Best Men's Sweaters for Indian Winters in 2022 with Buying Guide

Get to know the Top Men's Sweaters/Cardigans/Pullovers/Sweatshirts/Jumpers for Indian Winters. Also, get your hands on the Men’s Sweater Buying Guide to know insights into a high quality sweater.

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Winters are nearby which calls for winter wear. India is well-known for its amazing winter wear collection along with flawless quality fabrics. In this read, we are going to talk about the most popular winter wear in men’s i.e. Sweaters/Cardigans/Pullovers/Sweatshirts/Jumpers. This buying guide will help you find what all it takes to be a high quality men’s sweater. Moreover, you will know the Best Men's Sweaters for Indian Winters so that you can make an ideal choice for yourself and your near & dear ones.

Men’s Sweater Buying Guide : How to get the Best Quality Sweaters in India?

Looking on How to get the Best Quality Sweaters in India? Well, here’s a Sweater Buying Guide that might get you most of your answers.

Sweater Fabric

Fabric in a sweater plays an important role in determining the quality of warmth, comfort, elasticity, durability and other aspects. Let’s get into the different types of sweater fabrics available in India.


Wool is the best sweater fabric for providing warmth. Merino wool is recommended in wool sweaters while recycled wools are less effective. However, wool sweaters are costly.


Cashmere is a form of wool made from cashmere goat’s fibre. These are well known for their heat retention and softness. It is best used with wool for sweaters that provide great warmth and comfort.


Cotton sweaters are very popular due to its various benefits like cost-effectiveness, easy maintenance & wash, and high durability. However, if you need really warm cotton sweaters then the fabric has to be high quality cotton. Moreover, if these get wet then they remain wet for a long time compared to wool which dries quickly.


Polyester sweaters are cheap, but have some drawbacks. After various washes, you might find it to start loosening its shape. Also, its heat retention capacity is very less which means that wearing a polyester sweater is equal to wearing a thick t-shirt.

Sweater Types : Stylish Sweaters for Men

There are many types of sweaters available in India depending on the styles you are looking for. Cable-knit sweaters, full-zip sweaters, and half-zip sweaters are popular in India. You can also check out 15 Must-Have Winter Essentials to keep you warm and healthy during the cold – Clothing, Skincare and Home.

Crew-neck Sweaters : Formal Sweater for Men
  • Best used as formal sweaters.
  • Classic style.
  • Round & narrow band rib.
  • Gels well with any type of clothing.
  • Round-neck t-shirts will require strong crew-neck ribbing for fine looks.
V-neck Sweaters / Cardigans
  • Shirts (collar and buttons) and necktie are preferred.
  • Resembles cardigan sweaters.
  • Gels well with suits and casual jackets.
  • Works as both formal and casual sweaters.
Turtleneck Sweaters for Men

Turtleneck is formed by rolling a long collar or you can say doubly rolled collars. Even a single long collar forms a high-neck sweater.

  • Popular in extreme cold regions.
  • Best sweater is covering the whole upper body with a thick neck band.
  • Gels well with lightweight jackets.
  • One of the most popular in thinner knitted sweaters.
Baggy Sweaters

  • More Casual style compared to crew-neck sweaters.
  • Resembles roll-neck sweaters.
  • Wider neck opening and loosely knitted jumper.
  • Best used on weekends for casual wear.
Shawl-neck sweaters

  • Best suited for business casual wear.
  • Found in cardigans and half-zip sweaters.
  • Narrow rolled collar connecting like a v-shaped sweater.
  • Suitable for middle-aged and older men.
Arm Warmer Sweaters

Arm warmer sweaters are worn on the arm especially by women. These are knitted sleeves which help in keeping the arm warmer. These are mostly used by dancers and gymnasts for getting their arms warmed up before practice.

Sweater Vests

Sweater vests are nothing but sleeveless sweaters. Most of them are v-neck style sweaters. They were popular in the late 90s.

Jerkin Sweater

Jerkin sweaters are made of leather unlike wool or cotton sweaters. These are closely fitted to the body, and are mostly used in snow covered areas.

Best Men's Sweaters for Indian Winters : Top Sweaters in India

Now, let's have a look at the Best Men's Sweaters for Indian Winters. These include branded sweaters so might be costly, but scores amazingly well on quality and durability.

Monte Carlo V-neck Men’s Sweater Vest

This sweater vest from Monte Carlo comes in 3 colors in grey, navy blue, and maroon. It is a wool blend sweater and comes in a regular fit and self pattern. Its texture is very pleasing to the eye, and is one of the best sweaters for men in India.

The core trend here is worth looking out for. This is a V-neck sweater and comes in sleeveless casual form. Thus, you can wear it at home/office on a daily basis. The breathable leather lining on it makes it comfortable to wear while you are active.

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Pullover Sweater

This Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Pullover Sweater comes in off white shade. It is a round neck sweater with long sleeves and ribbed hem. Also, it is stretchable so fits well. The material used is pure cotton, and that too a breathable one. It has a solid pattern to go with it.

