Top 10 Best Track Pants for Men from the Top Brands in India

We have listed below the top 10 track pants brands in India for men and women for buying some of the most comfy, durable and stylish track pants for men.

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Trackpants have become essentials. The best track pants for men are produced by some of the top track pant brands in India such as Nike, Puma, Van Heusen, and others. These track pants come with great quality material, near-perfect fitting, and superior comfort. However, if you’ve tried finding quality track pants or joggers for yourself, you’d know it isn’t always easy. To help you cut to the chase, we are sharing tried and tested top 10 best track pants & joggers for men from the best track pants brands in India that we personally have used or our users have used. So be sure to read these reviews of these highest-rated track pant brands in India before buying one for yourself.

These men’s track pants are suitable to wear for

  • Gym

  • Jogging

  • Sports

  • Running

  • Home

    Top 10 Track Pants Brands in India Review and best track pants for men

We have selected the following best track pants for men based on the given parameters:

  1. Material composition: When buying gym wear, fabrics or materials such as Modal, Polyester, Nylon, Spandex, Hosiery, and similar blends are more suited. While Cotton, Linen, and Poly-cotton blend track pants are better suited for the home.

  2. Features: Track pants with pocket zippers can provide more safety to your items while you exercise or work out.

3. Our review of the brand: All the brands mentioned below would be either personally used by us or have been used by the users of our Desidime community. To help you buy the best men’s track pants, we would be sharing the reviews for each men’s track pant brand we mention in this list.

4. Buying options available: See a range of best buying options available and choose for yourself the aptest price to buy good quality men’s track pants or joggers online.

    Best Track Pants or Joggers for Men in India (Top Brands) in 2023

    1. Puma Men’s Track Pants

    Best Puma Track Pants for Men

    The Puma men’s track pants from the Scuderia Ferrari collection are among one the best quality track pants & joggers for men to wear for gym, exercise, or sports. The polyester cotton blend provides extra comfort and the zip pockets help keep your belongings safe. It also comes with inner drawcords for an adjustable fit. Though Puma’s track pants fall mostly on the expensive side, the build quality and sleek, fashionable style of Puma is certainly worth it.

    The Puma Ferrari T7 Slim-fit Men’s track pants are suitable for gym, exercise, yoga, and sports. It has a casual, sporty look that you can pair up with your daily gym wear. It is made from 66% Polyester and 34% Cotton to give you the best of both worlds, cotton’s breathability and polyester’s stretchability


    My brother who owns a skating academy and is a professional sports trainer and enthusiast himself is an avid user of Puma, Nike, and Adidas. I asked him for his review of these track pants brands and he says he finds the track pants, especially by Puma to have a great style, durability, and superior comfort.

    Here’s a picture of him wearing grey Puma track pants similar to these one’s on a recent trekking trip:


    Buying options:

    The Puma Ferrari Slim-fit T7 Track Pants are available on Puma’s official website, Ajio, and Myntra. You can get the most discount on this gym men’s track pants by shopping it through Myntra.

    Rs.2969 at Myntra!

    Rs.4449 at Ajio!

    Rs.3459 on Puma!

    You can also view this comment from a user from our Desidime community where he is sharing his experience of using Puma

    Puma Track Pant Brand Review

    Thanks to @chota_chattri for sharing this review with our community.

    2. Van Heusen’s Men’s Activewear Track Pants

    Best Track Pants Joggers Brands in India

      If you are looking to buy the best casual men’s track pants that can also do the work of activewear and gym wear, at a reasonable price, these Van Heusen’s Flex Track Pants for Men are for you. It has features of active wear such as an antimicrobial finish, easy drying, and a loungewear sort of relaxed look.

      These men’s track pants and joggers have more of a casual look which you easily carry with your other casual clothing or loungewear. It has a material composition of 65% cotton, 35% polyester, and 3% spandex. Because of the high cotton content you can wear these track pants for a long time without irritating your skin, as compared to 100% polyester track pants. It is equipped with a drawstring waistband type and has 3 non-zipped pockets.


