4 Best Free Dating Apps In India 2023: Bumble, Tinder, Badoo & Happn

Need someone by your side but can’t find anyone? Here is a compilation of the best free dating apps. Check out the best free dating sites to search for the perfect partner for yourself.

by Sahil_Jain Updated: 22 Mar, 2024, 04:45 IST
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Looking for some free dating apps to spice up your life? Here is a compilation of the best free dating sites and apps that offer great features and not to mention, the perfect match for you. Be it a friend or a partner, we all need someone to get attached to, specially when we are in the prime years of our lives. That being said, there are many dating apps around us which are either pay-to-use or not not-so-good to be relied upon. That’s why you need the best free dating app for yourself this year. Go through our list of the best free dating apps and sites and find the perfect partner for you. 

Best Free Dating Apps in India in 2023

Our list consists of 4 dating apps that are being used by millions of people daily, are reliable, and of course, have genuine users looking for a match. So, let’s take a small look at these 4 free dating apps and then learn more about them individually.

Top 4 Free Dating Apps: Bumble, Tinder, Happn, and More

The 4 free dating apps that we will be talking about today are available on the Play Store and App Store, which adds a layer of security for the users. Let’s have a brief comparison of the top 4 dating apps in India quickly:

Best Free Dating Apps in India 2023

Dating Apps

Best Features

Play Store Rating

App Store Rating

Desktop Version


  • Bloom

  • Best Photo at the Top

  • Night-in

  • Video Notes

4.0 stars

4.3 stars



  • Prompts

  • Super Like

  • Explore

  • Incognito Mode

3.6 stars

4 stars



  • Location-Based Match

  • Lesser Fake Profiles

  • Interesting Concept

3.5 stars

4.3 stars



  • Invisible mode

  • Highlight

  • Rise Up

  • Earn Credits

4 stars

4.5 stars


These free dating apps are better than most other apps that you would find on the internet. That’s why we picked them and now, we will learn more about them right here.

Bumble: Best Free Dating App for Women 

Bumble: Best Free Dating App for Women

Bumble is surely the best free dating app for women in India. Nope, we do not mean that this dating site is any worse for men, but it’s just better for women. Or rather, we can say that some of Bumble’s features are made with women in mind. For starters, only women get to make the first move on this dating app. When two users match, only women can send the first message to the other person, or the matched users might never talk.

So, here are some ways in which Bumble is so different from other free dating sites:

  • Bloom: Free online trauma support program for all victims of sexual, mental, and physical abuse. This non profit organization helps people with such issues that they might not be able to talk about to others so easily.

  • Night-In: This is a fun feature that lets two users play a game together. They both have to answer some trivia questions, which would strengthen their bond with each other.

  • Video Notes: Users who match up on Bumble can share video notes with each other. This is a fun way to interact with your partner, don’t you feel so too?

  • Women Make the First Move: Bumble lets women message their match first. Unless they send a message to the other user, there’s no meaning to a match.

  • Three Different Modes: Bumble has three modes for different users with various intents on the app. Let’s discuss these modes in more detail.

Date Mode in Bumble: Find Perfect Dating Match

Bumble’s Date Mode is what most users know this free dating app for. The Date mode in Bumble is the perfect place for you to find a partner who wants to date you. Users who are looking for a dating match usually use this mode and find their partners here.

BFF Mode in Bumble: Find Your BFF Online

Another mode on Bumble is the BFF mode that lets users find bestfriends on the app. Users can filter out other users based on their preferences and then find a friend that would be worth spending time with. Moreover, it’s a great way to first fiddle around with the app, find a friend, and then if they are reliable and suitable to the user’s liking, they can both date each other.

Bizz Mode in Bumble: Perfect for Business Networking

The Bizz Mode in Bumble is perfect for those who need networking options for their business. This mode is full of freelancers, entrepreneurs, and businessmen looking for people to share their business ideas with. This offers a fun way for everyone to form a mixture of friendship and work.

Bumble Premium Price in India

Bumble is a freemium dating app, which means that it has its free version with limited features and a premium version that comes with more features too. Bumble Premium’s price starts from ₹59 for a day and goes all the way to ₹4999 for a lifetime. This premium version of the free dating app Bumble gets you many features that will surely boost your chances of finding the perfect partner.

Thus, if you plan to get the premium version of this otherwise free dating app, make sure you check out the Best Bumble Premium Offers and Discount Coupons to get great discounts on your purchase.

Bumble Gender Ratio: Gender Demographics on this Free Dating App

One of the most important things to consider before using a dating app is to check its gender demographics. Any dating app may have more users of a gender, which might not be your preference. Thus, here we are with the Bumble Gender Ratio just for you:

Around 33% of all users on Bumble are female. This means that the remaining 67% users are male…tough competition boys! So, the male-female ratio on Bumble is 3:1.

Get Humble now on the Play Store or App Store.

Tinder: The Most Famous Free Dating Site 

Tinder: The Most Famous Free Dating Site

This goes without saying that Tinder is the most popular free dating site in the world. Tinder was one of the first dating apps that got this much popularity right off the bat. It made the idea of online dating popular among youth and now that the world got affected by the pandemic, Tinder proved to be really useful for all singles.

Here are some features of Tinder that are loved by users the most:

  • Prompts: Add little but fun information about yourself in cards on your profile. Everytime it gets displayed to someone, they would know you better as a person.

