10 Best Coffee Brands in India 2023 with Coffee Buying Guide for Beginners

Dive deep into the history of Coffee along with a buying guide for beginners and top coffee brands in India 2023

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Joe, Java, Bean Juice, Brew whatever you want to call it, coffee has been a ravishing part of everyone’s life, even non-coffee lovers at some point. We all enjoy it, whether it's iced, instant, with milk and sugar, cold brew, French press, or pour-over. It might be difficult to know what's what when it comes to coffee, especially with so many companies on the market and so many elitists arguing which roasters and blends deserve recognition.

Here are the 10 best coffee brands in India 2023, whether you're just stocking up on grounds for your daily cup, purchasing a gift for the coffee fanatic in your life, or doing some research before committing to a coffee subscription service. Good luck with your brewing!

Best Coffee Brands in India

History of Coffee - A tale

In the sixth century A.D., a man named Kaldi lived somewhere in the Ethiopian Highlands. Kaldi was checking on his herd of goats one night, or so the tale goes, when he discovered something peculiar. The goats were not only attentive but also energetic as they danced around the area. He later found that they'd eaten a peculiar berry from a tree that had sprouted in his field, which was the cause of their strange behavior.

Kaldi was intrigued and chose to show the berries to an Islamic monk from a nearby monastery, but the monk mistook them for poisonous and tossed them into a fire. A delicious aroma filled the monastery, compelling the monks to quickly pull the roasted beans from the fire, grind them up, and dissolve them in a cup of hot water - all before the world's first cup of coffee was tasted. The tale can likely be apocryphal, but it's generally believed that coffee first came from that region.

101 Things you need to know about Coffee

All coffee is composed of arabica or robusta beans, or a mix of both. Arabica beans are more costly, but they produce superior coffee. And, much like wine grapes, the location of the beans matters. Coffee is grown in a band across the planet, roughly limited by the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.

Brazil is the world's largest coffee grower, with Vietnam, Indonesia, and Colombia following closely after. Beans from at least two countries or regions are used in blends. Coffee lovers' preferences have gotten more refined in recent years, and they are expecting more flavor from the cup. Here are a few things to keep in mind while purchasing beans.

Types of Coffee

Types of Coffee

Arabica and robusta are the two most common types of coffee beans. Robusta beans are less costly and easier to farm than other types of beans. Arabica beans provide superior coffee. Green beans are turned into coffee that is ready to ground and brew after roasting. The roast kind is usually indicated on the label, but you'll have to experiment to discover the one you like best.

Moreover, various companies might describe their roasts in different ways. Here are several coffee varieties to think about.

1. Arabica Coffee Beans

Arabica beans are by far the most popular variety of coffee beans, accounting for over 60% of global coffee production. The majority of premium coffee manufacturers claim to utilize only Arabica beans. Arabica coffee beans are said to be the best in the world.

Their Taste

They're noted for having a smooth, rich flavor with minimal bitterness. Arabica beans have the disadvantage of being more difficult to grow. Arabica beans are more expensive as a result of this.

Arabica beans can have a variety of flavors depending on where they're cultivated, ranging from earthy Indonesian to fragrant Ethiopian. Pick yourself a bag of single-origin Arabica beans to wow your taste senses!

2. Robusta Coffee Beans

Robusta is the second most popular coffee bean, originated in sub-Sahara Africa, and is now cultivated mainly in Africa and Indonesia. As the robusta coffee beans are not very costly making them the first choice for budget buyers. The beans are bigger and fuller compared to other coffee beans. Robusta beans are considered to be extra robust because they grow at lower altitudes and resist diseases. As per research, they cannot endure heat as well as was previously believed.

Their Taste

Coffee drinking beginners often assume Robusta Coffee is bitter and powerful. Robusta Coffee has a strong, yet somewhat flat burnt-like taste. Robusta beans also have particularly more caffeine than Arabica beans.

3. Liberica Coffee Beans

Coffee Liberica is regarded for its pungent floral aroma and robust, smokey flavor profile. It is native to central and western Africa, notably Liberia, hence its name. This resilient variety is sometimes blended with other types to add body and complexity, but it gets little recognition.

Liberica acquired a foothold with Southeast Asian coffee farmers when a fungal disease known as "coffee rust" took out much of the region's Arabica harvests in the late 1800s.