      Van Heusen’s track pants strike the ideal balance between affordability and high-quality design. If you are looking for some decent quality track pants at a lesser price, Van Heusen’s track pants are worth checking out. Also, Van Heusen’s track pants generally come with good fitting and size. Here’s what one of our users has to say about using Van Heusen:

      Van Heusen Track Pants Review

      Thanks to @Chudiya for sharing a review of Van Heusen’s track pants with us

      Buying options: The Van Heusen’s Flex Men’s Track Pants are available at the lowest price online on Flipkart.

      Rs.849 on Flipkart!

      Rs.1039 on Van Heusen!

      You can also have a look at some other Van Heusen’s Track Pants for men on Amazon as it is currently offering 50% to 70% OFF on them.

      See Van Heusen Track Pants on Amazon!

      3. Decathlon Athleisure Men’s Track Pants

      Decathlon Best Track Pants for Men

        Decathlon is one of the best brands for men’s track pants in India. It offers great quality men's track pants that can be easily worn for the gym, sports, or running. I personally have been using a bag from Decathlon for more than 3 years and to this date, the bag is near to perfect.

        Decathlon is a family-owned company started in 1976 and the brand works on the motto to provide the best-quality sports athleisure including track pants at the lowest price possible making it a popular choice of the brand among sports and fitness enthusiasts.


        The Domyos by Decathlon Track Pants for Men comes with a 2-year warranty, slim fit, 2 large zip pockets, 100% polyester material, and mesh panels at the back for ventilation - easily one of the best track pants you can buy.

        Here are some of our Desidime users sharing their personal experiences of using Decathlon men’s track pants:

        Decathlon Track Pants Review

        Thanks to @charcoal and @iron-man for sharing their review of Decathlon’s track pants

        Buying options: You can buy these Decathlon track pants for men as athleisure including gym, exercise, sports, or running. It is available to buy on Myntra and Decathlon’s official website.

        Rs.1104 on Myntra!

        Rs.779 on Decathlon!

        You can also use our Decathlon Coupon Codes to get some extra discount on your shopping.

        See Decathlon Coupon Codes!

        4. Adidas Track Pants for Men

          Best Track Pants Brands for Men in India

          Well, who doesn’t know Adidas? Adidas is a popular brand in India to buy men’s track pants. Its signature 2-stripes tape is easily recognizable. Men’s track pants by Adidas are known for their quality fabric and comfort. The Adidas 3 Stripes Straight Track Pants are made of 53% cotton, 36% recycled polyester, and 11% viscose. Viscose is a semi-synthetic, lightweight fabric that also gives a lustrous, soft feel to the clothing. You can very well wear these Adidas track pants in Summer without having to worry about rashes or itchiness. Being one of the top track pants brands in India, Adidas is a choice for many for buying good-quality track pants.


          Adidas has a large inventory, to put in numbers, worth over 4.5 billion euros per year. With Adidas, you are sure to find a pair of your desired track pants or joggers for men. These track pants for men can also be worn for the gym, in casual settings, and as loungewear. The downside of Adidas is that their dye quality sometimes is not as great and sometimes the products can lack durability. 

          Buying options: You can buy men’s track pants for the gym by Adidas on Ajio, Myntra, or Adidas official store. It is available at the most discounted rate on Ajio.

          Rs.2499 on Ajio!

          Rs.1679 on Myntra!

          Rs.1120 on Adidas!

          5. Performax Men’s Track Pants for Gym and Exercise

            Best Track Pants Trousers and Joggers Brands in India

            Performax is an activewear brand by Reliance Retail Fashion in India which is known for providing good quality activewear clothing at an affordable price. The track pants for men by Performax are available at a much lower price as compared to the other brands mentioned in this list.

            The Performax Fastdry Active Panelled Track Pants come with fast dry feature, drawcords for an adjustable fit, insert pockets, and are made from 100% polyester. The downside of Performax pants is because they’re made from 100% polyester, they have little to no breathability and hence can only be worn for a short period of time which also means you cannot use these pants as loungewear.


