Best Valentines Day Gifts For Him - Boyfriend, Husband & Fiancé in 2023

Short on Valentines gift ideas for him? Here is a list of the best Valentines day gifts for your boyfriend, husband, or Fiancé.

by Sahil_Jain Updated: 09 Feb, 2023, 16:34 IST
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Looking for Valentine's gift for him but too confused to select anything? Don't worry, you aren't alone. Every year, each girlfriend and wife struggle with choosing the perfect Valentines gifts for her boyfriend or husband, which is quite normal. Since you are here, let us help you with finding the best Valentines gift for him, whether he is your boyfriend, husband, or Fiancé. In February, online retailers like Amazon, IGP, and FNP come with many Valentine's offers for people to get the best gifts for their partners at the cheapest prices. But the real problem is the limited number of ideas that a girl has for her person. No worries, in this article, we will help you get the best Valentines gift for him at the best prices too. 

When Valentine's week starts, all love birds try to find the best ways to impress their loved ones. But the biggest day for them is 14 February. And you want to make your biggest day a special one with him, right? So, are you trying to find the best first Valentine's gift for your boyfriend? Or is this gift for your long-distance boyfriend? Whatever the situation, we will help you in the best possible manner. Today, we have put together the most popular Valentine’s day gifts from Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Ferns N Petals, and IGP. 

Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Him & Her

Best Valentines Day Gifts for Him - Boyfriend

Not only do women contribute a lot to every relationship, but they are also extremely good at picking gifts for their loved ones, something that we men struggle with. But when it comes down to that one person, any girl or woman may run out of ideas for selecting the best Valentine’s present. So, if you are looking for the best Valentine’s day gift for him in 2023, you are in the perfect place. All online shopping websites offer you a wide range of items that you can get as Valentine's gifts for your long-distance boyfriend too. Thus, you will not have to worry about anything even if your boyfriend lives far away or if this is your first Valentine's together. 

Now, let’s get started with our list of the top Valentine’s day gifts for him:

First Valentine's Gift for Boyfriend Ideas

If this is your first Valentine’s day with your boyfriend, you might want to make it the best one, right? There are various things you can do for him, but a simple yet lovable gift from you will definitely make his day. Yup, I know it’s difficult to choose what you should get for your boyfriend on your first Valentine, but who will go that extra mile for him if it isn’t you? Do you get what I mean? Then here are some great Valentine’s day gift ideas for your boyfriend:

boAt Wave Style Call Smartwatch 

Valentine's Gift for Boyfriend

A smartwatch can be a great Valentine’s day gift for him as it is a fashion accessory and a health tracker, both in a single device. This boAt smartwatch is also one of the best smartwatches under Rs 2000. So if your budget is somewhere around the same, then this will be a great Valentines gift for him, don't you think so too? It's a simple yet elegant first Valentine's gift for your boyfriend. 

Do not forget to check out the boAt Wave Style Call Smartwatch on Amazon or boAt for Rs 1899.

Boult Audio X30 True Wireless Earbuds 

Best Valentine's Day Gift for Him

Does your boyfriend love music? Then what could be a better Valentines day gift for him than a pair of TWS earbuds? They come in handy for picking up calls without using your phone while working out, and even when listening to music. Also, wouldn’t you like him to talk to you even more? TWS earbuds will help you strengthen your long distance relationship with your boyfriend too. Thus, these TWS earbuds from Boult can be a good Valentine’s day gift idea for him and he will surely love them.

You can get the Boult Audio X30 True Wireless Earbuds on Amazon and on Boult for Rs 1499.

A smartwatch or a pair of TWS earbuds is a non cheesy Valentine’s day gift for him, which makes these gifts much better than the rest. 

Valentine’s Day Gift for Long-Distance Boyfriend

Selecting Valentine's day gift for a long-distance boyfriend can be a bit tricky. You won't know if he likes certain things or not, and you would want to gift him something that reminds him of you, right? That's difficult, but not impossible, that's for sure. Some good Valentines gift ideas for your long-distance boyfriend are novels, chocolates, perfumes, etc. But just these ideas won't help much, I know. So, here are the best Valentine's gifts for him if he leaves far away from you: 

Novels to Gift Your Boyfriend on Valentine’s Day

Some romantic novels that redefine love are nothing less than therapy that we all need for the days when we can’t meet the person we think about the most. Such a Valentines gift will make him remember you and what else can you wish for then? Here are some of the best-selling romantic novels that you can get as a gift for your boyfriend this Valentine’s day, 2023:

  • It Ends With Us: Volume 1 for Rs 188 on Flipkart and Rs 220 on Amazon. This novel follows the romantic story of Lily and Ryle, who get interrupted by Lily's ex, Atlas just when things start going well for them. Colleen Hoover has made a masterpiece with this novel. 

    Valentine’s Day Gift for Long-Distance Boyfriend

  • It Starts With Us (It Ends With Us Sequel) for Rs 179 on Flipkart and Rs 255 on Amazon. This is a sequel to the famous 'It Ends With Us' novel that follows the story of when Lily and Atlas gave another shot to their relationship. 

