8 Best Portable Air Conditioners in India 2024 (Blue Star vs Lloyd vs Croma vs Cruise)

Checkout the Top 8 Portable ACs (Branded) now available in India. Also, get to know Insights into the Portable Air Conditioners as they keep growing in the Indian cooling appliances market!

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Planning to buy a Portable AC for home/office/outdoors/etc.? Well, you have come to the right place as here you will find Actual Portable Air Conditioners (not Portable Air Coolers😉), and that too the Best ones! Also, get to know their Important specs, features, pros, cons, buying options, along with some key aspects to consider before buying one. Let’s get started!

5 Best Portable Air Conditioners in India

Important Things to Know Before Buying a Portable AC
  • Need to use a pipe and bucket for water dripping

  • Hose pipe needs to be attached and kept out of the room/window for hot air disposal. Brands give tools/accessories for exhaust, but some are unsuitable for most Indian windows so you need to do some DIY or get help from a carpenter.

  • Hose pipe may get very hot after prolonged usage so beware!

  • Around 5k and 10k Costly than Split and Window ACs respectively. Also, portable ACs are low on energy efficiency comparatively.

  • Can try/experience it in-store before buying

  • Included Accessories - exhaust hose | adjustable window bracket | water drain hose | remote control | sponge sheet for tightening hose (only in few)

Why Buy a Portable Air Conditioner?

Many people have different reasons to go for a Portable Air Conditioner based on convenience and cost effectiveness. Below are some of the common ones. You can also let us know your reasons in the comments section.

  • Installation Issues

  • Efficient for Small Rooms

  • Less usage

  • Outdoor usage (farm house, tents, etc)

  • People on the move (mostly use in rented apartments)

  • Using the same AC in all rooms at different time intervals.

Now, let’s move on to our list of Top Rated Portable ACs in India in 2024.

Blue Star 1 Ton: Best portable aircon unit 


This Blue Star Portable AC comes with a self-diagnosis feature. Thus, it automatically alerts you if your AC needs repairing (having some operational issues). Unlike regular ACs, this portable AC can also be controlled via a touch panel on the top of its body.

Key Specs & Features
  • Anti-bacterial silver coating on filter at the back

  • 2 Star Rating

  • Rotary Compressor

  • Copper Condenser

  • R410A Eco Friendly Refrigerant

  • Hydrophilic Gold Fin For Protection against moisture & corrosion.

  • Functions: swing | timer | sleep mode | fan speed control

  • 4 modes: auto | cool | dry | heat

  • Warranty: 1 year on product | 5 yrs on compressor

  • 1350 Watts cooling power

  • Ideal Room Size: 120 sq ft

  • Energy inefficiency

Buying options
Cruise PortaQool 3 Star 1 Ton: Best portable room air conditioner


This Cruise portable AC has jet aero-blade like wings for superior airflow. It looks visually appealing. Also, a strong build makes it more stunning.

Key Specs & Features
  • WiFi Connectivity (operate from anywhere)

  • 3 Star Rating

  • Dust Filter

  • 2D Auto Airflow (120 degrees)

  • Wireless Remote Control

  • Multitasker - Fan | Dehumidifier | Air Purifier (basic)

  • Expandable Exhaust Hose

  • Touch Controls

  • Anti-bacterial air filters

  • Rotary compressor

  • Ideal Room Size: 110 sq ft

  • Copper Condenser

  • Blue-tec anti-corrosive coating

  • 1 year warranty on product, condenser, and compressor.

  • Water Drain Not Required due to self-evaporation system

  • Basic air purification

  • Durability is a question?

Buying options
Best Portable ACs in India 2024 [Video]
Cruise PortaQool 1W 1.5 Ton: Cheap portable air conditioner


The Cruise PortaQool 1W portable AC has all the features of the PortaQool 3S model (above one) along with some modifications and additions. Here, you get buttons instead of the touch panel. It is also available in 1 Ton capacity variant. Design-wise it is not stylish as the previous one, but has a better architecture (Aerodynamic aesthetic). It is ideal for rooms upto 130 sq ft area.

Key Specs & Features (modified & added)
  • 4D Auto Airflow (120 degrees)

  • Ideal Room Size: 130 sq ft

  • Functions: swing | timer | sleep mode | fan speed control

  • Energy inefficiency

Buying options
Croma 1.5 Ton: Best small portable air conditioner


This Croma 1.5 Ton (5275W cooling capacity) Portable AC can also act as a Dehumidifier. It has a touch screen control panel on the top. Also, like the Blue Star one, it has got the self-diagnosis feature.