It is suitable for wearing as a casual sweater with a cozy style on point. Moreover, the characteristic company logo on it looks great.

Adidas Terrex Full-Zip Fleece Jacket Sweater Shirt for Men

This Adidas Terrex jacket Sweater Shirt for Men is made of a series of high-performance recycled materials called Primegreen. The waffle grid fleece here provides warmth and breathability. Thus, it is one of the best active wear sweaters for men in India.

It is a regular fit full-zip sweater with a stand-up collar. It is well known for temperature settling and quick drying. In addition, it contains 94% of recycled polyester and 6% of elastane fleece which makes it stand out.

Raymond Full-Zip Woolen Sweater for Men

This Raymond Woolen Sweater for Men is of dark-grey color and looks best when styled with blue jeans and white sneakers. It comes with full-zip and is a high neck type sweater. You will get a contemporary fit here.

The fabric used here is merino wool (fine wool) and Acrylic. Thus, it gives warmth for a very long time. It is best used as a formal sweater.

Peter England V-neck Striped Sweater : New Sweater Design 2022

This New sweater design 2022 from Peter England comes in grey color with black & white stripes. You will get a regular fit and stripe pattern here. The fabric used here is pure acrylic so it gives great warmth at ultra-low temperatures in India.

It is a full-sleeve sweater with a v-neck. The navy sweater and reversible sweater are also great picks from this brand worth checking out, but are costlier.

H&M Turtleneck White Sweater for Men : Winter Sweater for Men

This H&M Jumper comes in 14 colors so you have a choice to pick your favorite ones. It is a Turtleneck white sweater for men with long sleeves. Fine-knit cotton is used in its making so enjoy warmth + comfort at the same time. Thus, is among the best Winter Sweaters for Men

The cuffs and hems here are ribbed for better wearability. It’s fabric contains 92% cotton and 8% elastane for better elasticity when on the move. Moreover, it has got 1611 reviews with an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. You can style it with penny loafers, denim overshirt, and a shearling jacket.

Monte Carlo Half Zip-up Sweater for Men : Black High Neck Sweater

This Monte Carlo Half Zip-up Sweater for Men comes with white, brown, and grey stripes. It is a woolen sweater especially for Indian winters. The color is off-white and has a printed design, but you can also opt for a black one when available. It has a mock collar and long sleeves and straight hem.

You can wear it with trousers and jeans as a casual pullover. It is a bit costly but given the brand, fabric, design, built, and overall quality, it promises amazing durability.

Jack & Jones Crew-neck Printed Men's Christmas Sweater

This Jack & Jones Men’s Christmas Sweater comes with a crew-neck. It has a nice “MERRY X-MAS” and “LET’S GET ELFED UP!” text print along with Christmas object prints. You will get long sleeves and ribbed hem here. Fabric used here is cotton.

Sztori Turtleneck Oversized Men’s Sweater

This Sztori Oversized Men’s Sweater comes in classic maroon color. You can style it with dark blue jeans and white sneakers. It has a turtleneck, long sleeves, and ribbed hem. Fabric used here is acrylic while the pattern is solid. Men looking for plus size pullovers can get the best out of it.

H&M Men Long Hooded Cardigan : Sweater Hoodie

This H&M Long Hooded Cardigan is made of pure cotton so you will get the best of ease. The fabric used here is of a lightweight sweatshirt. Moreover, you will get visible seams, jersey-lined, and long sleeves.

You will also get drawstring hood, side pockets, and an asymmetric raw-edge (curved) hem. This cardigan doesn’t include fasteners. The pattern here is solid and is recommended for casual wear.

U.S. Polo Men Sweater Jacket

This U.S. Polo sweaters come with high-neck and solid patterns. It is a full-zip sweater so you can flaunt your inner as well. It’s fabric contains 93% cotton and 7% polyester. The U.S. Polo logo comes on the chest.

This sweater has a full concealed zipper closure. Also, you get tonal panel inserts at the front. Moreover, it includes ribbed neck, sleeve hems and hemline.

Zara High Neck Half-zip Sweater

This Zara sweater comes with a high-neck and half-zip fastening. It has long sleeves and ribbed hems. Additionally, it is in the evergreen khaki color. It pairs well with off-white chinos and lace-up boots.

Red Tape Men's Round-neck Sweater

This Red Tape Men's Olive Sweater is made of pure cotton. Its style is like a round neck t-shirt so you can wear it single as well. It has a regular fit and is full sleeves. The pattern here is self design. Its price is under budget sweaters in India, and is available in grey and yellow colors.

Therefore, if you are looking for a high quality sweater then opt-in for Merino wool, cable-knit, turtleneck style, and well-knitted hems. You can also go for budget cotton sweaters if your requirement is not too high. Before going, here are some Men’s Fashion Deals for saving big so do check them out.

I love saving money on everything. My aim is to get my readers what they are looking for and that too without wasting much of their time. Whatever I am writing on, you are sure to find a way to save good!
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