Electric Water Heater Buying Guide 2023

Can’t decide which electric geyser to buy in 2023? Here is a complete electric water heater buying guide for you to choose the best water heater/geyser.

by Sahil_Jain Updated: 17 Nov, 2023, 12:17 IST
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Buying a water heater is not that difficult if you know what to look for. But what if you do not know which electric geyser is the best for you and your place? There are many factors that should be considered when purchasing the right electric water heater. Also, these factors may directly affect not only your buying decision but also your overall product experience. So, we have prepared a well-detailed buying guide for electric geysers. You can use this water heater buying guide to learn more about these electric water geysers and make your buying decision. 

Electric Water Heater Buying Guide

Electric geysers are the most used and popular type of water heater. They are easy to use, long-lasting, and offer the best experience too. Thus, this article talks about how to choose the best electric water heater in India. The winter months generally last from November to January and these are the same months when the days are so cold that taking a bath is almost the same as going to war.

So getting a warm shower on such cold days is nothing less than heaven and yes, we all deserve it. Thus, here is the best electric water heater buying guide for you. We have considered all the important aspects that you should remember while purchasing an electric geyser. So rest assured, you will get the best product out there.

Electric Geyser Buying Guide 

A buying guide helps you understand a product and all of its important parts easily so you can decide whether to buy or not to buy a certain product. This buying guide is not different, since it has covered all the aspects that may help you choose a good electric water heater, be it a geyser with a tank or a heat pump. So, let’s get started:

Select the Best Geyser Type

There are a few types of electric heaters that are ideal for different situations and use cases. Thus, you should choose an electric geyser that is perfect for your home and usage. Here are all the types of electric water heaters that you can choose from:

Instant Water Heaters: Tankless Electric Geysers to Heat Water Instantly 

Instant Water Heater

Instant water heaters are those small water heaters that can be easily installed and used anywhere. These geysers do not have any tanks attached to them and instantly heat running water for use. As you might have guessed by now, instant geysers do not store water and thus, they are more durable since they are free from the risk of being corroded by the water stored in them, unlike water heaters with tanks.

So all-in-all, if you need a geyser that is small in size, efficient, durable, and convenient enough to be installed even in small places, you should opt for an instant water heater.

Storage Geysers: Electric Water Heaters with Tank 

Electric Water Heater With Tank

Storage water heaters or geysers with tanks are those big appliances that are generally used in bathrooms. These electric water heaters come with tanks that are used to store and heat water in them. They may not be as durable as instant water heaters since they may get corroded by the water stores in their tanks.

Also, these electric heaters are bigger in size, so they also need more space. Depending on their tank capacity, they can hold enough water for you to meet your daily needs. Also, electric water heaters with tanks are not so efficient and may have more heating costs since they have to heat up their entire tank full of water.

So, we can conclude that electric geysers with tanks are bigger in size, less durable, and increase your heating cost too. Though, they can be more durable than tankless water heaters too if you get a stainless steel water heater with a tank.

Immersion Rods Water Heater: Low-Budget Water Heaters 

Immersion Rod for Heating Water

Immersion rods make the ideal option for your water heating needs if you are on a tight budget. These rods simply heat water for you and you need to use them manually. They may not be the most durable or safe option, but immersion rod water heaters are more affordable than other electric water heaters.

Also, these water heaters are so easy to use that you end up loving them. You just need to place them at the edge of a bucket full of water and you will get boiling water within minutes.

Gas Water Heater: LPG Water Geyser

Gas water heaters are not your usual geysers. They are powered by LPG through pipelines and they can help you save a lot on your electricity expenses. Gas water geysers are highly efficient and their water heating cost is almost half of what an electric water heater will cost you. Although gas water heaters are very light in weight, their weight is way more on your pockets when you buy them. Given their efficiency and nature friendliness, LPG water heaters are bound to cost more than our conventional electric water heaters.

Choose the Perfect Capacity While Buying an Electric Water Heater

Different water heaters come with different capacities for providing you with hot water. So, it’s advisable to first take your family and usage into consideration when choosing the right electric geyser. A geyser with lower capacity is good for a small family or a single person with less usage, while a bigger family with more hot water usage would require an electric water heater with more capacity.

