FAU-G Game Launched in India with Pre-Registrations Underway

FAUG is now on the Google Play Store with pre-registration available. You can have a look at its graphics and game info.

by FighterMan Updated: 05 Dec, 2020, 16:09 IST
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The Indian version of the popular action game PUBG i.e. FAU-G: Fearless and United Guards is now live on Google Play Store. It got launched on 30th November, 2020 with Pre-Registrations availability, though it was earlier revealed in September. This game is developed by Studio nCore Pvt. Ltd. with age restriction of 16+. The Play Store shows “Coming Soon” and since pre-registrations are already started, you can expect it to arrive within this month.

FAU-G Game Launched in India with Pre-Registrations Underway

How to get FAU-G Pre-registration Play Store Link?

The Developer, nCORE Games took to Twitter yesterday to reveal the overall first look of this game. You can visit FAU-G Pre-registration Play Store Link and get yourself pre-registered. You may get a “device not compatible” message incase of compatibility issues, but it's very rare.

Why Should I Pre-register for FAU-G?

If you want to play FAU-G it is not at all compulsory to pre-register. The advantage of pre-registering is that you will be reminded when the game goes live(full-fledged) and also allows you to auto-install the game. Therefore, die hard fans of FAU-G will be able to grab the game and enjoy it asap.

FAU-G Game Insights

Talking about FAU-G Game Insights, the characters give a feel of comic book-like graphics, but still the sharpness makes it great to look. Background graphics like mountains, lights, roads, etc are stunningly developed and are in sync with the main fields.

FAU-G Game Insights

The game includes a store which is presumably for upgrading to new weapons, shields, armour, gadgets, vehicles, etc. You will also find gold and silver badges with points as per the soldier’s performance. Besides, an energy bar(in green) is also included.

In this game, you will fight on the peaks of India’s northern border as an Indian soldier along with other teammates. You will get a chance to experience bravery and adrenaline while combating against enemies and their troops.

Have you pre-registered for FAU-G? Do share your views on this Indian War Game via the comments box below.

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