Key Specs & Features
  • R410A Eco Friendly Refrigerant

  • Copper pipes

  • Functions: swing | timer | sleep mode | fan speed control

  • Dust Filter

  • Warranty: 1 year on product | 5 yrs on compressor

  • Ideal Room Size: 170 sq ft

  • 2300W cooling power

  • Blue Hydrophilic Fins at evaporator

  • 2D Auto Airflow (left & right)

  • No water drip system

  • Auto fan mode

  • Covers more room space due to high cooling capacity

  • Only hose pipe and remote is given in accessories

Buying options
Lloyd 1 Ton: Good portable air conditioner


It also comes with swing, timer, sleep mode, and fan speed control functions. The best part about this Lloyd 1 Ton Portable Air Conditioner is that it is sleek & stylish, along with a strong body.

Key Specs & Features
  • R410A Eco Friendly Refrigerant

  • Copper pipes

  • 1 year Warranty on compressor

  • 2-way swing

  • Self-diagnosis

  • Rotary compressor

  • Ideal room size - 100 sq ft

  • Blue-fin eva coils

  • Touch controls

  • Dry, Cool, and Fan modes

  • Basic air purification

  • Auto-restart

  • Lesser warranty period. Also, only a compressor warranty is given.

  • Misses Heat mode

Buying options
LG DUAL Inverter Smart: Best Portable Air Conditioner for Bedroom


LG ACs are known for their sleek & stylish design, this portable one stays true to it. It comes with 10,000 BTU cooling capacity which can cover 450 sq. ft. area. You get 3 modes in fan, dry, and cool along with dehumidifying features. Moreover, it has a 24 hrs timer, auto-restart, and an auto evaporating system.

LG portable ACs are not available in India so you need to buy them from International sellers. This model excels in low noise with 53dB in low mode. Even on high mode, your daily tasks won’t be hampered. It is priced at ₹52,451.

MarQ (by Flipkart) 1 Ton: Top rated portable air conditioner


This MarQ Portable AC is very well designed. It comes with 4-level cooling, auto-drainage mechanism, dehumidifier regulation, auto restart, sleep mode, and eco-friendly refrigerant. Moreover, it has got rust-proof casing. You can also operate it via a remote control.

This portable AC can cover upto 90 sq ft area. It has a copper condenser for energy efficient and long-lasting performance. It excels in chilling the room. Besides, it has an on-off Timer, touch control panel, and a hidden digital display. Castor wheels work well for easy porting. Other notable features include Self Diagnosis, dry mode (for humid conditions), and low noise.

It is currently unavailable in India so you need to wait a bit. You can try to get a 2nd hand one on OLX and similar portals because many buy portable ACs but don’t use much so they are in pretty good condition.

Midea 1 Ton: Amazon portable air conditioner


Flaps in this Midea Portable AC are on the top just like a top-load washing machine. What makes it stand out is the 5 years compressor warranty. Midea has many service stations across the country so warranty claims are handled well.

This 1 ton portable AC covers upto 90 sq ft area. Its key highlights include copper condenser (with rotary compressor), Anti-freeze Thermostat, Hydrophilic Gold Evaporator Fins, and Auto-drain feature. Cooling capacity here is 3650W. The Midea portable AC on Amazon is also a nice pick.

Best Portable ACs in India 2024 Compared

Best Portable ACs

BEE Star Rating (out of 5)

Warranty (year)

Cooling Power

Room Coverage (sq ft)

Price (₹)

Blue Star 1 Ton


1 (product), 5 (compressor)



30,000 (low price)

Cruise PortaQool 3 Star 1 Ton


1 (product), 1 (compressor)




Cruise PortaQool 1W 1.5 Ton


1 (product & condenser), 5 (compressor)




Croma 1.5 Ton


1 (product), 5 (compressor)




Lloyd 1 Ton


1 (product), 1 (compressor)




LG DUAL Inverter Smart


1 (product)

10,000 BTU



MarQ (by Flipkart) 1 Ton


1 (product), 5 (compressor)




Midea 1 Ton


1 (product), 5 (compressor)




That’s it! Portable ACs are currently not popular in India, but you never know, this might be the future! I hope you found this Best Portable AC Guide useful. Please share your valuable feedback!

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