Their Taste

Liberica coffee has a tumultuous and polarising reputation among fans due to its extreme inconsistency. Those who have experienced this unusual type have either fallen in love or hated it. The unique, nutty, woody flavor and deceptive backbite on the end appeal to some coffee consumers. Others have compared the flavor to that of burned rubbish.

4. Excelsa Coffee Beans

Excelsa is the fourth primary type of coffee bean. Scientists recently categorized it as a Liberica variation, even though it was originally considered a different coffee species.

Excelsa beans are nearly solely grown in Southeast Asia, and they have an extended oval shape similar to Liberica beans. At medium altitudes, these beans grow on enormous 20 to 30-foot coffee plants.

Their Taste

Excelsa beans have a distinct flavor profile. They combine light roast characteristics such as acidic notes and fruity aromas with dark roast characteristics. They're also lower in caffeine and fragrance, but yet have a surprising depth of flavor. These odd beans are sometimes found in blends because they add complexity.

Coffee Buying Guide in a Nutshell

Farmers are perfecting their skills, roasters are inventing new ways to roast coffee, and coffee enthusiasts worldwide are discovering a world of unique, flavorful, and exciting coffee beans. Coffee now has more diversity than it has at any other time in history. Exotic coffee-growing locations, new colorful flavors, and shifting coffee roast level criteria have inflated the specialty coffee business throughout the world.

All of these solutions, however, have one drawback: purchasing coffee beans is no longer as simple as it once was. We've put together this detailed coffee buying guide to help you understand the various factors to consider while purchasing coffee beans these days.


When buying coffee, the most crucial factor to consider is freshness. Once the beans are roasted, the scent of coffee deteriorates with time. As the beans oxidize and get stale, the tastes become increasingly disagreeable. Coffee beans are a product of agriculture. They are the seeds of a little fruit that grows on a shrub-like plant and is commonly referred to as a "coffee cherry." They're grown and processed on a farm rather than in a factory.

Coffee beans, like all agricultural goods, are finest when they are picked fresh. The scents are lively, the tastes are clear and distinct, the acids are sharp and balanced, and the acids are crisp and balanced.

This is why buying coffee beans from a provider that provides you with beans that have been roasted within the past few days is always the best option. Buying beans off the shelf at the grocery store almost often means buying beans that have been roasted for two, four, or even six weeks.


coffee roast levels

Coffee beans are a product of agriculture. They're the seeds of a cherry that grows on a tree, not something made in a factory.

Coffee beans, like other agricultural goods, taste best when brewed fresh. The sugars are sweet, the natural oils emit brilliant fragrances, the acids are sharp and balanced, and there is very little bitterness at the optimum freshness, just a few days after being roasted.

The beans, on the other hand, begin to decay soon. The sugars vanish, the oils evaporate, the acids break down into bitter chemicals, and the flavor that was previously distinct becomes muddy and indistinct.

Light Roast Coffee

Lightly roasted beans are dark brown with no obvious surface oils. Because they're officially the 'least roasted,' they preserve more of the original farm's distinct tastes and characteristics than other roast degrees.

Light roasts produce a vivid, sharp acidity that complements the beans' brighter tastes. Because of the brighter acidity, floral and fruity aromas tend to pop out more at this roast level. Light roasts are known for their light body, brilliant smells, and lack of bitterness.

Because light roast beans are denser, grinding them is more difficult. If they seem especially hard or resistant to your grinder, don't be afraid.

Flavor Profile –

  • Very characteristic of the original farm

  • Crisp acidity

  • Floral and fruity flavors and sweetness

  • Light body

  • Bright aromas

  • No bitterness

Medium Roast Coffee

Medium roast coffees are somewhat darker and have a light brown hue with few surface oils. Most of the distinctive traits of the original farm or area are retained, but they are packaged in a more palatable, smoother flavor profile.

Medium roasts tend to take those unusual tastes and smooth them out. A lovely caramel or honey sweetness develops, balancing the acidity and adding a sense of harmony. Although there is a small bitterness, it is mild and helps to the well-rounded flavor.

Flavor Profile –

  • Characteristic of the origin farm

  • Smooth acidity

  • Floral and fruity flavors

  • Honey or caramel sweetness

  • Medium body

  • Rich, rounded aromas

  • Light pleasant bitterness

Dark Roast Coffee

Dark roasts of specialty coffee still aren’t as dark as the dark roasts of commodity coffee. These beans are a dark brown color and often have a thin oily sheen on their surfaces.