            For loungewear track pants, Adidas has a better quality collection to offer. Nevertheless, the Performax track pants and joggers for men are certainly one of the most affordable ones for sports, gym, and running with decent to good quality material.

            Here’s what one of our users who has personally used Performax has to say:

            Performax Track Pants review

            Thanks to @superknight for sharing their review of Performax brand track pants with our community.

            Buying options: The men’s gym and exercise track pants by Performax are only majorly available on Reliance stores like Ajio and JioMart.

            Rs.639 on Ajio!

            Rs.559 on JioMart!

            You can check out our coupon codes for both of these stores and shop the Performax track pants at the most convenient price for you.

            See Ajio Coupon Codes for Extra Savings!

            See JioMart Coupon Codes for Extra Savings!

            6. Fitnic Track Pants for Men

            Best Track pants brands in India reviewed

              Founded in 2017, Fitnic is a relatively new track pant brand in India known for offering a wide range of trendy styles and good quality track pants for men and women. With Fitnic, you can get men’s track pants for gym, lounging or sports at a very affordable price online and offline. The track pants for men by Fitnic are available to buy at Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Jiomart, and Fitnic’s official website and stores.


              The FITINC Men's Gym & Yoga Wear Stretchable Track Pant comes with 2 zipper pockets, is made from a Polyester blend, and is stretchable, making it good for doing gym exercise smoothly. The pants are mid-rise and also have a drawstring for an adjustable fit. Being an almost pure polyester fabric, the pants from Fitnic won’t be comfortable to wear in summer or as daily wear. But, they could be great for gym or sportswear.

              If you just want to buy track pants for gym, yoga, and exercise, these can surely be a good fit.

              Here’s what one of our users has to say about using Fitnic men’s track pants for gym and exercise:

              Fitnic Track Pants Review

              Buying options: The Fitnic Men's Gym & Yoga Wear Stretchable Track Pants are available on Amazon and Flipkart to purchase.

              Fitnic Men’s Track Pants Rs.698 at Amazon

              Shop for Rs.611 at Flipkart!

              Currently, you can get flat 60% OFF on Fitnic men’s track pants on Flipkart.

              See fitnic trackpants on Flipkart 60% OFF

              7. Nike Men’s Track Pants for Gym and Exercise

              Best Track Pants Brands in India for Men for best quality gym track pants

                Nike is one of the world's most valuable apparel companies known for producing the finest athleisure clothing. You can find some of the best track pants for men on Nike in a range of sizes, styles, and materials. From polyester to cotton track pants, cargo trousers to joggers, and woven to cuffed track pants, Nike’s collection is not limited to a few choices. In the US, Nike also offers its customers the option to donate Nike shoes and apparel for recycling. All of this makes Nike a worthy mention in our best track pants brands in India list.


                Reviewing the Dri-fit Men track pants, these track pants are made from 100% polyester and are optimum for sports or gym. Also, these Nike Dri-FIT track pants for men are woven which makes them more durable and breathable despite being 100% polyester. These are definitely one of the best track pants for men to buy.

                Here’s what one of our users has to say about using Nike track pants:


                Thanks to @kool for sharing their experience of using Nike Track Pants with us and our community.

                Buying options: These high-quality track pants for men by Nike are available to shop on Ajio, Flipkart, and Myntra.

                Rs.2320 on Ajio!

                Rs.2098 on Flipkart!

                Rs.2375 on Myntra!

                8. Reebok’s Track Pants for Men

                Top Track Pants for Men in India

                  Reebok is a brand that has been around for decades and has always been known for its quality and styles. The track pants of Reebok are no exception. Reebok produces some of the best track pants for men that are designed to last longer and provide optimum comfort and style. Whether you are hitting the gym or lounging around the house, you can easily wear a pair of Reebok track pants. Reebok as a brand was founded in 1958 and since then, it has been known to bring many iconic styles in footwear and sportswear.

                  The Reebok Vector Solid Track Pants shared below are one of the best ones you can get. These men’s track pants come with SPEEDWICK technology that helps wick moisture away and is made from 100% recycled polyester, these track pants for men are great for gym and sports.

