Best Kitchen Exhaust Fans in India under ₹1000 & ₹2000

Here's a quick exhaust fan buying guide as well as the top best kitchen exhaust fans in India in 2024 (high speed, BLDC & non-BLDC exhaust fans)

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Kitchens are probably one of the most visited & the most prone areas of the house to moisture, pollutants, smoke, odour and dust. This is where installing a good powerful, high-speed exhaust fan becomes useful. It not only helps for better ventilation but also increases the air quality of the area & prevents mould from developing on walls from all the moisture content. In India, there are so many exhaust fan brands to choose from and every kitchen has its own unique requirement from the size of the exhaust fan to the type. We won’t deny that it is a little technical to understand how to buy an exhaust fan for the kitchen but fret not, in this article, we are going to be sharing a quick exhaust fan buying guide as well as the top best kitchen exhaust fans in India in 2024 (high speed, BLDC & non-BLDC exhaust fans)

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  1. Find a list of the top 7 best exhaust fans in India for Indian kitchens (BLDC & non-BLDC)

  2. Kitchen exhaust fans from top brands under ₹1000 & ₹2000 budget

  3. Find detailed information about each exhaust fan: Power consumption, size, speed (RPM), CMH (Cubic Meters Per Hour), price, number of blades, buying options & more

  4. A quick kitchen exhaust fan buying guide

Best Kitchen Exhaust Fans in India under ₹1000 & ₹2000

Kitchen Exhaust Fan Buying Guide for Indian 2024
  1. Don’t get confused with the sizing of exhaust fans: If the size of an exhaust fan is mentioned 10 inches let's say, then it usually refers to the diameter of the blades of the fan (not the entire frame body). Now ideally this 10 inches of size should match the ventilation hole size where you wish to fit the exhaust fan (additionally it's better to keep 0.5 to 1 inch extra space). Take the help of your electrician or furniture maker.


2. Calculate the CMH of your kitchen: Every exhaust fan has a CMH (Cubic Meters Per Hour). This value refers to the volume of air a fan moves per hour. The more CMH, the better. Calculate it using the formula (L x W x H) of your kitchen (in feet), multiply the value you get by the number of air changes per hour (usually 8-12) and divide this number by 60 (since 1 hour contains 60 minutes). Example: (10 ft x 12 ft x 8 ft) size of the room x 12 air changes =11520 divided by 60 (minutes) = 192 CMH. 


3. Check power consumption: Go for kitchen exhaust fans with low power consumption. Generally, metal exhaust fans with high RPM have higher power consumption. BLDC exhaust fans can be a good choice.


4. Sweep size: This refers to the size of the diameters of the blades of the fan (when they rotate). The larger the sweep size, the more air the fan can throw or suction.


    5. RPM: This refers to the rotation per minute of the blades of the fan. The more RPM, the faster the blades move, and the more air is thrown.


      6. Check warranty & other features: There has to be a minimum warranty of 2 years. Also, be sure to check for features like a shutter back that closes when the fan is turned off (to avoid insects from entering in)

        Best Kitchen Exhaust Fan in India under ₹1000 (Overall)

        The overall best kitchen exhaust fan under 1000 rupees in India currently is the Luminous Vento which comes with a 230mm sweep size and a high speed of 1350 RPM along with a 750 CMH rating (probably the highest in this budget category). If you have a small kitchen, say 8 x 8 x 9 feet, this metal exhaust fan by Luminous under Rs.1000 is worth considering. However, it also has a few cons which you should know before buying. Being a metal exhaust fan, there are no shutters or back flaps to avoid the entry of small insects or dust particles when the fan is off. Also, the fan does make some noise. But honestly, at this price, it offers a great performance too.



        High speed (1350 RPM)

        Makes some noise

        Highest CMH (750) in this budget list (more airflow)

        No shutter on back

        Larger sweep size means more air circulation

        High power consumption (40W)

        Best Exhaust Fan for Kitchen with Less Power Consumption

        Next up on our list of the best exhaust fans for Indian cooking kitchens, we have the Crompton Brisk Air Neo which is the lowest power-consuming exhaust fan on this list under 1000 rupees. You also get a shutter back that opens automatically when the fan is turned on and closes once the fan is off. Moreover, the brand has not compromised in terms of the fan speed. You get a good speed of 1350 RPM with 460 CMH airflow, sufficient for a small kitchen of let's say 60 sq. ft to 100 sq. ft. What’s great is that it also makes less noise comparatively.



        Low power consumption (27W)

        Only suitable for small kitchen areas (60 sq. ft to 100 sq. ft)

        Shutter back

        The wrong RPM mentioned on the Amazon listing (2370) (feels misleading)

        High speed (1350 RPM)

        Orient Kitchen Exhaust Fan for Indian cooking under Rs.1000

        Orient is one of the top fan brands in India. In the Indian ceiling fans landscape, the company is amongst the top 3 brands. If you are looking to buy an exhaust fan under 1000 rupees for your kitchen, the Orient Ventilator DX 200mm exhaust fan can be a good choice. You get a good speed of 1300 RPM and a bigger CMH airflow of 550 which is more than what the Crompton exhaust fan offers at the same price.



