The Only 5 Best Mini UPS Inverters for Home in India 2024 (with Buying Tips)

In this article, we have dug through the internet to find the only 5 best mini UPS for laptops, home, desktops, wifi that you can buy online today

by Vrushali.S Updated: 16 May, 2024, 13:10 IST
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If you are planning to buy an inverter with a battery but do not have the budget for it, Mini UPS inverters can come in handy. These small portable inverters for the home can work without an additional battery plus cost a fraction of what an actual inverter with a battery would cost.

Buying these mini UPS for home is a bit tricky. You need to understand a few techy terms like load capacity, inverter backup & power wattage, efficiency, etc.

There are a ton of Mini UPS for laptops, home, office, and PCs available online & offline but let me tell you most of them are either not worth the price or don’t do what they claim to do.

So to help you save your hard-earned money by only buying the best mini inverter for home & office work, we have curated this list.

In this article, we have dug through the internet to find the only 5 best mini UPS for laptops, home, desktops, wifi that you can buy online today. Don’t worry we are also going to reveal the complete details of these portable inverters in simple layman terms so that a common man like you can easily understand & make the best decision for themselves.

The Only 5 Best Mini UPS Inverters for Home in India 2024 (with Buying Tips)

Mini Inverter for Home Buying Guide (things that no one tells you)

Before we look into the best portable mini inverters for home, there are a few things you need to know. These things are often kept hidden by the local inverter dealers & online, the customer is often not knowledgeable about them.

  1. Mini UPS portable inverters are different from Inverter that need a separate battery to work

Mini UPS Inverters: Function like a power bank for your laptop, Wi-Fi router, or mobile devices during power cuts. They are portable, smaller, have limited battery capacity, and offer backup for only 30 minutes to a few hours. They do not require an additional battery, making them more cost-effective.

Traditional Inverters: Require a separate battery and are suitable for longer power backups, uninterrupted power supply, surge protection, and overload protection.


2. Most mini UPS inverters are not pure sine wave

    Pure sinewave technology is expensive and most UPS inverters under ₹5000 to ₹10,000 are budget UPS inverters that pass simulated sinewave power (not pure sinewave). Hence using these non-pure sinewave mini inverters directly can cause damage to your sensitive appliances. Don’t worry we have shared a hack around this problem as well as the best pure sinewave portable mini inverter in the article below.


    3. Not every mini UPS inverter comes with an in-built battery

      Some portable inverters only do the job of converting DC to AC and only work when they are attached to a DC power outlet (such as your car battery). So be sure to check if you are buying a mini inverter with an in-built battery or not.


      4. Don’t go with a 600VA mini UPS inverter if you have a performance PC

        A 600VA mini UPS inverter (360W) is inadequate for modern performance PCs, which require at least a 450W power supply. For heavy appliances like TVs, PCs, and refrigerators, a minimum of 1200VA mini pure sine wave UPS is recommended.


        5. The power wattage or VA of an inverter doesn’t always match the results in real-life usage

          Even if your mini UPS claims to provide 1200VA (650W to 900W), in real life you might only be able to get a power backup of say 500W. This is because of the efficiency rating of the inverter which differs for each. The more efficiency, the more power backup you get. Also, keep in mind efficiency of an inverter reduces as the load increases so it's best to run your appliances at 20-30% lesser load capacity of your inverter. This is also the reason why even some mini UPS inverters with 600VA (360W) can only provide a power backup of 1-3 hours for a 65W charging laptop.


          Useful Hack: How to protect your laptop when charging with a mini UPS that is not pure sinewave
          A bit of a hack if you want to save your sensitive appliance’s life while using a non-pure sinewave mini inverter: Buy an extra laptop power bank, charge it first through the mini UPS and then use the power bank to charge your laptop. This way your laptop or your laptop’s charging adapter is less susceptible to damage.🔋


          Top 5 Best Mini UPS for Home, Laptop, PC, TV, Wi-Fi, & more


          Vantro 200W Car Power Inverter

          APC Back-UPS BX600C-IN 600VA

          Microtek Premium Jumbo Pure Sine Wave

          Artis PS-600VA

          LUMINOUS LB1000 PRO

          Battery Capacity

          None since it doesn’t have an in-built battery of its own

          12V, 7.2AH maintenance-free battery

          Not explicitly mentioned, but likely uses a 24V battery bank

          12V, 7Ah battery

          2 x 12V, 7.5Ah batteries (total 24V, 7.5Ah)

