Best Rakhi Gifts and Rakhi to celebrate Raksha Bandhan for Sister and Brothers

Celebrate Rakhsha Bandhan with these Rakhi and Rakhi Gift recommendations that your sister and brother would love.

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The start of the festive season begins with Raksha Bandhan. Rakhsha Bandhan is a special occasion for siblings to celebrate their bond. While a relationship between a brother and sister is a tug of war of bittersweet days. The day of Raksha Bandhan is only filled with joy. While the festive norm is that sister’s tie Rakhi on their brother’s wrist, the new era has elevated the significance of Raksha Bandhan. In many cultures, Rakhi is tied on the wrist of an elder sister, father, sister-in-law, brother-in-law, etc. Some sisters who don’t have brothers tie rakhis on their sister’s and father’s wrist.

Raksha Bandhan is soon approaching us on the 22nd of August 2021. It is time we start planning gift ideas and rakhi designs for Raksha Bandhan. These three the most significant things during this festival are Rakhi, Gifts and the Arati Thali. All of them are a symbol of the growing strength of a sibling's bond. We have put together Rakhi gifts ideas and a website where you can buy rakhi online for Raksha Bandhan.

Best Rakhi Gifts and Rakhi to celebrate Raksha Bandhan for Sister and Brothers
Rakhi Gift Ideas for Raksha Bandhan
1. Jewellery
Best Rakhi Gifts and Rakhi

Jewellery is something that is adored by every woman. They make the perfect gift for women of all ages. You can win your sister's heart with a lovely piece of jewellery even if you don't strive very hard. If you know your sister's style and personality, you can find her the finest piece of jewellery that compliments her.

Give your sister something she'll always treasure to add a little glow to her charm. You can go for a charm bracelet, diamond studs, a pendant or even a neckpiece.

2. Watches
Best Rakhi Gifts and Rakhi

A watch is more than an ornament; it is a need. Anyone can claim that you can always use your smartphone to keep track of time. However, a wristwatch looks more stylish and appealing. Gift her a titan watch or a smartwatch, whatever you may like.

3. Perfume
Best Rakhi Gifts and Rakhi

Perfumes tell you a story about your personality and leave a long-lasting impression. You can certainly gift a simple perfume as a rakhi gift. However, we would suggest you go for a luxury perfume brand like Channel, Armani, Tom Ford, Guess, Davidoff, etc. The primary reason is that luxury perfume brands use notes that are strong and leave an ever-lasting impression.

4. Gift Hamper
Best Rakhi Gifts and Rakhi

A customised rakhi gift hampers for your sister or brother would be a perfect Raksha Bandhan gift. Personalized presents are always unique. They are well-considered and significant. They have their own special way of making your loved ones happy. You can go for an edible hamper, stationery or anything that they may love.

5. Smartphone
Best Rakhi Gifts and Rakhi

Sister loves expensive gifts and when it’s an upgrade to their smartphones they are going to be delighted with you. Gift your sister a smartphone she has always been eyeing. Surprise her with a customised cover and viola, you will forever be her favourite brother.

6. Beauty Products
Best Rakhi Gifts and Rakhi

As much as women love cosmetics, it’s more about the need than the want. Put together a skincare kit for your sister to pamper her. You can even go with an improvised makeup kit and add some beauty tools to it.

7. Personalised Gift
Best Rakhi Gifts and Rakhi

Sisters are the best thing to happen to every brother. They get to know the value of a woman in their life, watching her grow from a little girl into an incredible woman. To express how proud you are of her, give her a personalized Rakhi gift, be it a clock, mug, t-shirts, or an engraved watch.

In between fight, laughter and love, every brother and sister bond get stronger. These ones are perfect for the sister who likes the effort put into gifting.

8. Handbags
Best Rakhi Gifts and Rakhi

Everyone likes handbags, especially women. Ask them whether they want one, and you will learn they already have something in mind. You have to either ask them which one they want or simply surprise them if you are aware of their taste. A wallet can be an excellent Raksha Bandhan gift. There are many different types of handbags you can gift.

9. Amazon Gift Card
Best Rakhi Gifts and Rakhi

Are you confused about what to get for your sister or brother? Well, this one’s for you! Get them an Amazon Gift card as a Raksha Bandhan gift so they can buy whatever they want. It is better than giving them cash, as it gets spent on various things rather than a rakhi gift. Put it in a pretty envelope and scribble a heartfelt message or an inside joke on it.

10. Electronic Gadgets
Best Rakhi Gifts and Rakhi

Electronic Gadgets make the best of gifts. Gift an iPad to your sister/brother who loves to draw, illustrate, edit pictures, watch movies, read, etc. For fitness lovers, a fitness watch seems ideal and anything that would be helpful in day-to-day life.

Rakhi’s you will love to tie on Raksha Bandhan
Evil Eye Rakhi
Best Rakhi Gifts and Rakhi

Evil Eye charms are in trend and they have a significant meaning behind them. It is said that an evil eye charm rakhi wards off any evil trying to creep on a person wearing the charm. Protect the one that protects you with an evil eye rakhi.

Pearl Godly Rakhi

This collection of Pearl Rakhi depicts divinity in diverse ways. Send your brothers your best wishes and the blessings of Shiva, Krishna, and Ganesha. The copper polished metallic centres are combined with calming small pearl clusters, surrounded by matching beads, and knotted with soft pink yarn.

Quirky Rakhi
Best Rakhi Gifts and Rakhi

You laughed, sang, danced, argued, and made up with your brothers as you grew up. Relive those times and share a grin with this collection of three quirky Rakhi’s. The metal centrepieces are linked with multicoloured intertwined yarn and symbolize a treasured memory you had with them.

Name Rakhi
Best Rakhi Gifts and Rakhi

Make your rakhi more distinctive and unforgettable this Raksha Bandhan than ever before. The unique name rakhi is handcrafted in clay by experienced artisans and personalised with the name of your brother. All you have to do is provide the name of the person you're presenting it to, and a professional will paint it on the Rakhi.

Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhi
Best Rakhi Gifts and Rakhi

The Bhaiya rakhi is knotted with earthy tones yarn, while the Bhabhi rakhi is bracelet style with a contrasting maroon tassel. The Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhi has its unique style and charm. You can buy rakhi from various sources online easily.

Silver-Gold Rakhi
Best Rakhi Gifts and Rakhi

Gold and Silver Rakhi has a significance, as it lasts longer and can work as a bracelet over time. Get your Brother/Sister a Rakhi that suits their liking this Raksha Bandhan.

We hope you have a great Raksha Bandhan and get to celebrate with your brother and sister. You can explore the best Raksha Bandhan deals on our Raksha Bandhan offers and deals page. Let us know the fondest memories you have of the Raksha Bandhan festival.

Happy Raksha Bandhan in Advance!

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