        Bigger airflow of 550 CMH

        No mention of the size of the fan

        1300 RPM is a decent speed for a small kitchen exhaust fan

        Slightly high power consumption of 40W

        2 Years warranty

        Below is a detailed specification guide & comparison of all three exhaust fans we have mentioned above:

        Comparison of the top 3 best exhaust fans for kitchens under ₹1000


        Crompton Brisk Air Neo

        Orient Ventilator DX

        Luminous Vento with Guard

        Size (approx)

        8 inches

        8 inches

        9 inches

        Sweep Size




        No. of Blades




        Power consumption




        Speed (RPM)




        CMH (Cubic Meters per Hour)





        2 years

        2 years

        2 years





        Buying Options


        Orient, Amazon, Flipkart

        Amazon, Flipkart

        Best Exhaust Fans for Kitchen in India under ₹2000

        If you have a slightly higher budget than Rs.1000, you are in luck with some really good high-speed exhaust fans for the kitchen from some of the best brands in India. These fans not only offer more speed but also better suction power and some consume even less power which means less electricity bill. What’s great is that we have even found a BLDC kitchen exhaust fan under ₹2000 to buy on Amazon & Flipkart. Nevertheless, here are the best kitchen exhaust fans on Amazon & Flipkart to buy in 2024:

        1. Best BLDC Kitchen Exhaust Fan in India (Overall)

        Alright, let’s start our list with the best BLDC exhaust fan in India for kitchens & small rooms. Coming right up from the Atomberg brand, we have got a modern-looking BLDC exhaust fan for the kitchen with a high speed of 2000 RPM and super low power consumption of 11W. Its double-ball bearings also make the fan more durable in the long run. However, like any other budget product, there are some cons to it too.



        Super low power consumption of 16W (less electricity bill)

        The price is a little higher than Rs.2000 (can be reduced with gift vouchers, card discounts, coupons or sale offers)

        Double ball bearings make the fan’s life longer

        Installation of Rs.283 is charged additionally which further adds to the cost

        High-speed fan of 1600 RPM

        1 + 1 warranty so customers have to do warranty registration on Atomberg website to get the 2nd year covered

        An airflow of 800 CMM is powerful enough to cover an area of 80 sq. ft (approx)

        Being a BLDC fan, the repair cost (if needed) may be higher than a traditional exhaust fan

        Silent operation, Back flaps that keep insects out

        2. Usha Aeroclean: Best Kitchen Exhaust Fan with High Speed, Airflow & Bigger Size

          If you are looking for a bigger-sized exhaust fan for your kitchen with high speed, more air suction power and a bigger sweep size (blade size), the Usha Aeroclean Plus exhaust fan is worthy considering. This metal exhaust fan by Usha is hands down one of the best exhaust fans under ₹2000 for its 1370 RPM speed, 1600 CMH air suction power (the amount of fresh air cycled into the room) and 300mm (30cm) sweep size.



          Highest air suction power in this budget of 1600 CMH

          Not as easy to clean

          300mm sweep size (bigger sweep size = more airflow)

          High power consumption of 67W

          Pure copper motor

          Makes some noise

          Metal body makes the fan more durable

          Prone to rust being a metal body exhaust fan

          Suitable for medium to big-sized kitchens

          Shop this fan on Amazon

          If you can increase your budget by 200 bucks more, we would highly recommend checking out this other model of Usha Aeroclean exhaust fan with 2500 RPM speed.

          3. Havells VentilAir: Best round exhaust fan 6 inches

            If you have a kitchen that supports a mini round exhaust fan of 6 inches, this Havells Ventil Air model is certainly worth giving a look at. It’s quite a little dynamite that comes with a high speed of 1850 RPM and a good airflow of 300 CMH. On top of that, it also consumes much less power (19W) so you can use it in your kitchen all day long without worrying about a long electricity bill. This is definitely one of the best kitchen exhaust fans in India to buy under a budget of Rs.2000.



            1850 RPM high speed

            300 CMH is a little low at this price

            Adjust the settings with just a pull

            2 year warranty

            19W low power consumption

            4. Best Bajaj Exhaust Fan (8 inches) under 2000

              Moving on to our list of the best exhaust fans for kitchen & Indian cooking, how could we miss adding the brand, Bajaj? The Bajaj Exhaust Fan under 2000 offers an impressive CMH airflow of 500 which is part of the reason why we chose to add this fan to our list. Moreover, it has a power consumption of 25W which is not that less but still better than some other fans out there. The RPM is pretty standard at 1350. If you have a small kitchen of less than 70 sq. ft or 100 Sq.ft, this can be a great kitchen exhaust fan to buy on Amazon & Flipkart.



              Good airflow of 500 CMH

              The RPM could have been a little more

              Low power consumption of 25W

              Feels a bit expensive..can be a good buy under or around 1K

              Auto on/off shutters on the back

              Low sound

              So this was all about sharing the top 7 kitchen exhaust fans in India for Indian kitchens (big & small) under 1K to 2K rupees. We have tried to sort and filter through several fans to jot down these ones from the top exhaust fan brands in India. We hope you find this list useful. Do let us know in the comments below what you think. Also if you are looking to buy an exhaust fan for your kitchen & need it in a specific size we haven’t covered above, feel free to ask away in the comments below and we will try to respond as soon as possible.

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