup, that same notch display that we have always wanted to get rid of.

Moreover, users may expect the iPhone SE 4 to have a Face ID just like the iPhone X, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and iPhone 14 series. But hold your horses! As of now, we believe that the iPhone SE 4th generation will have a Touch ID, just like other iPhone SE models. But a notch display with a button at the bottom is hard to imagine, isn’t it? No worries, Apple may add a Touch ID button to the side of its new SE smartphone, just like the iPad Air.

iPhone SE 4 Price and Other Specifications

The previous iPhone SE, 3rd generation was launched at a price of Rs 43,000 in India. So looking at that price, the upcoming iPhone SE 4 will probably be priced at around Rs 45,000. Also, some rumors suggest that the latest special edition iPhone will come with the Apple Bionic A16 chipset, which is possible since Apple will launch the 4th generation iPhone SE in 2023. The phone will also have a single 12MP camera, which I believe would be better than many other smartphones in the same price range. Thus we can again get to see an iPhone SE with the best performance and camera in its price range. The only change would be its display, which still won't be on par with the competition.

So if these rumors turn out to be true, the Apple iPhone SE 4 is going to be an interesting device to look forward to. It may even be the best iPhone SE we have seen yet. So, let us know what you think about this device in the comments below.

Also, what else would you like to see in the iPhone SE 4?

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Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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This will become instant hit if true coz we can get it in 30-32K in BBD

XR had amazing battery life

Super Stud Super Stud
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Ekdamsasta phone hoga na ye Raju
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Deal Newbie Deal Newbie
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It is still mystery what they will do with FACE ID
If yes then face id on sasta iphone
If no how they manage notch. If notch reduced then it look more premium than 14 pro

One more possibility can be using Iphone 12/13 mini frame, because that is actualy small display

Further iphone will try hard to make this smartphone inferior so that people only buy pro model(like 14, dyn islan is pro only)
So only card apple can play is reducing battery so that no everyone inclined to this affordable model.ANd all this equate using Iphone 13 mini frame

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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if they put 6.1 inch screen on SE then pricing will be tricky, i guess it would be priced around 35k-40k
Deal Newbie Deal Newbie
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I highly doubt they will put the Bionic A16 chipset on iPhone SE 4 as it will indirectly affect iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 plus. My wild guess will be

iPhone XR body with single camera setup and 3GB RAM with Bionic A15 with around 2700 mAh battery and a side-mounted fingerprint reader. All these will be priced around 45-47k initially. 

The main concern is whether they will launch with a lightning port or a USB-C port because of European law. But we can't deny the fact that during next year's BB sale or Great Indian festival sale, the iPhone SE 4 will take place of the iPhone 11 in terms of sales and profitability.

Generous Generous
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Makes sense...let's see what Apple does now.
Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Apple makes SE models as if they are doing some great favor on the buyers.
Deal Newbie Deal Newbie
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Apple makes SE models as if they are doing some great favor on the buyers

Deal Newbie Deal Newbie
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Please free order iphone 14 pro 

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