boAt Lunar Pro LTE Smartwatch Price, Features, Launch in India

boAt, India's leading wearable brand, has ventured into new territory with the launch of the Lunar Pro LTE smartwatch, setting a new standard for connectivity. Teaming up with Jio, one of the country's major telecom pr

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boAt, India's leading wearable brand, has ventured into new territory with the launch of the Lunar Pro LTE smartwatch, setting a new standard for connectivity. Teaming up with Jio, one of the country's major telecom providers, boAt introduces a smartwatch that utilizes Jio's eSIM technology to redefine the way we stay connected on the go. This smartwatch provides the convenience of having all calls and messages directly accessible from the watch. While the details of boAt Lunar Pro LTE Jio launch in India, price, and features are currently limited, here’s all that we know so far.

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boAT Lunar Pro LTE Jio Features:

The boAt Lunar Pro LTE Smartwatch is a versatile device designed to keep users connected, informed, and healthy.

Here are some highlights of the boAT Lunar Pro LTE's features:



LTE Connectivity

Uses Jio's eSIM technology for seamless 4G connectivity

Built-in GPS

For accurate tracking of outdoor activities

1.39-inch AMOLED Display

Clear visibility, even in bright sunlight

Health Tracker

Heart rate monitor, blood oxygen monitor, sleep tracker

Fitness Tracker

Monitors and tracks your fitness goals

Activity Reminders

Prompts you to move if you are inactive for an extended period of time

Let us now get into the specifics of the features.

eSIM Compatibility

The standout feature of the boAt Lunar Pro LTE smartwatch is its compatibility with Jio's 4G network. This integration ensures seamless calling, messaging, and connectivity without the need for a smartphone. This innovation is for individuals who are constantly on the move, freeing them from concerns about battery life and signal strength.

The integration of Jio's eSIM technology not only signifies a departure from conventional smartphone dependence but also opens up new possibilities for users to stay connected effortlessly.

Built-in GPS

The smartwatch boasts a built-in GPS, making it an ideal companion for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you're running, cycling, or hiking, the watch accurately tracks your routes, displaying the distance covered and paths taken. It also offers detailed reports on your activity levels, including calories burned and heart rate. The watch can also receive notifications from your smartphone, so you can stay connected even on the go.

1.39-inch AMOLED Display

The Lunar Pro LTE features a clear and vibrant 1.39-inch AMOLED display. Its readability remains uncompromised even in bright sunlight, ensuring you can easily access information at any time. The AMOLED display also allows for a much wider viewing angle. The display is also optimized for low power consumption, so you can stay connected for longer without worrying about running out of battery.

Health Monitoring Tools

Beyond its connectivity features, the smartwatch prioritizes your well-being. It incorporates a heart rate monitor, blood oxygen monitor, sleep tracker, and fitness tracker, allowing you to keep a close eye on your health and fitness goals.

Activity Reminders

The watch goes beyond passive monitoring by actively encouraging a healthy lifestyle. It sends reminders to move if you've been sedentary for too long, promoting physical activity throughout the day. It helps to improve your activity levels, such as letting you know when it's time to take a break and go for a walk.

boAt Lunar Pro LTE: Dual Compatibility with Airtel and Jio eSIMs

The boAt Lunar Pro LTE smartwatch is designed to be compatible with both Airtel and Jio eSIM technologies. This means users can seamlessly integrate their Airtel eSIM, following the advancements highlighted by the Airtel CEO in terms of convenience and ease of use. Additionally, the smartwatch utilizes Jio's eSIM, offering users the flexibility to choose between Airtel and Jio for an enhanced connectivity experience.

boAT Lunar Pro LTE Launch in India:

BoAt has officially introduced the new Lunar Pro smartwatch. However, the boAt Lunar LTE Jio is temporarily unavailable at the moment. Watch out for its availability soon on the official website and major online retailers such as Amazon, Flipkart, Reliance Digital, and more.

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boAT Lunar Pro LTE Price:

The boAt Lunar Pro LTE price is estimated to range between ₹12,999 and ₹15,000, as indicated by a listing that boAt later removed. According to the company page listing, the product is not yet available for sale.

boAT Lunar Pro LTE Where to Buy:

Once released, the boAt Lunar Pro LTE smartwatch is anticipated to be conveniently accessible through a variety of channels. Tech enthusiasts and prospective buyers can explore online platforms, including boAt's official website, ensuring a seamless and direct purchasing experience.

Additionally, the smartwatch is expected to be stocked at physical stores that are affiliated with boAt, providing an option for those who prefer a hands-on and in-person shopping experience.

On an Ending Note:

In an era where health consciousness is on the rise, the Lunar Pro LTE's focus on comprehensive health monitoring strikes a chord with users seeking a more holistic approach to wearable technology. The anticipation surrounding its launch is not driven solely by marketing hype but rather by a genuine interest in how these features will align with real-life user needs.

As we await further details on the boAt Lunar Pro LTE, it's clear that the industry is embracing the potential of this collaboration to introduce a smartwatch that goes beyond the conventional, offering a blend of connectivity and health-focused features that align with the evolving needs of users in India.

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1. Is boAt Lunar Pro LTE suitable for outdoor activities?

Yes, the boAt Lunar Pro LTE has a built-in GPS for accurate tracking of outdoor activities like running, cycling, and hiking.

2. What makes boAt Lunar Pro LTE Smartwatch unique?

The boAt Lunar Pro LTE is India's first LTE smartwatch with Jio eSIM technology, providing seamless 4G connectivity without a smartphone.

3. How does Jio eSIM compatibility work?

The boAt Lunar Pro LTE smartwatch is compatible with Jio's eSIM, allowing direct calls and messages without relying on a smartphone.

4. Is the boAt Lunar Pro LTE compatible with Airtel eSIM?

Yes, the smartwatch supports Airtel eSIM, offering users seamless connectivity with Airtel's network.

5. Are there any specific plans required for Airtel and Jio eSIM on the smartwatch?

Users can use their existing Airtel and Jio mobile plans with eSIM activation on the boAt Lunar Pro LTE, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

6. When will boAt Lunar Pro LTE launch in India?

The boAt Lunar Pro LTE launch date and price are yet to be announced, but it will be available online on boAt's official website and in physical stores affiliated with boAt.

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