                  “I bought a Reebok Trouser of Pure polyester material for gym and was unsure whether the material would be comfortable but surprisingly it feels very less synthetic and is super comfy. Its fitting is perfect and looks good too. The only problem is its crisscross pattern of stitching, the gaps are too big and often the trouser gets stuck in sharp object and tears a bit. Overall I would rate it 8/10. Buying it between Rs.500 to Rs.800 would be a deal.”

                  Thanks to @ZulfiquarAbbas  for sharing this detailed review of Reebok track pants and trousers with us.

                  Buying options: These good-quality affordable gym track pants for men by Reebok are available to shop on Flipkart and Myntra.

                  Get the Reebok track pant for Rs.783 on Myntra!

                  Rs.1049 on Flipkart!

                  9. Jockey Gym Fitness Track Pants for Men

                  Best Track Pants Brands in India for Men's Track Pants

                    Jockey, another age-old brand with ageless styles and premium quality athleisure and sportswear is unavoidably one of the best track pants brands in India for men and women. You can find some of the best quality material track pants for men here with a wide range of youthful and premium styles including track pants, joggers, pajamas, pants, shorts, and much more. The brand, Jockey was first founded in 1876 and the brand has a long history of manufacturing some of the highest quality clothing the brand has over 1000 stores in India.

                    The Combed cotton-rich track pants from Jockey are super comfy due to the cotton’s breathability feature and being Cotton-rich, these track pants also have durable and performance qualities of polyester.

                    “For my Jockey track pant, it was good. A bit expensive when compared to the local brands, but they lasted longer for me. They were made of cotton and were comfy to wear as loungewear. But I think their material was good enough to withstand some physical activities too. So yes those Jockey track pant was good and comfortable too. If someone can pay that extra price, it's totally worth it.”

                    Thanks to @sahil_Jain for sharing this review of Jockey track pants with us.

                    Buying options: The combed cotton-rich Jockey track pant is available to shop on Jockey’s official website, Flipkart, Meesho, and Ajio.

                    Get the Jockey track pant for Rs.999 on Jockey!

                    Rs.999 on Flipkart!

                    Rs.990 on Meesho!

                    Rs.999 on Ajio!

                    10. Cultsport Track Pants brands

                    Top Track Pants for Men in India for high-quality track pants

                      The last top track pant brand in India is Cultsport. Cultsport is an Indian premium sportswear brand launched by Curefit in 2019. Cultsport is known for its premium quality footwear, sportswear as well as gym equipment. The brand is backed by Tata and offers a wide range of track pants and joggers in various trendy styles and designs as well as materials. You can find 100% polyester track pants, poly-cotton blend track pants to stretchy yoga track pants, all at Cultsport.

                      The Cultsport Performance Track Pants are moisture-wicking helping you stay dry while doing your gym, running, or sports activities. These lightweight track pants also come with a regular fit providing a sleek look.


                      Cultsport is a sportswear brand backed by Tata and offering premium apparel, footwear, and gym equipment, track pants from Cultsport are certainly worth checking out. Here’s what one of our Desidime users has to say about using Cultsport track pants for men:


                      Thanks to @Akki4554 for sharing his experience of using Cultsport track pants with our community.

                      Buying options:

                      Cultsport track pants can be bought on Cultsport’s official website, Tata Cliq, Amazon, and Flipkart.

                      Get the Cultsport track pant for Rs.1469 on Tata Cliq!

                      Rs.1615 on Amazon!

                      Rs.1469 on Flipkart!

                      So, this was all about sharing the best track pant brands in India for buying high-quality track pants for men. We have selected these brands after reading their reviews, analysing their product’s quality, design and accessibility. Thanks to our Desidime dimers for also contributing to this discussion and helping us curate these top track pants brands in India for men and women. It is also important to note that while these are our top 10 list of the best track pants brands, there are many more good brands in India like Allen Solly, Ascis, HRX which are also worth checking out.

                      We hope you find this list useful when looking to buy good-quality track pants for yourself.

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