10 Best Air Coolers under 10000 for Home in India 2024

Get the Best of Air Speed, Area Coverage, Cooling Efficiency, Power Efficiency, Durability, and more in our list of Top 10 Air Coolers under ₹10k from Personal, Tower, Desert, and Portable types.

by FighterMan Updated: 05 Mar, 2024, 18:04 IST
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Air Coolers have become an all season necessity for many which was earlier limited to Summers only! They can work as a normal fan as well as a mid AC for a generous cooling experience. Thus, they are energy efficient and serve multipurpose. Besides, at a price point of under or around ₹10,000 make it a worthy grab. Moreover, their life is around 5-10 years if used & maintained well. Therefore, we have got you this year’s (2024) Top 10 Air Coolers under 10000 for your Home in India. All the important aspects of an air cooler like cooling speed, air throw, durable body, motor/pump working, energy efficiency, room size, brand, and much more are taken into consideration. It is recommended to go through the Air Cooler Buying Guide beforehand so that you are well aware about this cooling device and can make a better informed decision.

Best Air Coolers under 10000 for Home in India

Bajaj PMH Torque 36L: Best Bajaj Personal Air Cooler under 10000 for Small Room

Bajaj has been a go-to brand for air coolers for many middle class consumers in India over the years. This air cooler from this evergreen brand has an anti-bacterial and odor-free sheet which delivers fresh & clean air. Moreover, you get powerful air throw for faster cooling. It is a fan-based air cooler so air circulation is also very good.



  • Speed Control: 3 Levels

  • Warranty: 1 year

  • Cooling Pad design: Honeycomb

  • Swing: 4-way (up/down/left/right)

  • Capacity: 36 Liters

  • Air Flow (speed): 2000 m3/hour (peak) | 1500 (average)

  • Air Throw (distance): 30 feet

  • Room Coverage: 150 sq ft

  • Ice Chamber (for heavy cooling): Yes

  • Power Usage: 190W

  • DuraMarine Pump (2 years warranty): It is responsible for circulating water from tank to cooling pads. What makes this pump special is the insulation on it which keeps away moisture and in-turn increases the lifespan of this air cooler.

  • 3-sided Honeycomb Pads (3 pads): These are the cooling pads made in a honeycomb design to retain the highest amount of water and keep it cool.

  • 4-way portable wheels


Bit Noisy

Buying options with Price

Price of the Bajaj PMH Torque 36L Personal Air Cooler is in the range of ₹5,600–₹6,499. Apply Bajaj coupon codes to get the price down!

Symphony Jumbo 95XL+: Best Symphony Desert Air Cooler under 10000 for Big Hall Room


Symphony has taken air coolers to another level with innovative designs and advanced technology. Being a niche air cooler brand, the Jumbo desert cooler from Symphony comes with Honeycomb Pads, a Powerful Fan, and a Cool Flow Dispenser. It also has an overflow outlet with a drain plug (cleaning & maintenance) along with a low level water indicator so you know when to fill it up. The rust proof fan adds to this highly durable air cooler. Besides, it is Inverter compatible!


  • Warranty: 1 year

  • Room Coverage: 380 sq ft

  • Power Usage: 205W

  • Capacity: 95 Liters

  • Ice Chamber: No (not required as water chamber is large enough to enter ice)

  • Speed Control: 3 (low/mid/high)

  • Cooling Pad design: Honeycomb

  • Swing: 4-way (automatic)

  • Air Flow: NA

  • Air Throw: NA

  • Silent Operation

  • High-efficiency honeycomb pads

  • Durable Pump

  • Fully Closable Louvers keeps away dust/bacteria. Thus, it is easy to maintain.

  • Huge Capacity avoids hassles of filling cold water frequently

  • Energy Efficient

  • Works great with cross ventilation (keeping doors/windows open)

  • Hexagonal Design for better airflow


Bulky so mobility is a task

Buying options with Price

Lower the price with Symphony Discount Codes!

Crompton Ozone 75 Liter: Best Crompton Desert Air Cooler under 10000 for Humid Climate

Crompton is in this list of Best Air Coolers under ₹10,000 with 25+ models under its belt! This Crompton Ozone air cooler comes with Inverter compatibility, motor overload protection, 4-way air deflection, castor wheels, and a water level indicator. It has honeycomb cooling pads so makes it efficient and highly effective for people in Humid Regions.