Instant Electric Geyser Capacity
  • For a family that needs hot water for washing utensils and bathing from buckets, an instant electric water heater with 6 liters of capacity is more than enough.

  • Instant electric water heaters do not come with any storage tanks, thus, you can buy them without having to worry much about their capacity if your usage is just normal.

Storage Electric Water Heaters
  • A family that uses hot water for various small and big purposes may need a storage electric water heater with a capacity anywhere between 10 liters to 30 liters.

  • You must get a higher capacity storage geyser if your family or their usage is more.

  • For less usage and a small family, you may select one storage water heater with a lesser capacity too.

While buying an electric water heater, you may further check if any water heater has enough capacity to meet your daily needs or not.

Electric Water Heater Price: Buy a Value for Money Electric Geyser

An electric geyser may cost anywhere from ₹3,000 to ₹20,000 or even more. Now, you may not need that huge ₹20,000 electric water heater, right? So we would recommend you get an electric geyser from a trusted brand that offers all those features that you need, meets your requirements, and stays light on your pocket too. If any water heater meets this criterion, make sure to grab that deal without further ado.

One thing to keep in mind is that an instant water heater would generally cost less than a storage water heater. So if you can use an electric tank-less water heater, it’s better to avoid a geyser with a tank that would cost you more for no reason.

Moreover, an immersion rod is way cheaper than any other type of electric heater. Also, along with a cheaper price, immersion rods have their own advantages too. So, you may buy an immersion rod too if it suits your needs.

Electric Geyser Size: Space Taken by an Electric Water Heater

A storage tank electric water heater takes way more space than an instant electric geyser. But, the utility of any product should always be your first priority, right? So if you are confused while buying two different water heaters, you should always go with the one that is smaller in size.

A smaller water heater would take up less space at your place and may even complement your home’s design. Also, if you just need an instant water heater for your kitchen, it would not make sense to buy a storage-tank water heater that is big in size, would it?

Lastly, an immersion rod is the most portable and easy-to-store water heater given its size and shape. You can just wrap and place it anywhere when you do not need it. It feels like a less costly water heater is much better than the costlier ones, right?

Buy a Suitable Geyser for Hard Water

Hard water, which is a mixture of water and some mineral content, may have a negative impact on your electric water heater over time. Thus, you should consider buying an electric geyser that is suitable to use even with hard water.

Geysers that are suitable for hard water come with an anti-corrosive coating on their tanks which prevents corrosion, a basic problem caused by hard water. Using any water heater that doesn’t have such a coating would only result in poor performance and higher maintenance costs for the machine.

Energy Efficient Electric Water Heater with Four-Five Star Rating 

Buy Electric Water Heater with More Efficiency Stars

The price of any electric water heater is not the only cost that you should look after. When you use a geyser, every watt of energy used adds up to increase your electricity bill. So while buying a water heater, you must look for one that is energy efficient. But wait, how would you know if an electric water heater is energy efficient? Well, that’s quite easy…simply look for its star rating.

Any electronic appliance that has a higher star rating of four to five stars is generally considered to be more energy efficient than the ones that have lower energy ratings. Thus, you should always opt for those electric geysers that have higher efficiency ratings. This will surely boost your buying cost now since more energy-efficient products usually cost higher, but this will also help you in the long run.

Warranty on Electric Geyser

This goes without saying that you should always buy a water heater from a trusted supplier that has a warranty too. This will help you save some extra money if your geyser ever runs into some problems while still under warranty period. Also, getting any product with a warranty generally makes your after-sales experience better with any brand.

These are all the factors that you need to consider while buying an electric water heater or geyser. Although there are many more factors that need to be considered, we have tried mentioning only the most important ones.

Other things that may influence your buying decision can be an in-built thermostat or a plastic/steel body. But those features can be further discussed in our next article where we will talk about the best electric water heaters for you. So stay tuned for that!

Best Electric Water Heater in India in 2023

Now that you know how to select the best electric geyser, you would need to put that mind of yours to work, right? So, we have prepared a guide on the Best Electric Water Heaters in India. Go through this article, which has some of the best instant and storage geysers on the market. You can choose which product has the best utility and value for you and your family and then directly make your purchase.

Also. do let us know what you think about this buying guide and do not forget to add your ideas to it in the comments section. Last but not least, feel free to ask any questions related to the same. 

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