  • Super Like: Although a Tinder premium feature, one super like is added to all users accounts daily. When you send a super like to another person’s profile, they get notified instantly and there’s a higher chance of you both matching up on Tinder.

  • Explore: The Explore Tab on Tinder is a great feature to filter out all the options that you might not need on your feed. The Explore page lets you set some preferences on your search and then you can find potential matches easily.

  • Incognito Mode: Incognito Mode is a great way to hide your profile from unwanted people on Tinder. Although it affects your account’s overall reach too, you can select who sees your profile on Tinder with this feature.

Tinder Premium Price: Is Tinder Premium Worth It?

Tinder’s free version comes with many features that are quite helpful. But for some extra charges, you can get many more features on Tinder. The most basic Tinder Premium pack costs ₹373 for a month. This plan offers many features such as unlimited likes and an ad-free experience too.

But the real question is, is the Tinder premium worth it? Well, if you consider all of its features and the price, it might be worth the money for many users. So, if you plan on getting the Tinder premium version, make sure to check out some Tinder Coupons and Discount Codes to get good discounts on your purchase.

Tinder Gender Ratio: Gender Demographics of Tinder

The gender ratio on Tinder is very similar to all other free dating apps. The number of females on Tinder are really less compared to the number of males. In numbers, the male-female Tinder ratio is 3:1. That means that 75% of users on Tinder are men.

You can download Tinder from Play Store or App Store.

Happn: The Best Free Dating App 

Happn: The Best Free Dating App

Happn happens to be the best free dating app for one main reason, its interesting concept. Unlike other dating apps that filter possible matches for you just on the basis of your preference, Happn lets you find matches that are or have been near your work place or your home. This is an interesting idea that is based on the thought that the perfect partners meet by coincidence. Happn won’t show you the exact location of other users, for security reasons, of course. But you will get to know if another Happn user has been in your range. This will result in some unexpected meetings and even matches.

This concept is loved by all Happn users and that is the reason why Happn is the best free dating app in 2023. Here are a few features of Happn that make it so good:

  • Location-Based Match: The matches on Happn are all location based. Users who would have similar preferences and would live around the same place or get there very often, would make possible matches.

  • Lesser Fake Profiles: One of the best parts about Happn is that all users are matched based on their location. This means that there are high chances of you meeting only real people and not some fake profiles like other free dating sites.

  • Similarities Feature: Happn offers a similarities feature that brings only the best possible matches to a user’s feed. The profiles that are shown on your feed would be those that would have the most similarities with your profile.

  • Best Male-Female User Ratio: The best news that comes with Happn is that it has the best male-female user ratio among all free dating apps.

Happn Premium Price in India: Best Dating Site for Serious Relationships

The Happn premium packs start at a price of ₹599 per month. Also, the price goes as high as ₹1299 for a year. These Happn premium packs come with many premium features too which would make it easier for you to get matches.

With Happn’s concept of the users meeting in real life to know each other better, it is the best dating site for serious relationships if that is what you are looking for.

Happn Gender Ratio: Gender Demographics on the Best Free Dating App

Happn is the best Free Dating App not just for talks. Its gender ratio is far better than other dating sites. The male-female ratio on Happn is 3:2. This means that there are 60% male users on Happn and 40% female users. This increases the chances of better matches for men, rejoice!

Get the Happn app on Play Store or App Store.

Badoo: Best Free Dating Site for Everyone 

Badoo: Best Free Dating Site for Everyone

The Badoo free dating app talks business. It is a free dating app that has been around longer than Tinder. Though, both these apps are considered not-so-good for serious relationships. Badoo has a set of some interesting features that make it very different from all other free dating sites. Moreover, it is also a freemium dating app that charges a premium price for some exclusive features.

Here are the best features of Badoo, one of the best free dating apps:

  • Invisible Mode: The invisible mode on Badoo is a great feature for all users who do not want their profiles to be labeled as ‘Online’ or ‘Nearby’ to other users. This mode offers great privacy and security to everyone.

  • Highlight: The Highlight feature makes your messages visible to the recipient before anyone else’s. This makes it possible for you to get faster replies from other users.

  • Rise Up: Rise Up is a feature that you need to purchase after collecting credits in this free dating app. It allows your profile to be seen before other users’. It is a great way to increase the chances of matchmaking.

  • Earn Credits: If you do not plan on using this free dating app without any payment, then this feature might be your favorite one. You can earn credits on Badoo and then use them to buy features that would otherwise be costly or bundled with a premium plan of this free dating app.

Badoo Premium Price in India: One of the Best Dating Apps in the World

Badoo is one of the most popular and best free dating apps in the world. Though, it also has some premium plans that ask for some price too. The starting price of Badoo premium is ₹220 for a week. If you compare this price with plans from other dating apps, the premium version of Badoo seems to be costlier.

Badoo Gender Ratio: Gender Demographics on the Best Free Dating App

The gender ratio on Badoo is just similar to all other free dating apps. 75% of Badoo users are men, while the remaining 25% are women. This again brings down the male-female ratio of the Badoo free dating app to somewhere around 3:1.

You can download the Badoo app on the Google Play Store or App Store.

These are the four best free dating apps that you can start using today to find the perfect partner for yourself. All these apps are available on reliable stores, which makes them safe to use too. Also, these best dating apps do come with their premium versions too, making them great if you need some exclusive features to level up your game. Do let us know what you think about these free dating apps in the comments below. Also, feel free to ask any questions that you may have regarding the same. 

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