  • Air Flow (speed): 4200

  • Air Throw (distance): 45 ft

  • Capacity: 75 Liters

  • Room Coverage: 490 sq ft

  • Ice Chamber: Yes

  • Warranty: 1 year

  • Cooling Pad Design: Honeycomb

  • Power Usage: 190W

  • Swing: 4-way (left/right automatic | up/down manual)

  • Speed Levels: 3

  • Works for 8 hours with full capacity!

  • Everlast Pump: high durability | hard water suitable

  • High-density Honeycomb Pads

  • Motor Overload Protection: Keeps the air cooler safe during prolonged usage.

  • Easy Cleaning & Maintenance

  • Fast Cooling

  • Energy Efficient

  • Strong Fiber Body (rust-free): Will resist ‘wear & tear’ for a long time!

  • Auto-fill (for filling directly from tap water)


  • Over optimistic on cooling area coverage

  • Wire length is a bit less so some might require an extension board

  • This model used wood wool cooling pads earlier so a bit unsure on the cooling pad technology

Buying options with Price

Kenstar 90L Grande HC: Best Kenstar Desert Air Cooler under 10000 for Big Rooms

This Kenstar air cooler has a durable motor, high air speed & throw, and a strong body. The best part is that it is suitable for all rooms especially if you have large rooms. You can even use it well outdoors! Some of its other important features include Overflow indicator, Inverter compatibility, and shock & rust proof.



Air Flow: 4300

Air Throw: 40 ft

Capacity: 90 Liters

Room Coverage: 500 sq ft

Ice Chamber: No

Warranty: 1 year | 2 years on motor

Cooling Pad Design: Honeycomb

Power Usage: NA

Swing: 4-way (automatic)

Speed Levels: 3


  • Turbo Fan for faster cooling and covering more area

  • Double Ball Bearing Motor for low noise and longer life

  • Cooling Pads cover almost the entire back and sides, thus cooling stays for a long time.

  • Submersible concealed pump

  • 2 years motor warranty

  • Automatic 4-way swing (rare feature) with oscillations


  • Promises 500 sq ft area coverage but practically its around 430 sq ft

  • Move ability is a bit low due to its heavy & bulky nature.

Buying options with Price

Flipkart - ₹9,400

Amazon - ₹9,900

Havells Celia-i 55 L: Best Silent & Smart Desert Air Cooler for Bedroom

The Havells Celia-i 55 Liters Desert Air Cooler is great at portability, thanks to its sleek & slim design. It also excels in performance and easy maintenance. Moreover, you will get 3-sided Honeycomb pads. The beauty of these cooling pads is that they are bacteria, erosion, and deformation free along with hydrophilic properties. You will also get Thermal overload protection, water level indicator, and front wheel brakes in this Havells cooler.



Air Speed: 3500

Air Distance: 20 ft

Capacity: 55 Liters

Room Coverage: 350 sq ft

Ice Chamber: Yes

Warranty: 1 year

Cooling Pad Design: Honeycomb

Power Usage: 220W

Swing: 4-way automatic oscillation

Speed Levels: 3


  • Remote Control (with Timer)

  • Touch Screen Controls

  • Low Noise

  • Back flaps close so prevents dust/allergens

  • Auto Fill: Fills water automatically during low water levels via a continuous water supply

  • Storage section for electric cord

  • Aluminum Motor (rare feature): Increases Strength


Air Throw coverage is less comparatively

Buying options with Price

Save with Havells Coupons on this air cooler.

Flipkart - ₹11,400

Amazon - ₹10,500

Croma - ₹10,700

Reliance Digital - ₹10,400

Aura Duo DA60PMC Desert: Best Blue Star Air Cooler under 10000 for Outdoors

Blue Star has carved its name in the Air Conditioning space, but few know that it all started from air coolers. The Blue Star Aura Duo cooler has both Honeycomb and Wood Wool cooling pads which makes it stand out from others in this list.


Additionally you get Thermal Overload Protection, Inverter Compatibility, Collapsible Louvers (prevents dust when the cooler is off), and Aluminum Fan Motor Winding. There is also a storage compartment for the long electrical cord. It is among the best recommendations for using an air cooler in the outdoor space.