          Inverter Backup

          Depends on car battery

          10 minutes - 2 hours depending on the connected load

          5 - 6 Hours for approx 858W power consumption

          10 minutes - 2 hours

          2.5 Hours approx for a 65W laptop

          Power Wattage


          360W or 600VA

          2000W / 2.5KVA output capacity

          600VA / 360W output capacity


          Power Voltage

          Input: 12V DC (from car battery)

          Output: 220V AC (from car battery to running AC appliances)

          Input: 230V AC nominal

          Output: 230V 2.6A AC (stepped approximated sine wave) when on battery

          Input: 100V - 280V AC

          Output: 220V ± 10% (Pure Sine Wave) in UPS mode

          Input: 230V AC

          Input Voltage Range: 140V to 300V AC

          Output: 230V AC (Simulated Sine Wave)

          Input: 230V

          Output: 230V

          Ports available

          2 AC outlets, 3 USB-A ports, 1 USB Type-C port

          3 Battery backup & surge protected 2/3 pin output Indian power sockets

          Not mentioned (likely has Indian socket pins)

          3 output sockets

          4 output sockets

          Temperature Control


          NA (not shared)

          Integrated cooling via fan and heatsink

          Not mentioned


          Overload Protection



          Up to 108% of the rated capacity

          Overload audible alarm (beeps every 0.5 seconds)


          Voltage Regulation










          No (has LED indicators & alarms)

          No (has LED indicators)

          Supported use-cases

          Laptops, smartphones, cameras

          Computer, wifi modem routers, TV, Home theatre, generator compatible

          Computer/IT applications, Music studios, Medical equipment, Generator compatible

          Laptop, monitors Routers, network switches, Low-powered devices, Generator compatible

          Laptops, smartphones, PC, etc

          Devices not supported

          Hair dryers, hair straighteners, coffee machines

          High-power appliances exceeding 360W

          Not applicable (most devices in our home/office work under 2000W)

          High-power devices exceeding 360W

          High-power devices exceeding 600W


          12V DC charger adapter

          4-6 Hours typical recharge time

          NA (assuming 8-9 Hours based on the details available)

          4 hours to recharge to 90% capacity

          4 - 6 hours to recharge to 90% capacity


          C-Type port

          UPS Inverter


          UPS Inverter, User manual

          UPS Inverter


          18 months

          2-Year Warranty: covers parts & labour, including battery

          2 Years

          2 years warranty with walk-in service centres

          2 Years


          Check price

          Check price

          Check Price

          Check Price

          Check Price

          5 Best Mini UPS for Laptop, Home, PC, and Office in India in 2024 (mini portable inverter)

          While selecting these 5 best mini UPS for home, we compared and reviewed several mini portable inverters for home. Some couldn’t make it to our list because they failed to work for laptops, and PCs while some for their poor reviews and quality. There are a handful of mini UPS inverters available in the market but these were the only 5 best mini portable inverters that we could find.


          Vantro 200W Car Power Inverter: Portable Mini UPS for Laptop

          Vantro 200W Car Power Inverter: Portable Mini UPS for Laptop

          If you are looking for the best portable mini UPS for a laptop, this Vantro 200W car power inverter deserves your attention. This mini UPS for laptops drives its power from your car battery and converts the DC current of your car battery to the AC current for your laptop. This means you can charge your laptop on the go when you are away from your home as many times as you may want.

          The only drawback of this car power inverter for laptops is that it only works on car battery power. It doesn’t have an inbuilt battery itself and hence cannot provide you with a power backup without an active source of power. But if you are someone who travels a lot in their car and needs their smartphone, laptops and other devices to be charged on the go, this is one of the best quality portable mini UPS in India in 2024.

          It has a power wattage of 200W so as long as your running appliances' power consumption is less than 200W, this portable UPS for laptops & phones can be a good choice. Be sure to use the inverter when the car is started to avoid any damage to the car battery or reducing its power


          APC Back-UPS 600VA: Mini UPS for Wi-Fi Router, Office, TV, Laptop

          APC Back-UPS 600VA: Mini UPS for Wi-Fi Router, Office, TV, Laptop

          If you are looking for a good small inverter for home, laptop charging, wifi routers, etc, this APC Back-UPS 600VA mini UPS can be considered. It’s pretty similar to Artis PS-600VA (mentioned in the article further) but a little on the expensive side since this APC Backup UPS comes with a slightly longer battery backup and a display that shows the status of the UPS.

