Cheap International Flight Ticket offers from Feb-April 2024 (South Korea, Rome, Maldives, more!)

Craving an International Trip? Here is the List of Cheap International Flights from Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, and more!

by FighterMan Updated: 03 Feb, 2024, 12:18 IST
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With Winter on its way back, International Travel Season is here with some Low Air Fares on Select Routes. We have compiled a list of Cheap International Flight Ticket offers from India (Round-Trip) in the next 3 months i.e. Feb-April 2024 so that you can spend more on shopping, adventure, food, and much more! Our list includes Flights from Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Tiruchirappalli, and Kochi. On the destination front, the top ones are South Korea, Rome, Maldives, Dubai, and Vietnam!

Cheap International Flight Ticket offers from Feb-April 2024

February 2024

All the Cheap International Flights from India in February 2024 shown below are Direct Non-Stop Flights (except Seoul one) and for Round Trips.

Cheap International Flights from Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad to Seoul flights are in the price range of ₹39,500–₹72,000. Moreover, this flight is ₹17,879 cheaper as seen in the last 2 months. For Dubai, the least expensive flights usually cost between ₹22,500–₹26,000.

Ahmedabad to South Korea (Seoul)

₹30,250 by VietJet Air on 9 Feb (1 stop)

Ahmedabad to Dubai

₹22,500 by SpiceJet & Indigo on 29 Feb (this price might shift to 1st March)


The least expensive flights from Delhi to Hanoi usually cost between ₹22,000–₹38,000 so you are saving ₹7000! Besides, Delhi to Almaty range is ₹19,000–53,000 so it’s still cheaper.

Delhi to Hanoi (Vietnam)

₹15,000 by VietJet Air on 11 Feb

Delhi to Almaty (Kazakhstan)

₹17,800 by FlyArystan on 14 Feb

Cheap International Flights from Kolkata

Kolkata to Bangkok

₹15,675 by AirAsia on 27 Feb

Kolkata to Dubai (UAE)

₹24,100 by FlyDubai on 24 Feb


Prices are currently low (₹4,513 cheaper) for Chennai to Kuala Lumpur flights. The highest air fare here is ₹20,000 at this time of the year. For Kuwait, ₹18,370 was the cheapest flight fare around 20 days back so ₹1300 higher, but its dynamic pricing so you never know!

Chennai to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

₹10,865 by AirAsia on 22 Feb

Chennai to Kuwait

₹19,700 by Indigo on 18 Feb


Mumbai to Muscat (Oman)

₹13,460 by Air India on 23 Feb

Mumbai to Kathmandu (Nepal)

₹13,060 by Nepal Airlines on 14 Feb

March 2024
Cheap International Flights from Chennai

Chennai to Singapore

₹13,430 by Scoot & Air India Express on 28 March

Chennai to London

₹35,260 by Lufthansa on 21 March (1 stop)

Cheap International Flights from Mumbai

Mumbai to Rome flights air fare is in the range of ₹30,000–₹55,000. Around 1st Jan the price was ₹33,700 so you can wait for some days (till 6-8 Feb) to check the volatility and then book.

Bali is ₹5,919 cheaper. However, it could have been around ₹10,000 cheaper if booking was done between 3-23 December! Mumbai to Athens flight is a jackpot deal as it is ₹20,012 cheaper. Around a month back, the round-trip price was only ₹25,500. That’s why in most cases, the earlier you book, the lower are the prices!

Mumbai to Rome (Italy)

₹38,230 by Saudia on 14 March (1 stop)

Mumbai to Bali (Indonesia)

₹27,000 by VietJet Air on 3 March

Mumbai to Athens (Greece, Europe)

₹33,800 by Kuwait Airways on 5 March

Cheap International Flights from Kochi

Kochi to Maldives (Male)

₹16,650 by Indigo on 1 March

Kochi to Dubai

₹17,280 by Air India Express on 14 March

Cheap International Flights from Delhi

Delhi to Kenya (Nairobi)

₹31,200 by Indigo on 2 March (1 stop)

Delhi to Vancouver (Canada)

₹1,19,600 by Air India & Air Canada on 2 March (1 stop)

Cheapest International Flights in April 2024
Flights from Delhi

Delhi to Cebu (Philippines)

₹19,930 by Singapore Airlines on 17 April (1 stop)

Delhi to Hong Kong

₹16,100 by Air India on 3 April

Cheap International Flights from Trichy

Trichy to Taiwan flights below are ₹16,313 cheaper, best from the lowest fare of ₹29,000 in the last 2 months. For Sri Lanka, the range is ₹22,000–₹26,000 so it’s cheap by ₹3,500.

Tiruchirapalli to Taipei (Taiwan)

₹22,222 by Scoot on 17 April

Trichy to Sri Lanka

₹18,480 by SriLankan Airlines on 22 April

Flights from Chennai

Chennai to Perth (Australia)

₹30,230 by Scoot & Air Asia on 16 April

Chennai to Dubai

₹20,000 by Oman Air & Air India on 7th April

Note: Price Range mentioned is for the Last 12 Months i.e. Feb 2023 to Jan 2024. All the cheap air fares mentioned above are as of 1st Feb, 2024. They may change (up/down) anytime due to Dynamic Pricing policy so check the latest price before booking your flight.

These were some of the Cheap International Flight Ticket offers from Feb-April 2024. If you have come across any then please do share. Besides, you can save more with these Travel Credit Card offers! Happy Journey!

I love saving money on everything. My aim is to get my readers what they are looking for and that too without wasting much of their time. Whatever I am writing on, you are sure to find a way to save good!
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