  • Air Speed: 4000

  • Air Distance: 28 sq ft

  • Capacity: 60 Liters

  • Room Coverage: 420 sq ft

  • Ice Chamber: Yes

  • Warranty: 1 year

  • Cooling Pad Design: Honeycomb + Wood Wool

  • Power Usage: 190W

  • Swing: 2-way (manual up/down)

  • Speed Levels: 3


  • Dual Cool Technology (Honeycomb + Wood Wool): These 2 reduce the heat and in-turn increase cooling efficiency.

  • Autofill

  • 5 Fan Blades (usually there are 3) for powerful performance

  • Best Suitable for 1BHK house

  • Low/No Noise (depending on surrounding noise)

  • Additional Control Button for convenience


No motor warranty

Buying options with Price

Flipkart - ₹10,500

Croma - ₹13,000

Blue Star - ₹13,300

Amazon - ₹10,850

Symphony Diet 3D 20i with Magnetic Full Function Remote: Best Portable Tower Air Cooler under 10000

Water has been given special care with a level indicator, overflow outlet, and release plug (for cleaning) in this Symphony Diet 3D tower air cooler. As the name suggests, it is a slim model and amongst the Best Portable Air Coolers under 10000! Thus, it can be used while camping, picnicking, etc.


It comes with 3-sided Honeycomb pads, so called ‘3D’. The cool flow dispenser feature ensures better & long lasting cooling. This Symphony cooler is best for dry heat climate conditions. With 145W power consumption and effective design, it is an energy efficient air cooler.


Air Speed: 1300

Air Throw: 28 ft

Capacity: 20 Liters

Room Coverage: 140 sq ft

Ice Chamber: Yes

Warranty: 1 year

Cooling Pad Design: Honeycomb

Power Usage: 145W

Swing: 2-way automatic

Speed Levels: 3


  • Touch Control Panel (pop-up design for saving space)

  • Magnetic Remote (sets desired temperature) with Timer

  • Low/No Noise

  • Water Tank Alarm: Let’s you know when it needs a water refill

  • Superior Air Throw

  • Multistage Filter (dust/odor/allergens) for Fresh Air (rare feature)

  • Long-lasting dura pump

  • Small, Smart, and Powerful

  • Requires frequent (2-3 hrs) water refilling due to low capacity. An Alternative option is its 30 Liter variant.

  • Blower instead of Fan (to keep it slim): Blower makes more noise comparatively. Also, air speed is less here.

Buying options with Price

Amazon - ₹9,500

Symphony - ₹8,000

Flipkart - ₹7,860

Hindware CALISTO 50 Liter Desert Air Cooler for Dry Heat

This Hindware air cooler comes with all the important features in an air cooler under ₹10,000. Its design is old-fashioned, but it is a powerful & efficient air cooler. Moreover, it is price worthy because the features you are getting at this price point are not offered by any other air cooler brand. If you live in a region where there is dry heat then this is a good choice to make because its water evaporation & cooling generation is amazing.



  • Air Delivery: 3350
  • Air Throw: 36 ft
  • Capacity: 50 Liters
  • Room Coverage: 394 sq ft (actual is 294 sq ft)
  • Ice Chamber: Yes
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Cooling Pad Design: Wood Wool
  • Power Usage: 190W
  • Swing: 2-way automatic (left-right)
  • Speed Controls: 3


  • 16-inch long fan blade
  • High Air Delivery
  • Energy efficiency is higher
  • 1350 RPM fan speed
  • Auto Fill


Misses Honeycomb cooling pads so cooling efficiency is a bit less

Buying options with Price

Price range of the Hindware CALISTO 50 Liter Desert Air Cooler is ₹4,739–₹7,599.

Bajaj DMH 90 Neo 90L Desert Air Cooler for Big Homes & Humid Regions

Cleaning & Maintenance is a piece of cake in this Bajaj 90 Liters desert air cooler with detachable tank tower. It is the only air cooler in this list with cooling modes, 3 of them in Normal mode (more cooling), Natural mode (fresh air but less cooling), and sleep mode (low noise, mid cool). You also get a dust filter here. It is recommended for big homes and humid regions.