          If budget is not a constraint, we would recommend preferring this small UPS for laptops and other small appliances over the Artis PS-600VA. However, do note that it is not a pure sinewave UPS inverter so you will have to use our hack which we mentioned earlier to safeguard your laptop while charging.

          Apart from this, the APC Back-UPS is sufficient for running a low-end PC for about 10-20 minutes (approx) and a 65W laptop with a backup of 2 - 2.5 hours. A 55-inch LED TV can also work for about 5-10 minutes on this mini UPS. While you can use this mini UPS for anything under 360W, we personally do not recommend using it on your TV or sensitive appliances since it's not a pure sinewave inverter.

          Some of its biggest pros are that this mini UPS comes with overload protection, surge protection, AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) and a battery-saver mode.


          Microtek Premium Jumbo: Pure Sinewave Portable Inverter for Laptop with up to 8 hours of backup

          Microtek Premium Jumbo: Pure Sinewave Portable Inverter for Laptop with up to 8 hours of backup

          If you are looking to buy a small UPS for a laptop with up to 8 hours of battery backup or more, this Microtek Premium Jumbo Mini UPS (Pure Sinewave) can be the best choice for you. Microtek is a renowned name in the power product market in India and the company deals in UPS, inverters, inverter batteries, wires, circuits and more. Being a pure sinewave mini UPS, you can use it worry-free for laptops, PCs, TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, & any other sensitive appliances.

          It also comes with a massive power backup capacity of 2000W that can last you all day long. If you live in areas where there are occasional power cuts but for longer durations, this pure sinewave mini UPS for home is one of the best to choose from. You get an LED display, an AVR, overload protection and a backup of 8 hours or more depending on the load.

          What I liked about this mini UPS is that its efficiency is a solid 80%. This also means more savings on electricity bills as compared to using an inefficient UPS.

          All of these factors combined make this one of the best pure sinewave mini UPS for gaming PCs, Laptops, and TVs, with longer battery backup.


          Artis PS-600VA: Best Mini UPS in India for Home, Laptop under Rs.3000
          Artis PS-600VA: Best Mini UPS in India for Home, Laptop under Rs.3000

          Moving on to our list of the best mini UPS in India, we have got the Artis PS-600VA which can supply a power of 360W and a backup of 10 minutes to 2 hours depending on the load. For charging a 65W laptop, you can get a power backup of 2 hours. The same might be reduced to 30-40 minutes if you add an extra wifi router to it. It comes with surge protection, short circuit protection and audible alarm indicators.

          If you wish to provide your smart TV with uninterrupted supply during frequent power cuts, this budget Artis PS-600VA small UPS can be a great choice. What’s even great is that it’s priced under ₹2500. Probably one of the cheapest best mini UPS for laptops, PCs, TVs and homes.

          Do note that this is not a pure sinewave mini inverter so for your sensitive appliances, you might have to use an additional power pack to avoid passing direct current from the inverter to the laptop.


          Luminous LB1000 Pro: Best Branded Mini UPS for Home

          Luminous LB1000 Pro: Best Branded Mini UPS for Home

          Luminous LB100 Pro is one of the best-branded mini UPS in India currently. Thanks to its solid build quality, high power wattage of 600W, overload protection, AVR and 4 output sockets, it has made a place for itself on our list. With a 2-year warranty and the trust of a renowned brand such as Luminous, this mini UPS for home is certainly a reliable option to choose.

          While not pure sinewave, this small UPS for home or laptops can provide a battery backup of anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 or 2.5 hours depending on the load. Note that this UPS is not suitable for use on gaming PCs (which have a 450W or above) since the running load gets increased further which might not be handled by this mini UPS. On a less powerful PC, this UPS inverter can give a power backup of 7 to 10 minutes and for wifi routers, it could be up to 2.5 hours as well. If you wish to buy a branded mini UPS inverter, this is surely worth considering.

          All the technical specifications of the small UPS inverters mentioned are given in the table above. Do share with us if you have any doubts or thoughts to share. Moreover, if we missed adding any other good UPS for home or laptops, or PCs, please feel free to drop your suggestion in the comments down below.

          On a side note, if you only need a mini UPS for wifi routers, this V-Guard Envibe Router UPS under ₹1500 can be worth checking out.

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