ChatGPT on Apple Watch! Here’s how to use WatchGPT

Now use ChatGPT on your watch! WatchGPT on Apple Watches is launched and is available to download in the Apple app store. Find complete details on how to use WatchGPT on your watch and more.

by Vrushali.S Updated: 10 Mar, 2023, 15:42 IST
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ChatGPT by OpenAI, the billion-dollar Ai model has disrupted not just the AI space but also the NLP space (Natural Language Processing). The good news is ChatGpt is now available on Apple Watch and is called WatchGPT. ChatGPT on Apple Watch works similarly to that on mobile, computers, laptops or tablet devices. All you need is a compatible Apple Watch, download the WatchGPT app from the Apple App store, and start using ChatGPT on your wristwatch! More details are below on how to use along with a video demo.

How to use ChatGPT on Apple Watch?

ChatGPT on Apple Watch

ChatGPT is an AI model developed by OpenAI and was first launched in November 2022. In a span of just a few months, the AI model successfully grabbed over a million users to it. It was launched as a completely free-to-use AI chatbot, and language processing model. Though now, ChatGPT has launched its paid subscription model and many times the AI chatbot and model is unavailable to use for free due to high server load.

The good news is ChatGPT is now accessible on the smartwatch too! Apple Smartwatches wearers can install WatchGPT from the Apple app store for a small fee to start using the popular ChatGPT on their wristwatch! Here are some demonstration pictures and videos of ChatGPT being used on an Apple Smart Watch.

WatchGPT on Apple Watch

How to use ChatGPT on Apple Watch?
  • Visit Apple App Store to download WatchGPT

  • You need an iOS 13.0 or later version

  • The file size is 2.6 MB

  • The price is € 4,99

  • Pay the applicable fee and install the app

  • After installing WatchGPT on your Apple Watch, open the app and ask your question

It is important to note that ChatGPT has not officially launched the GPT model on Apple Smartwatches yet. The WatchGPT is an app developed by a developer, Hidde van der Ploeg on Twitter.

Features of WatchGPT on Apple Watch:
  • Share ChatGPT responses directly via email, text, or social media from your Apple Watch

  • Both, short as well as long answers can be generated using the ChatGPT on Apple Watch

  • You can either type a question or simply use the audio feature

  • The WatchGPT can be downloaded in languages, English, Dutch, Spanish & French

  • You can also use the Read Out Loud feature to let the smartwatch speak the answer for you

  • Features like Past History, API Access, etc are in the making and soon may be made available by the developer of WatchGPT

This was all about using ChatGPT on Apple Watch, what is WatchGPT, and how you can use it. The ChatGPT AI model by OpenAI is backed by some of the most notable investors including Microsoft. Recently, Microsoft also launched Microsoft Rewards in India which incentivizes users for using the Microsoft Edge browser.

Also, if you aren’t aware, ChatGPT is also launched on Whatsapp!

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