  • Air Flow: 5600 (peak) | 4100 (average)

  • Air Throw: 90 ft

  • Capacity: 90 Liters

  • Room Coverage: 500 sq ft

  • Ice Chamber: Yes

  • Warranty: 1 year | 2 years on pump/motor

  • Cooling Pad Design: Honeycomb

  • Power Usage: 200W

  • Swing: 2-way automatic

  • Speed Levels: 3

  • Highest air speed & throw
  • 3 cooling modes: Normal, Natural, Sleep (rare feature)
  • DuraMarine Pump with 2 year warranty
  • Multi-layer filter
  • 3-sided Honeycomb sheets
  • Huge Capacity: Works 8-9 hrs without water refilling


Misses 4-way automatic swing

Bit noisy

Buying options with Price

Price Range: ₹10,655–₹11,625

USHA Dynamo 50DD1/LX CD-508: Best BLDC Desert Air Cooler for Home

The Usha Dynamo desert air cooler comes with 3-side honeycomb pads, Inverter compatibility, and a strong body. However, due to its huge size, portability is not that smooth. Apart from this, it is an amazing air cooler with an auto-fill feature so you don’t have to wake up at night to refill water. Also, you get 3 control knobs for fan speed, cooling motor, and swing so makes it more convenient compared to 2 knobs seen in most air coolers. Besides, the big BLDC fan makes it energy efficient.



  • Air Flow: 3600

  • Air Throw: 24 ft

  • Capacity: 50 Liters

  • Room Coverage: 350 sq ft

  • Ice Chamber: No

  • Warranty: 1 year

  • Cooling Pad Design: Honeycomb

  • Power Usage: 190W

  • Swing: 4-way (manual + automatic)

  • Speed Levels: 3

  • Durable concealed pump
  • Home Service (most offer on-site service)
  • 5-blade fan
  • Thermal Overload Protection
  • Cellulose paper (Energy Efficient) for Honeycomb pads
  • Good customer support


  • Bit tough to move (even with castor wheels) due to bulky size (16kg)
  • Misses Ice chamber

Buying options with Price

Best Air Coolers under 10000 in India 2024 Compared
Air Cooler Water Capacity (liters) Room Coverage (sq ft) Type (Desert->Tower->Personal in terms of powerfulness) Price (average) USP (Best Point)
Bajaj PMH Torque 36L 36 150 Personal ₹6,000 DuraMarine Pump (2 years warranty)
Symphony Jumbo 95XL+ 95 380 Desert ₹9,800 Highest Water Storage
Crompton Ozone 75


Desert ₹9,500 8 hrs non-stop working
Kenstar 90L Grande HC 90


Desert ₹9,500 Automatic 4-way swing
Havells Celia-i 55L 55 320 Desert ₹9,700 Remote Control (with Timer)
Blue Star Aura Duo DA60PMC 60


Desert ₹10,000 Honeycomb + Wood Wool cooling pads
Symphony Diet 3D 20i 20 140 Tower ₹8,200 Magnetic Full Function Remote
Hindware CALISTO 50 50 294 Desert ₹7,000 High Air Delivery with 16-inch long fan blade
Bajaj DMH 90 Neo 90 450 Desert ₹10,500 Highest air speed & throw
USHA Dynamo 50DD1/LX CD-508 50 350 Desert ₹9,990 5-blade FAN

There are many more good Air Coolers under 10000 out there from these brands, even the Window air coolers. Make a note that the prices mentioned can change anytime so check for the latest price before making a purchase.


1. Which brand air cooler is best?

Bajaj, Symphony, Usha, Crompton, Havells, Kenstar, Blue Star, Hindware, and Orient Electric are the best air cooler brands in India.

2. Which is best cooler under 10000?

Bajaj PMH Torque 36L, Symphony Jumbo 95XL+, Crompton Ozone 75, Kenstar 90L Grande HC, and Havells Celia-i 55 L are amongst the best air coolers under 10000.

3. Is air cooler better than AC?

Air coolers are eco-friendly as they consume less energy, utilize natural evaporation processes, and do not emit harmful gases or contribute to ozone depletion. On the other hand, Air conditioners are efficient in cooling, but can have an environmental impact due to the use of refrigerants. Air Coolers are cheaper (almost half price) than ACs, but low on cooling levels comparatively.

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