10 Best AC Brands in India 2024

O General vs Daikin vs LG vs Samsung vs Lloyd vs Panasonic vs Blue Star vs Voltas vs Mitsubishi vs Godrej in the List of Best Air Conditioner Brands of India!

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Summers are better with an AC as it provides cooling and creates a comfortable environment. However, ACs may get annoying if they stop working, generate heavy electricity bills, require frequent repairing, form leakage, and take a lot of time to cool. Therefore, we have got you the 10 Best AC Brands in India in 2024 which excel in cooling efficiency, energy efficiency, powerful performance, superior air delivery, air purification, high durability, and many other important factors.

10 Best AC Brands in India 2024

Daikin: Best in Class AC Brand


Daikin is the only Air Conditioner brand to have a patented Steamer technology to combat Covid-19 viruses so you can expect deletion of major air bacteria types. This AC brand comes with a 10 years warranty on Inverter compressor and 5 years on PCB.

Daikin has been in the air conditioning industry for many years now worldwide so its expertise is of the highest level. Its after sales service is also pretty good with wide coverage across India. Its 1.5 ton 3 star inverter ACs are the best picks among customers.

You will find 0.5 to 2.2 ton Daikin ACs for home in the price range of ₹26,000-₹90,000. Customer reviews are very good regarding its product life, service, ease of use, performance, hot & cold feature, and much more.

Samsung: Best Innovative AC Brand in India


Samsung has got innovative windfree, wifi enabled, hot & cold, and 5-in-1 convertible range in its split ACs. Moreover, you will get advanced features like AI mode, copper condenser, PM 2.5 filter, and much more in its 3-5 star ACs.

This best AC brand has around 53 models ranging between ₹30,000 to ₹65,000 for 1, 1.5, and 2 ton capacities. Windfree AC is its latest technology with 23000 micro holes for throwing direct air from them so you don’t get that forced air throw from the huge flaps gap.

Samsung ACs are renowned for their energy efficiency, powerful performance, and high durability. Moreover, its customer service is amongst the best ones in this list, thanks to dedicated support and many care centers across the country.

Godrej: Best Cooling Efficiency AC Brand


Godrej is one of the oldest and renowned appliances brands in India. Its ACs are now gaining momentum with India’s 1st leak proof split AC technology. Godrej window ACs are not that popular though so better to avoid them!

Some of the best features of this AC brand are superior air delivery, low noise, good designs, power savings, and remote control. Godrej ACs will cost you in between ₹28,000-₹52,000 across its wide range.

What impressed me the most about this AC brand is its cooling efficiency. Its 1 ton 3 star variant cooled a 150 sq ft room with 3 people in just 2 minutes at 24 degrees, and with an outdoor temperature of around 30 degrees!

O General: Best Durable AC Brand in India


This AC brand is popular as O General in India but its real identity is Fujitsu General! It is one of the best durable AC brands I have come across. Even its window ACs last a lifetime if maintained well and used properly.

Automatic filters, easy cleaning, energy efficiency, strong body, higher moisture removal, low noise, and long life are some of O General AC brand highlights. It has around 20 AC models ranging from 0.8-2 ton capacities. Besides, the price range is ₹29,000-₹1,00,000.

O General has been banking on its Advanced Hyper Tropical Rotary Compressor which has returned heavy profits! All its models come with a 1 year product warranty, 10 years on compressor, and 5 years on PCB. It is one of those best AC brands in India whose models require minimum servicing.

LG: Best Design AC Brand


LG ACs excel in almost all departments be it energy efficiency, air flow, air filtering, powerful performance, faster cooling or new-age designs (most impressive). Its diet mode consumes only 19% of power! LG also has a rewarding program for its loyal customers, matched with high quality ACs, its customers keep on coming back again & again!

Its dual inverter ACs are highly popular in India as they keep the AC running smoothly for long periods of time with many more benefits! Additionally, 6-in-1 convertible and compressor coating feature makes it stand out.

Lloyd: Best Budget AC Brand


Lloyd ACs are well-known for their powerful cooling, air purification, high temperature cooling, convertible feature, plasma protection, and ioT (voice, wifi) connectivity. This AC brand is a subsidiary of Havells which is amongst the leading electrical appliances brands in India.

Its 4D cooling feature uses around 20% more air across the entire area for faster cooling in quick time. Also, Lloyd’s ACs have an impressive air throw of 15m! Besides, they include split, window, portable, cassette, and tower variants.

