Chaman Metallics Limited IPO GMP Today, Price, Subscription Status & More

Chaman Metallics IPO goes live on the 4th of January with an issue size of ₹24.21 crores. Check Chaman Metallics Limited IPO GMP, subscription status, price, and other information right here.

by Sahil_Jain Updated: 04 Jan, 2023, 17:40 IST
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The Chaman Metallics IPO may not be the biggest Initial Public Offering in the Indian stock market, but it is definitely one of the first in 2023. In this article, we will talk about the Chaman Metallics Limited IPO GMP, price, subscription status, and full review. The company deals in direct reduced iron i.e. sponge iron and it’s now available for you to invest in. The Chaman Metallics Ltd IPO is worth ₹24.21 crores while consisting 63,72,000 shares in numbers. Each share has a face value of ₹10. Let’s review the Chaman Metallics IPO and see if you should invest in it or not. 

Chaman Metallics Limited IPO GMP Date & Review

Chaman Metallics Limited IPO GMP Today

Chaman Metallics, being a company in the metal industry, shows great promise in the coming years since India is a developing country. Thus, as of today, Chaman Metallics IPO GMP is ₹24. A Grey Market Premium of Rs 24 may not be that attractive for many investors. Though, we should not forget that this IPO is a completely fresh issue.

The GMP of any IPO changes with time, so we would keep you updated with the latest Chaman Metallics Limited IPO GMP.

Chaman Metallics Limited IPO Date & Price

The initial public offering by Chaman Metallics Ltd started on the 4th of January and will go on till the 6th of January, 2023. You can apply for this IPO using your stock broker apps like Zerodha, Paytm Money, and 5Paisa from 4-6 January. The listing date of Chaman Metallics IPO is said to be around the 16th of January.

Opening Date

4 January

Closing Date

6 January


11 January

Refund Date

12 January

Shares Credit Date

13 January

Listing Date

16 January

Moreover, each share of Chaman Metallics Limited is priced at ₹38 and their face value is ₹10. Also, each lot of the Chaman Metallics IPO consists of 3000 shares. The minimum investment amount is Rs 1,14,000 which is a lot more than other IPOs that we usually see.

Share Price


Face Value


Lot Size


Minimum Investment Amount


Issue Size

₹24.21 crores (63,72,000 shares)

Chaman Metallics Ltd IPO Review: Is this IPO Good or Bad?

The first two things that come to our mind after looking at this IPO is its minimum investment amount and it being a completely fresh issue. But we can’t just decide whether to invest in a company or not based on these two things, can we? Let’s take a look at some financial statements of Chaman Metallics Limited:

Particulars (in ₹ crores)
















Particulars (in ₹ crores)




Total Assets




Share Capital




Total Borrowings




Now, let’s talk about some strengths and weaknesses of Chaman Metallic Limited that you may consider while investing in this IPO:

Chaman Metallic Limited SWOT Analysis: Strengths of Chaman Metallic Ltd
  • Well qualified, experienced, and trustworthy management.

  • Great quality control over their products.

  • Strategically located manufacturing unit.

  • Good relationship with their customers.

  • Completely fresh issue IPO.

Chaman Metallic Limited SWOT Analysis: Weaknesses of Chaman Metallic Ltd
  • Company has had problems with rapid changes in technology and keeping up with it.

  • Inconsistent supply and pricing structure since the firm depends greatly on raw materials from various suppliers.

  • The metal industry is very competitive and Chaman Metallic Limited may have a hard time competing with them.

  • High minimum investment cost for the initial public offering.

So just like every other IPO, this one from Chaman Metallic Ltd too has some pros and cons which should be considered by you before making a decision regarding your investment.

This is everything that you need to know about the Chaman Metallic Limited IPO. Make sure to make the right decision based on proper research and just like we always say, do not trust the tips that you may get, online or offline.

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Let’s take a look at some financial statements of Chaman Metallics Limited:

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