Best Reusable and Disposable Face Masks for Protection Against Covid

Here is a list of the best disposable and reusable masks for you to choose from to protect yourself and your loved ones against covid-19. Check out the best N95, KN95, and cloth face masks.

by Sahil_Jain Updated: 28 Dec, 2022, 09:50 IST
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The increasing number of covid-19 cases is a huge alarm for all of us to start preparing ourselves to not get hit by huge blows later. Thus, it’s high time for you to choose the best face masks for yourself and your family. Trust me when I say that without the use of masks, we wouldn’t have survived the corona times as efficiently as we did. And, now that we may face similar things again, wouldn’t it be better to be safe than sorry? Therefore, here’s a perfect guide for you to get the best face mask for protection against covid according to your preference. 

Best Face Masks for Protection Against Covid-19

Although we will never be able to forget 2020, the masses were having normal lives once again. Everything was going great and smoothly and then bam! China, once again, is registering huge numbers of covid patients and this has shaken the world to its core. Now that we all have a clear idea of how dangerous this virus is, the Indian government has also asked people to be extra cautious once again and yup, those days with masks are close too. Rumors are that the GOI may even make masks mandatory again really soon. So, here is an article for you to get the top masks from various types such as reusable masks, disposable masks, N95 masks, KN95 masks, and cloth masks.

With so many available options, it gets difficult to select one type of mask, right? Don’t worry, today we will talk about the best face masks available online and which one you should be using for the best protection against covid-19.

Best Reusable Face Masks for Covid in India

Reusable face masks, just as their name suggests, can be used again and again, providing more value than disposable masks. Reusable masks can be worn for a day (or two but it isn’t recommended) and then you can wash them. This makes reusable face masks more value-for-money and affordable for the masses. But they might not be your best bet for the highest level of protection against any virus.

Reusable face masks can be of various types like a normal cloth mask, or the much superior N95 or KN95 masks. Both these masks can be used more than once and you may not have to change them after every use. Moreover, there are a few key differences between these two types of masks too. So, let’s discuss them in a bit more detail:

Why are N95/KN95 Masks Better?

If you try and find the difference between N95 and KN95 masks, you would find various sources claiming how N95 masks have a better fitting, how KN95 masks are not made in China, and whatnot. But does a general user need to confuse himself with these things? Nope, right? Let’s cut to the chase, N95 masks, and KN95 masks, both block up to 95% of air impurities and are rated the highest in terms of protection against the corona virus. Thus, they are more suitable for those who generally go out more or travel in crowded places.

Best N95/KN95 Face Mask Recommendations for You:
  1. OxiClear N99 Anti Pollution Reusable Face Mask: Better protection than N95 masks
    Best N99 Face Mask

    Price: ₹399
    Get this mask right HERE

  2. SISO N95 5-Layer Face Mask: Pack of 10 5-layered N95 masks
    5 Layer N95 Mask

    Price: ₹299
    Get this mask HERE.

  3. Careview Anti Pollution Cotton N95 Reusable Unisex Face Mask: 6-layered mask for great protection
    6 Layer N95 Mask

    Price: ₹682
    Get this mask HERE

  4. Purastep Reusable KN95: Best Value for Money with a pack of 10 masks 
    Rusable KN95 Mask

    Price: ₹249
    Get this reusable face mask right HERE.

Cloth Face Masks: Are They Effective Enough?

Cloth face masks are the first preference of the masses…why? Because they are really affordable and we tend to use them over and over again. And this, my friend, is a huge mistake. Although cloth masks are somewhat effective against air pollutants and even covid, for that you should wear good-quality face masks only. Make sure that the cloth face mask that you get has as many layers of cloth as possible. This ensures better protection for you.

Also, even cloth face masks need to be changed from time to time and you should always wash them at the end of the day. Moreover, cloth masks are good enough for those who do not travel a lot or do not go to crowded places. If you are one such person, then cloth face masks would do the job for you. But it’s better to get an N95/KN95 mask if you have to travel a lot.

Best Cloth Face Mask Recommendations to Prevent Covid-19

Here are some recommendations for you to pick the best cloth masks right now:

Bildos Unisex Cotton Mask: Pack of 12, 3-layered masks 

Best Cloth Masks

Price: ₹299
Get this reusable face mask right HERE.

Cenwell Reusable Face Mask: Best protection with 6 layers  

High Quality Cloth Masks

Price: ₹429
You can get this mask HERE.

Retail Shops Around You: Choose the Best Reusable Masks in Offline Stores 

Yup, some retail shops have high-quality cloth masks too that you can choose from. You may get them for a price cheaper than many online stores and it also gives you all other benefits of offline shopping like checking a product thoroughly before buying it.

These are some of the best reusable masks that you can get online or in a retail store around you.

Best Disposable Face Masks for Covid in India

Disposable face masks are not meant to be used repeatedly. They should be used once and then you can dispose of them. Although the idea of getting disposable face masks may not get much support from many people, experts believe that they are really great for use in our day-to-day lives. Even when we use reusable face masks, we need to replace them after some time, right? So buying disposable masks and changing them every day is a good decision too since a single disposable face mask is usually cheaper than a reusable face mask.

You might have seen doctors and nurses using disposable masks as they provide good protection against viruses and obviously, you do not have to wash them. Also, if you are worried about the cost of disposable masks being higher…trust me you are worried about the wrong thing at the right place.

Here are the Best and Most Affordable Disposable Face Mask Recommendations

Given below is a list of the best disposable face masks for you:

 QUARANT Disposable Face Mask: 3 layers, pack of 50 face masks 

3 Layer Disposable Mask

Price: ₹295
You can get this mask right HERE.

Romsons Nonwoven Fabric Disposable Face Mask: Highest protection with 6 layers, pack of 50 

6 Layers Disposable Masks

Price: ₹414
Get this mask from HERE.

These are some of the best disposable masks that you can get online.

Get the best discounts on these stores on DesiDime: 

This is everything you need to know while picking the best face mask for you and your family since covid has made its way to India again. Since this is about your health, it’s best to make decisions wisely rather than hastily selecting any product, right?

Do let us know what you think about the products mentioned above and whether you are prepared for this new covid wave or not. Feel free to ask any questions too.

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We were wearing mask judiciously until now right from Covid 1.

Tried different kinds of masks because for some one who wears for 3-4 hours often, it wears off and we look for comfort for long usage.

1. Dont choose a mask with a filter. It is not recommended.

2. Many offline stores have good quality comfortable clothes for 50-80 rupees.

3. The latest one I use is Jockey (Expensive and usually price s fixed. But I bought 5-6 quantity on offer @ 200). For long usage, this is the most comfortable mask of all which I tried.

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