Best Jio Unlimited Calling Plan (unlimited calling, offers & more)

Which is the best Jio unlimited calling plan to recharge in 2023? Is there a cheapest Jio recharge plan for calling? Below we have answered some of these questions in detail.

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Reliance Jio currently offers three Jio recharge plans for unlimited calling. These recharge plans are specifically useful for those who wish to recharge their phone for calling purposes only and have minimal to no data requirements. Paying for mobile recharge bills is a significant & frequent monthly expense for many of us. So, it only makes sense for you to choose a recharge plan that truly fits your needs. Below we have compared the pricing and benefits of the Jio unlimited calling plans to identify which recharge plan is the best for you.

Best Jio Unlimited Calling Plan

Best Jio Unlimited Calling Plans (Price, Validity, Benefits)

One of the cheapest Jio recharge plans for calling in 2023 as you can see in the table below is the Rs.155 tariff plan that comes with 28 days validity, unlimited calling, and 2 GB data. However, if you are planning to Jio recharge your phone for calling for a long period of time, the Rs.1559 Jio calling recharge plan may prove cheaper than the Rs.155 plan.

Jio recharge plan for calling (list of all plans comparison)

Tariff Plan

Calling Benefits

Total SMS

Total Data


Cost per day (₹)




2 GB

28 days





6 GB

84 days





24 GB

336 days


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The above-mentioned plans of Jio are specifically made for calling purposes only. Of course, if you also wish to have more data benefits, you may need to choose some other Jio recharge plan as per your needs. The 155 Jio recharge plan is perfect for calling only.

If you are wondering how much the cheapest recharge plan for calling from Airtel costs, it has to be the Rs.155 Airtel recharge plan which is almost similar to Jio. However, unlike Jio, Airtel’s 155 pack comes with 1 GB of data and 24 days of validity.

This plan used to cost ₹99 before and the price increased after Airtel hiked its prices.

Now that you have seen the unlimited Jio recharge plans for calling, here is the list of top-up vouchers that you may choose from if you only need to recharge your phone for calling.

Note: Top-up vouchers come with unlimited validity but not unlimited calling benefits. 

List of Jio Recharge Top-up Vouchers for Calling (Unlimited Validity)

Jio Top-up recharge plan for calling

Tariff Plan

Calling Benefits




















If you are only looking to recharge your phone for calling, you may also have a look at these Jio top-up recharge packs.

Interestingly, the Rs.10 Jio top-up voucher is also quite popular to use as a recharge plan to keep your SIM active.

Minimum Recharge Plan to Keep Jio SIM active

Read the entire discussion here: Minimum Recharge Plan to Keep Jio SIM active! Thanks to @ssganesh , @karandutta & other dimers for adding their advice and experiences to this thread.

Lastly, if you have a Jio phone, you can also check out the Jio Phone recharge plans. The lowest-priced recharge plan for calling that you can avail of if you have a Jio phone is the ₹75 tariff plan that provides 23 days validity with unlimited calling benefits, 2.5 GB total data, and 50 SMS.

Note: The JioPhone plans are only for those who have a Jio phone device. These plans are not available for normal smartphone users.

So, this was all about sharing the cheapest and best Jio recharge plan for calling only which is the Rs.155 plan that comes with 28 days of validity and unlimited calling.

If you have any questions or thoughts to share, please feel free to put them below.

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