    Valentine’s Day Gift for Long-Distance Boyfriend

  • 8 Rules of Love by Jay Shetty for Rs 350 on Flipkart and Rs 397 on Amazon. Based on Indian Vedic wisdom and modern science, this book tries to make people understand how an ideal relationship should be. It consists of some rules and suggestions for couples to take their relationships further smoothly, great work by Jay Shetty. 

    Valentine’s Day Gift for Long-Distance Boyfriend

More Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Long-Distance Boyfriend

Here are a few more Valentines gift ideas for him if your boyfriend lives away from you:

These are all the best Valentines gift ideas for him if he is your long-distance boyfriend. 

Best Valentines Gifts for Husband 2023

Your husband is your most important person and you might want the best Valentines gift for him this year, right? But the problem is to decide what he would like the most. All shopping sites have a plethora of gifting items that you can go through, but selecting one or two of them is a difficult task. But no problem, you just have to select something that your husband will love and it would be the best gift for him this Valentine's day. Now, let's take a look at these gift ideas:

Best Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Husband

When you can't decide on a single thing, it's better to just get your husband something that he either needs or plans on getting soon. It can be a watch for a lower budget, but if you can spend more, you can even gift him a phone, a TV, a laptop, etc. Everything that falls under your budget and makes your husband happy, will be the best Valentine's gift for him. With that in mind, let's get started...

Noise Colorfit Pro 4 Smartwatch


Coming from noise, this smartwatch can be the perfect Valentine’s gift for your husband this year. It looks good, has all the necessary fitness and ease-of-use features and above all, has the trust that you get with a brand.

Do not forget to check out the Noise Colorfit Pro 4 for Rs 2999 on stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Croma, and Noise.

Titan Karishma Analog Blue Dial Watch


This analog watch from Titan is a classic metal-body wrist watch and it looks so standard that no digital watch or smartwatch comes even close to it. Also, those old-school men in India would prefer an analog watch over a digital one any day. So if your husband is one of them, then this might be the best Valentine’s day gift for him.

The Titan Karishma Analog Blue Dial Watch is available for Rs 2169 on Amazon, Flipkart, and Titan.

A few other gift ideas for your Valentine 2023 can be a good mobile phone, a wallet, or some other things like the ones mentioned below:

Apple iPhone 13 

Best Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Husband

A great mobile phone with the perfect specifications for a general user, the Apple iPhone 13 will make the best Valentine's gift for your husband. You can get it for Rs 62,999 on Flipkart and if you can exchange an old phone with it, then the price will go down further. To get some offers on your purchase, you can check out our Flipkart store page

Hornbull Denial Aqua Leather Wallet for Men 

Best Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Husband

This is a beautiful, classy wallet that can be a great gift for him this Valentine's day. With its blue colour and leather finish, the Hornbull Denial Aqua wallet feels very premium and for the price that it comes for, it's a great option for you to consider. For Rs 479, you can get this wallet on Flipkart and Amazon

 Valentines Day Gift for Husband Homemade

What would your husband appreciate the most? Trust me, it isn't an expensive gift rather, he would feel good just by seeing your efforts in his Valentine's gift. Thus, if you want to prepare a Valentines gift for him, then a great idea would be a homemade Valentine's gift for him. There are various things that you can try for him like- 

  • A  homemade cake
  • A dish that he likes
  • Something creative that shows your artistic skills
  • Decorating Your Home
  • Planning a Surprise for Him at your Place
  • A Diary or Valentine's card for him

All these homemade Valentine's gift ideas for your husband will definitely work in your favor.  

What to Gift Your Boyfriend on Valentine’s Day?

The answer is really simple, whatever you think that he will love. A girlfriend is one of the few people who know a man really well. So you have that advantage and thus, you should pick the perfect Valentines gift for him that he would either use or have strong feelings for. You get what I mean, right? A Valentine’s gift for your boyfriend doesn’t have to be expensive or exclusive, it just has to be something that would remind him of you even when you won’t be around him.

What Gift Should I Give to My Husband on Valentine’s Day?

Anything works, since he will be the one paying for it; just kidding! You have to choose a gift that will make him remember the reason why he married you. Often gifts are valued by the money that someone spent on them but in reality, it’s the thought that counts. So if you want your husband to be as happy as ever, then just choose Valentine’s gift for him that you think would be perfect for him. A person sitting on the other side of the screen wouldn’t know your partner as much as you do, right?

Personalized Valentine’s Gift for Him 

Last but not least, this lovely fill-in-the-blank book has caught everyone’s eye this time. Named What I Love About You and Our Memories, this book is a great way of reliving your memories with your boyfriend or husband. At a price of Rs 299 on Amazon, this is a book that has some empty lines that are meant to be filled by the partners and test how much the other ones know about their bonds. It’s a great concept and a good personalized Valentine’s gift for him. 

With this, our long list of the best Valentine’s day gifts for him ends. All the gifts mentioned here are really good options for you to consider, but they might not be your only choice, right? Valentine’s is a day when you have to show how much you think about your partner and being limited to some handful of options may not be the best choice. So, if you are unable to decide the best gift for him from this list, you can visit our Valentine’s Day offer page where you can see an array of Valentine’s gifts for your boyfriend or husband.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you are more than welcome in the comments section. Let’s make this 14th February a successful one. And for all of my single friends, here are the Best Gym Equipment Offers and Discounts.

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