Lloyd ACs use heavy duty compressors for powerful cooling even in 60 degree Celsius. Their indoor air quality sensor helps in purification. Being the best budget AC brand you can get them in the price range of ₹25,000-₹62,000. What’s more, they come with 2-4 years product warranty which is the highest among others.

Voltas: Best Powerful Performance AC Brand


Voltas, a Tata brand, has the highest 135 AC models under its belt! Price range here is ₹26,000-₹70,000. Besides, adjustable inverter, inverter, maha adjustable inverter, window, and split are the AC types available.

Voltas ACs come in 0.75, 1, 1.5, 2, and 2.5 tonnes while energy rating is from 2-5 stars. Some of their key features include High Ambient Cooling, SuperDry, Turbo Cooling, Anti Microbial Air FIltration, Eco- Friendly Refrigerant, 100% Copper, Sleep Mode, and Wide Voltage Range Operation.

Voltas has become such an AC brand that its 2023 and 2022 models are also selling well as they come at a lower price and maintain its value. Its ACs also satisfy the durability requirements of compressor, PCB, and the overall product like the other best AC brands.

Mitsubishi: Best Heavy Duty AC Brand in India


Mitsubishi ACs are the Best Heavy Duty ACs along with maintaining a slim design body which is what makes it special! Its both winter and summer series of ACs perform exceptionally well. Even the non-inverter ACs are highly durable.

The optimized heat exchangers and PCBs used here astonishingly compliment the heavy-duty compressors very well. Mitsubishi ACs are well suited for Indian conditions of extreme heat in various regions.

Price range is ₹40,000-₹72,000 of around 12-15 models. Even though it has less ACs, Mitsubishi has left a huge impact on its customers for many years now.

Blue Star: Best Fast Cooling AC Brand


Blue Star ACs are known for their faster cooling in any climate and requirements. Its fixed speed split ACs are the best among others in this list due to optimum & efficient cooling. The portable variant is rising in popularity with its slim & sleek design and the benefit of using 1 AC in 2-3 rooms.

Blue Star smart ACs are truly intelligent with real-time sensing and iOT connectivity. Besides, this best AC brand includes turbo cool, 5-in-1 convertible, Anti-Corrosive Blue Fins, Quiet Performance, and energy efficient features. Price range is ₹25,000-₹80,000.

Panasonic ACs


Panasonic ACs excel in Japanese design, 2-day free delivery, 24 hrs installation, extended warranty, and superior customer service. It also gives heavy discounts on its ACs not because they are unsold but to increase sales and overall presence among Indian consumers.

The 1.5 Ton 3 Star Wi-Fi Inverter Smart Split AC is its best-selling 2024 model. It comes with 7- in-1 Convertible, True AI, 2 Way Swing, and PM 0.1 Air Purification Filter features. Being a smart AC you can voice control it via Alexa and Google Voice Assistant.

Panasonic ACs are in the price range of ₹30,000-₹70,000 amongst its 34 models. These are promoted heavily on Amazon so you can expect a good quality AC with a decent life span.

Hope you enjoyed our list of Best AC Brands in India in 2024. Besides, Hitachi, Carrier, Cruise, Haier, and Sansui are also some good AC brands to lookout. 


1. Which AC brand is best in India?

O General, Daikin, LG, Samsung, Lloyd, Panasonic, Blue Star, Voltas, Mitsubishi, and Godrej are the Best Air Conditioner Brands in India!

2. Which brand of AC is most reliable?

O General is the most reliable AC brand in India with a lifetime built if used and maintained well.

3. Which AC is best for home in India 2024?

The Panasonic 1.5 Ton 3 Star Wi-Fi Inverter Smart Split AC 2024 model is the best AC for home in India because of its cooling efficiency, powerful performance, smart features, energy efficiency, high air flow, and much more.

4. Which window AC brand is best in India?

Voltas is the best window AC brand in India because of its high durability, powerful performance, wide range, fast cooling, high room coverage, and much more.

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If you want an ac to last long than only daikin is the brand you can rely on. If you want an ac for large spaces than o general is a great choice. Rest others are not recommended.

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How good is Daikin after sales service? I've 3 ac's from Voltas with 5 years of AMC, every year they fill gas, change pcb etc without any issues free of cost but it's frustrating to keep raising tickets every season.

Is Daikin any good in this regard or should I buy Voltas again? I need 1.2-1.5t Split Inverter ac. 
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