Flavor-wise, dark roasts are less characteristic of the beans’ origin, but they’re not uniform or boring. They can still be diverse and satisfying. The brighter acids and more exotic notes are smoothed out, the aromas become deep and rich, a darker sweetness like chocolate or molasses forms, and notes of spice, earth, and wood appear.

Flavor Profile –

  • Fewer characteristics of the original farm

  • Mellow acidity

  • Deep spice, earth, and woody flavors

  • Molasses or chocolate sweetness

  • Heavy body

  • Rich, deep aromas

  • Pleasant bitterness


The quantity of caffeine in a cup depends on a variety of factors, including the mix, brewing technique, and bean type. Contrary to popular belief, dark roasted coffee beans have lower caffeine levels than light or medium roasted coffee beans.

The caffeine content of lightly roasted beans is the greatest of the three. Medium roast coffee beans are used to produce Espresso. If you want to maximize your caffeine consumption, light or medium roasted beans are the way to go.

Ground Coffee vs Whole Bean Coffee

Ground Coffee vs Whole Bean Coffee

As there are fewer surfaces exposed to the air, whole beans last longer than ground beans. However, as soon as you open the bag and interact with the air, the grounds begin to decay. So long as you keep whole beans properly, they should last between six and eight weeks after roasting. Pre-ground coffee, on the other hand, will only last four weeks at most.

Dark roasted coffee grounds, for example, will not last that long. As a result, we recommend purchasing only what you can consume in four weeks or fewer. If you store coffee beans properly, you may keep them fresh for longer. As a result, use an airtight container and store it somewhere cool and dry.

Manufacturing Date

You must use freshly roasted coffee at all times. Check the roast date on the label before purchasing your beans to get an idea of how long it has been since they were roasted. The rule is that coffee beans remain only fresh for 2-3 weeks after they've been burned. Coffee that has already been ground? Those grounds have just 20-30 minutes of peak freshness before swiftly decomposing.

Before you buy a bag of beans, here's how to know if they're fresh –

  • Avoid “best by” dates on bags. The dates are always months in the future, which means the roaster’s trying to make you think that the beans are at peak freshness for months, not weeks (hint: they’re not).

  • Look for “roasted on” dates. Roasters that publish the exact date the coffee was roasted aren’t afraid of telling you the truth. This is the mark of a transparent, quality-forward roaster.

10 best Coffee brands in India 2023

If you're looking for the best coffee brands in India, whether you prefer a strong-flavored espresso or a light and flowery filter coffee, here is the list of the 10 best coffee brands in India.

1. Blue Tokai

Blue Tokai Coffee Brand

Blue Tokai gets its name from an old term for a peacock's tail, Tokai, which also happens to be the emblem of the Delhi-based artisanal coffee firm Blue Tokai. Matt and Namrata founded Blue Tokai in response to a dearth of freshly ground decent coffee in Delhi. Every two weeks, the firm roasts coffee and distributes custom ground coffee to customers across India. Single orders, as well as monthly subscriptions, are available.

Price | Rs. 250 Onwards

2. Davidoff

Davidoff Coffee Brand

For almost 30 years, Davidoff coffee has provided consumers with power and freshness. Their scents and coffees are unique combinations that enrich your inner nature, thanks to their exploration of the land in search of rare and potent components. Davidoff coffee blends have been carefully selected from the world's premier growing regions and skillfully combined to reveal their charm with each sip. 

Intimate yet open, savored yet shared, Davidoff coffee blends have been carefully selected from the world's premier growing regions and skillfully combined to reveal their charm with each sip. The Davidoff brand is built on a foundation of experience, vision, and enthusiasm. When it comes to coffee, Davidoff is unquestionably one of India's, if not the world's, top brands.

3. Starbucks

Starbucks Coffee Brand

Starbucks, or TATA-Starbucks as it was formerly known as the chain of mainstream brand Starbucks in India, is the most well-known name on the list, with Tata Global Beverages owning 50% and Starbucks Corporations owning the other 50%. Even their locations are labeled "Starbucks-A Tata Alliance."

With its roasting and bundling factory in Coorg, Karnataka, the company sells well-known coffee at its coffee shops as well as for sale in many countries. To prevent contamination, the group also promotes the use of recyclable pressing materials. From June 2020, the organization has said that it would use biodegradable and recyclable pressing materials.

