Drive a bargain on your Cab fare with inDriver’s App

inDriver announced the start of its services in Kolkata with Set-Your-Own-Price with more than 4000 drivers already registered.

by Akansha_B Updated: 12 Apr, 2022, 10:51 IST
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With Uber anticipating a rate increase of 12-15 % in response to rising fuel prices, the California-based ride-hailing app has gone to the aid of consumers. On Monday, the business introduced a new ride-hailing app in Kolkata that allows passengers and cab drivers to negotiate pricing for city and outstation rides online before finalizing the trip. According to a senior corporate executive, inDriver has launched its services in Kolkata with around 4000 drivers.

The new app cab service has been introduced in Kolkata for the first time, and additional metros will be covered in the coming months, according to Nanda. For the drivers, it offers no surge and a very cheap service price. In contrast to traditional ride-hailing applications, inDriver attempts to allow passengers and drivers to negotiate a journey's fee.4


If a passenger receives many offers at the same price, he or she may choose based on the driver's projected arrival time, the price, the vehicle model, and the driver's rating, according to Pavit Nanda, the company's South Asia PR manager.

"inDriver is a service that allows drivers and passengers to find each other and to independently agree on all the terms of each trip. A passenger can use our app to find offers and get counteroffers directly from nearby drivers. In turn, a driver has the right to decide for himself which ride request suits him and suggest its own prices," she said.

InDriver seeks to make its business model transparent for both customers and drivers by offering a 0% surge and no charge for service for the first three months, according to Nanda.

Because the commission load on the drivers will be reduced, inDriver fares are likely to be lower at any time. App cab drivers said that at five to ten percent, it will be over 20% less than existing cab aggregators Uber and Ola, which charge close to 30 percent.

"It is the only app that allows users to negotiate their cab fare before booking the ride in real-time. After three months our commission will be between five and 10%," Nanda said.

For a long time, app cab groups have demanded that Uber and Ola decrease their commissions to a maximum of 15-20%, including all taxes.

According to Nanda, in order to schedule a ride, one must first enter the location of the journey's start and endpoints into the app. A suggested fare will be displayed, with the passenger having the option to provide his own fare.

The app will provide drivers with an offer price, which may be accepted or denied based on the customer's desire if nearby service drivers choose to charge more.

All of inDriver's drivers have been confirmed, according to the company. Chandigarh, Bhopal, Ludhiana, Lucknow, and Jaipur are among the cities where the app is already available.

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why can’t this be done by gov with no commission as it will help common people the most and also cabs folks? They can keep this free just like upi for a few years till it becomes a sustaining model

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