4. The Flying Squirrel

The Flying Squirrel Coffee Brand

The Flying Squirrel was founded in 2013 and is now one of the greatest online coffee businesses in India. The majority of the company's coffee is grown in Coorg, where the company's original home (the 100-year-old Nellikad Estate) is located. The flying squirrel is one of the most well-known critters found here, and the coffee brand is named after this little rodent that flies from tree to tree feeding on berries and other items.

Today, the company sells six different types of coffee, as well as blends and other coffee-related things. The Flying Squirrel Taster's Whole Coffee Beans 6 Pack is a fantastic way to sample the finest of what this brand has to offer.

5. Nescafe

Nescafe Coffee Brand

Nescafe, a brand of the well-known Nestlé corporation, is one of the most well-known, if not the best coffee brands in India. For such a long period, Nescafé has dominated the Indian market that a casual coffee drinker will not consider any other brands. It is well-known for providing high-quality coffee at reasonable prices. Nescafe is a superb offering as one of India's greatest instant coffee suppliers. Its flavor and scent are unrivaled.

The company sells coffee powder in both retail and online locations. The organization's job is to add to the fun by making it much easier to prepare a cup of coffee.

6. Bru

Bru Coffee Brand

BRU is a heavyweight among the best coffee brands in India and is promoted under the Brooke Bond umbrella brand. It was launched by Hindustan Lever roughly 50 years ago. BRU Gold, BRU Select, BRU meal, and BRU Instant, to name a few, are some of the brand's varieties.

BRU Gold Instant Coffee is a 100% coffee blend of lowland and Robusta beans sourced from South Indian coffee plantations.

7. Continental Xtra Coffee

Continental Xtra Coffee Brand

Continental Xtra Coffee is one of the few brands that deliver a strong, immediate flavor similar to that of south Indian coffee. So, if you're looking for the best filter coffee brands in India, you could want to try this brand to acquire a close flavor.

Continental Xtra is a blend of 30 percent chicory and 70 percent coffee that has a fragrance and flavor unlike any other. Try this coffee with a little milk in a strong form for the greatest results, or with lots of froth for a delicate flavor. In any case, the turnout would be impressive. This coffee brand has never failed to amaze any taste buds since its birth.

8. Columbian Brew Coffee

Columbian Brew Coffee Brand

When it comes to the best coffee powders in India, Columbian Brew Coffee is impossible to leave off the list. Columbian Brew has earned a reputation for being India's greatest coffee company and for allowing billions of people to enjoy its instant strong coffee, which emits a powerful scent in only a few seconds.

The nicest thing about Columbian Brew coffee is that it doesn't have any added sugar or chicory, making it a powdered product. So, even if you're watching your weight, this coffee is something you should consider. For replenishing your mood and energy, 1 spoon will serve in making a strong mug of coffee.

9. Lavazza

Lavazza Coffee Brand

Luigi Lavazza founded the firm in 1895 in Turin, Italy, and it began off as a grocery store. It is now operated by the same family's third and fourth generations. Coffee is imported from all over the world and blended by master blenders.

Lavazza is a well-known Italian brand with a presence in more than 90 countries, including India. Lavazza Caffe Espresso is created with Arabica beans that are 100 percent premium. This medium roast coffee can be prepared in any coffee machine, so no special or expensive equipment is required.

10. Hatti Kaapi

Hatti Kaapi Coffee Brand

Hatti Kaapi has developed from humble beginnings to become a well-known coffee brand. Hatti Kaapi translates to "Home Coffee" in the local dialect from which it comes. They began their endeavor in 2009 from their first store in Gandhi Bazaar, Bengaluru, with the goal of "becoming a worldwide revolution in offering sustainable handcrafted filter Kaapi," according to their creators.

Hatti Coffee has subsequently grown to over 110 different stores around the continent, thanks to its distinct array of goods. They get their beans from high-quality estates in Southern India's traditional coffee-growing regions. Hatti Kaapi is arguably one of India's greatest coffee companies, with a completely regional product.

Coffee is a popular beverage in India and across the world. Indians are no exception, and they have a fair number of coffee drinkers. The coffee business in India is no exception to the country's unique cultures and customs. Even though it is still a young business with a long way to go, it is on the rise. Several coffee brands are well-known in India, but these 10 are the most popular among Indian coffee aficionados. Let us know which one’s you're favorite. 

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